While Allowing Such Freedom Of Motion

Introducción a la neurocirugía - Escuela de Medicina.. Furthermore, the mooring system should allow the hydrokinetic device to continually realign itself with regard to both yaw and pitch, thereby generally promoting the free and unimpeded rotation of the hydrokinetic device in these two axes. While allowing such freedom of motion, the mooring system should also allow the upstream mooring cables to remain generally at a fixed spatial orientation to reduce local bending or crimping in the cables that would tend to decrease the usable life of the mooring cables. The present disclosure provides a mooring system and method that allows a hydrokinetic device, inter alia, to: yaw with little or no lateral movement, whilst allowing alignment of the axis of a rotor with a free stream direction of the water current to promote maximum energy conversion performance; yaw and change azimuth angle without being accompanied by changing forces and moments that are a function of the direction in which the device is pointing; freely ascend or descend to a specified depth without being impeded by extraneous mooring cables; freely rotate in both yaw and pitch about a mooring attachment point without introducing bending or crimping in the cables that may decrease useable lifetime; and provide a supporting routing and attachment path for associated electrical and data cables.

  1. The apparatus of claim 1, wherein the transducers are electromechanical transducers
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Furthermore, communication signals may be sent between the one or more stations (not shown) and the hydrokinetic device 100, as well as between the hydrokinetic devices 100 themselves, which may be located in, for example, a patterned deployment array as shown in Fig. The hydrokinetic device 100 may include, for example, the hydrokinetic device disclosed in co-pending U.S. This inverse velocity shear profile provides an opportunity to maximize energy output by actively positioning the hydrokinetic device at the operating depth at which the rated speed occurs (“rated speed depth”), so that rated power is continuously achievable from the generator. Provisional Application No. 61/236,222, filed on August 24, 2009, and entitled SELF-CONTAINED VARIABLE PITCH CONTROL ROTOR HUB; METHOD OF MAXIMIZING ENERGY OUTPUT AND CONTROLLING OPERATING DEPTH OF AN OCEAN CURRENT TURBINE; AND VARIABLE DEPTH HYDROPLANE SLED, the entirety of which is also hereby incorporated herein by reference.

These currents represent “rivers in the ocean” which lie predominantly in continental shelf areas with bottom depths in excess of 300 meters. 30 degrees of directional variation, the single point moored hydrokinetic device 300 may move laterally more than about 700 meters from a maximum port side portion to a maximum starboard side position. Each of the one or more stations and/or the hydrokinetic devices 100 may be coupled to a network. The hydrokinetic device 100 may include an onboard main controller (not shown) and an onboard communicator (not shown). Referring to Figs. 3A- 1 to 3A-3, a single point mooring arrangement is provided for a hydrokinetic device 300. As seen, the hydrokinetic device 300 is anchored to an anchor 303. In this regard, the anchor 303 provides an attachment point for a single upstream mooring cable 302, which is the primary means of restraining the hydrokinetic device 300 from, for example, washing downstream.

Referring to Figs. 3C- 1 to 3C-3, a triple point mooring arrangement is provided for the hydrokinetic device 300. Dolor de rodilla parte superior . As seen, the hydrokinetic device 300 is anchored to three separate anchors 303. In this regard, the anchors 303 provide attachment points for three separate mooring cables, including a primary upstream mooring cable 302 and a pair of lateral mooring cables 304. As seen in Fig. In order to maximize the energy conversion performance of a hydrokinetic device and convert the greatest amount of kinetic energy in a moving fluid into useable electrical energy, a mooring system should allow the hydrokinetic device to yaw and change azimuth angle so as to align the axis of the rotor with the free stream current flow direction.