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COMO SANAR EL DOLOR DE MUELAS,MEJORES REMEDIOS CASEROS.. Prior to start-up of gravity-buoyancy generator 10, J-shaped shaft 201 is placed under negative pressure, thereby lowering level 207 of fluid 206 within collector box 205. Level 207 is lowered by filling column 214.1 and tank 217 with fluid 206 and subsequently pumping fluid out of tank 217 via priming pump 217.7 until selected level 207 of fluid 206 is achieved.

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Fibromialgia, muy común en mujeres - Cuidado y Belleza The principal difficulty with pumping devices, such as that of Chih-Chiang ‘978, is the need to raise the fluid head, thereby requiring a large expenditure of energy and further causing a pause in the operation; that is, an undesired idle time. Yet still another feature and advantage of the present invention is that it reduces, and potentially avoids depletion of non-renewable energy sources. The foregoing description and drawings comprise illustrative embodiments of the present invention.

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Alternately tanks 217 and 218 may be constructed of any suitable material, incorporating therein a sighting means, as is known within the art, and example of which would comprise a sight glass. 1 and 9, wherein first tank 217 comprises first diaphragm 217.1 and second tank 218 comprises second diaphragm 218.1, tanks 217 and 218 are comprised of a transparent material to visually inspect and ensure that tanks 217 and 218 are filled with fluid 206 at all times. 10 is substantially equivalent in form and function to that of the preferred embodiment detailed and illustrated in FIGS. 12 is substantially equivalent in form and function to that of the preferred embodiment detailed and illustrated in FIGS. Having thus described exemplary embodiments of the present invention, it should be noted by those skilled in the art that the within disclosures are exemplary only, and that various other alternatives, adaptations, and modifications may be made within the scope of the present invention.

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It should be understood that the actuation of valve 213.12, 213.13, 213.2 213.4, and 213.5 could be equally accomplished via hydraulic or electrically-driven valving devices. Fluid volume regulator 202 comprises fluid feeder 202.1, fluid level control tank 202.2, and fluid return pump 202.3. Fluid return pump 202.3 activates to return fluid 206 collected in overflow shaft 212.3 to buoyancy shaft 200. Fluid volume regulator 202 could also include a fluid heater and fluid temperature sensor to avoid freezing fluid 206 during exposure to low temperature if sealed shaft gravity-buoyancy generator 10 is utilized during freezing conditions.

Balls 300 are deposited at a rate proportional to the amount of energy required via timing mechanism 212 from top 200.1 of buoyancy shaft 200 onto cups 102, wherein cups 102 are disposed at second ends 101.2 of wheel spoke arms 101. The generated horsepower and energy is a function of the revolutions per minute and the torque developed by the total weights on the wheel. The operating process of the present system and method requires a source of compressed air to transfer air from one diaphragm into the other diaphragm, thereby controlling the fluid level at the bottom and the top of the shaft. A generator, air compressor or other device utilizes the rotational force of the wheel to create energy. Balls 300, under gravitational force 600, exert downward force on spoke arms 101, causing rotation of wheel 100, wherein wheel 100 subsequently rotates axial shaft 103. Axial shaft 103 is in rotational communication with electrical generator 400 and/or gear mechanism 105, thereby selectively providing electrical and/or mechanical power.

Natural force energy, such as wave energy and energy produced from gravitational and buoyant forces are also finding interest. Fluid levels 207 and 219 are maintained by displacing fluid at the respective tank 217 or 218, air is transferred from one drive chamber 217.21 or 218.21 to the other drive chamber 218.21 or 217.21. By decreasing the air volume in drive chamber 217.21 or 218.21 on the closed fluid shaft side, the level 207 of fluid 206 is lowered and vice versa. At the end of rotation, ball 300 releases from cup 102 and drops into weight collector box 205, wherein momentum causes ball 300 to pass sequentially through gate 208, returning ball 300 to hermetically-sealed double-shaft box 214 via entry shaft 209, and wherein ball 300 is carried upwards within hermetically-sealed double-shaft box 214 to ascend to top 200.1 of shaft 200 by buoyant force 500 created by displacement of the volume of ball 300 in fluid 206 (Archimedes Law), traveling selectively through either first buoyancy column 214.1 or second buoyancy column 214.2 and ascending to top 200.1 to be dropped again by timing mechanism 212. Dolor parte baja de la espalda y piernas . Buoyancy columns 214.1 and 214.2, and tanks 217, 218 provide operational switching within buoyancy shaft 200, closing buoyancy column 214.1 while buoyancy column 214.2 is open and vice versa, wherein buoyancy column 214.1 allows the transit of balls 300 to top 200.1, and wherein a steady level 207 of fluid is maintained within collector box 205. Fluid level within buoyancy shaft 200 is maintained through tanks 217 and 218, wherein tanks 217 and 218 adjust for fluid volumes by increasing or decreasing fluid 206 in column 214.1 and 214.2, respectively.

11 comprises buoyancy columns 214.1 and 214.2, wherein buoyancy columns 214.1 and 214.2 are in fluid communication with first tank 217 and second tank 218, respectively. Addition of air to first drive chamber 217.20 causes movement of first diaphragm 217.1 displacing fluid 206 in first fluid chamber 217.21 out of first tank 217 via first connector pipes 217.3, wherein displaced fluid 206 enters first column 214.1, and wherein first tank 217, first column 214.1, and first connector pipes 217.3 are in fluid communication with one another. Addition of air to second drive chamber 218.20 causes movement of second diaphragm 218.1 displacing fluid 206 in second fluid chamber 218.21 out of second tank 218 via second connector pipes 218.3, wherein displaced fluid 206 enters second column 214.2, and wherein second tank 218, second column 214.2, and second connector pipes 218.3 are in fluid communication with one another.