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Síndrome de dolor regional complejo (SDRC): tipos, causas.. In one embodiment, the support structure 303 may be mounted to a rotary shaft that allows the support structure 303 to rotate. 5A, 5B and 6) may be used to supply power to the transducers 302. A force in the direction of motion 322 on the support structure 303 generated by the transducers 302 may be transferred by a mechanical linkage 319 to a generate the motion 322 of the piston 317 in the cylinder. The bladder 312 is mounted between two support plates 303. A fluid conduit 314 passes through each of the support plates 303. The fluid conduits 314 include two check valves 316 that force the fluid to flow in the direction indicated by the arrows.

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Flekosteel Krem 50 Ml. 4 Adet Fiyatı - Taksit Seçenekleri The deflection of the portion of the electroactive polymer may also stretch the bladder or bellows to increase a volume of the bladder or the bellows. The flow was approximately 40 ml/minute at about 1 kPa (Kilo-Pascal) using a single-layer electroactive polymer. The device may further comprise a fluid conduit where the deflection of the portion of the electroactive polymer generates a peristaltic motion in the fluid conduit to move the fluid through the fluid conduit or where the deflection of the portion of electroactive polymer generates a wave-like motion in the fluid conduit to move fluid in the fluid conduit through the conduit.

Device 20 provides a compact electroactive polymer device structure and improves overall electroactive polymer device performance over conventional electroactive polymer devices. Multiple active area polymers and transducers are further described in Ser. For generation or sensing, the active area includes a portion of polymer having sufficient deflection to enable a change in electrostatic energy. Remedios caseros para el dolor de espalda dorsal . In other cases, the fluid may be transported from a place at a lower potential energy to one at a higher potential energy such as delivering water uphill for irrigation. For the bellow spring roll actuator fabrication, an EPAM material, such as an acrylic film(s) may be prestrained and rolled onto a bellows spring 601. The bellows spring 601 may form a closed chamber. For compressible fluids such as gases being compressed to high pressures, the stroke volumes of each stage are ideally matched to the changing volume of gas (for example, if the gas is compressed to half its original volume in a many-stage pump, the last stage may only have to pump roughly half the volume per stroke as the first stage).

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In traditional pumps, packaging requirements for a motor and for a pumping mechanism may generate a flatness parameter that approaches 1 or is greater than 1. In the present invention, the flatness parameter may be much less than 1. For instance, for one embodiment of the EPAM film pump 400 in FIGS.

Details of EPAM transducers used as motors and further advantages of these devices are described in co-pending U.S. Similarly, if impedance changes are detected and measured while the electroactive polymer transducer is being used as a generator, a small, high-frequency AC signal may be superimposed on the lower-frequency generation voltage signal. FIG. 2H illustrates an Electroactive Polymer (EPAM) device for performing thermodynamic work on a fluid with a fan driven by an EPAM transducer and an EPAM transducer for controlling a shape and attitude of the fan blades. The EPAM transducers may be controlled to move the fluid radially outward from the center of the support structure. In yet other embodiments, the EPAM device may be used to provide thermodynamic work to fluids as part of 1) a dialysis devices (e.g., pumping the fluids into and out of the body), 2) a plasmaphoresis device (e.g., moving the plasma into and out of the body), 3) a blood pumping device (e.g., pumping blood into the body as part of a transfusion) and 4) a drug delivery device (e.g., pumping a drug from an IV or delivering a drug via a device implanted in the body).

For instance, the system may be a fabricated article that needs to be cooled or heated with a very uniform thermal distribution to prevent thermal stresses from building inside the article during the cooling or heating process. Interface portion 27 b preferably has the same outer diameter as spring 24. The edges of interface portion 27 b may also be rounded to prevent polymer damage.

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When a non-active polymer layer is employed, the number of polymer layers may be odd. Obviously, any number of active areas and common electrodes may be implemented in this manner to provide a suitable mechanical output or graduated control system. FIG. Dolor de espalda alta lado izquierdo y cuello . 4G illustrates transducer 150 with a deflection in direction 161 b that is caused by the application of a voltage to he electrodes 154 and 155. The voltage is applied to allow the bending forces to overcome the resistance presented by the curvature in the unactuated state. Effectively, the transducer 152 bends with a kink caused by the initial curvature. The fluid may be stagnant prior to the activation of the EPAM transducers or the fluid may have an initial velocity profile. By attaching one-way valves 316 on either end of the tube, a change in volume will impart a movement of fluid across the check valves 316 and fluid is forced to travel in one direction through the roll actuator 326. This EPAM tube-type pump provides a simple and robust design in a small package.

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When the piston moves downward, the volume of the pumping chamber decreases and the fluid is pushed out of the chamber. Deflection of a transducer according to the present invention includes linear expansion and compression in one or more directions, bending, axial deflection when the polymer is rolled, deflection out of a hole provided on an outer cylindrical around the polymer, etc. 5, 2003, by Heim, et al., and entitled, “Electroactive Polymer Devices for Controlling Fluid Flow,” which is incorporated herein in its entirety and for all purposes. “Field Actuated Elastomeric Polymers”, which is incorporated by reference herein for all purposes and which claims priority under 35 U.S.C. In one embodiment, the deflection in direction 18 of transducer portion 10 can be enhanced by exploiting large pre-strain in the perpendicular direction 20. For example, an acrylic elastomeric polymer used as the transducer portion 10 may be stretched by 10 percent in direction 18 and by 500 percent in the perpendicular direction 20. The quantity of pre-strain for a polymer may be based on the polymer material and the desired performance of the polymer in an application.

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Pumps and compressors are also used widely in biomedical applications including, for example, circulating blood for dialysis or during surgical procedures. The screen 368 is used to hold the foam in place. Actuation voltages for a particular polymer may be reduced by increasing the dielectric constant, decreasing the polymer thickness, and decreasing the modulus of elasticity, for example. For actuation, portion 151 a comprises the polymer 151 between the electrodes 154 a and 154 b and any other portions of the polymer 151 having sufficient electrostatic force to enable deflection upon application of voltages using the electrodes 154 a and 154 b. Suitable computer management and on-off control for each common electrode then allows graduated force and deflection control for the rolled transducer using only binary on/off switching.

In FIGS. 2B and 2C, embodiments of radial flagella pumps are shown.

FIGS. 4A-2E show a rolled electroactive polymer device 20 in accordance with one embodiment of the present invention. In some cases, a logic device in electrical communication with sensing electronics of sensor quantifies the electrical change to provide a digital or other measure of the changing parameter being sensed. In particular, the device may be one of air compressor, a bellows bump, a fuel pump and a centrifugal pump. In FIGS. Dolor de riñon y espalda . 2B and 2C, embodiments of radial flagella pumps are shown. In some embodiments of present invention, the devices for performing thermodynamic work may be used in micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS). In section, before describing electroactive polymer (EPAM) devices of the present invention for performing thermodynamic work on a fluid, the basic principles of electroactive polymer construction and operation will first be illuminated in regards to FIG. The EPAM devices may be used as part of the exhaust/pollution control system 506 to move exhaust gasses through the system.

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In yet other embodiments, the EPAM devices may be used in the windshield fluid system to pump windshield wiper fluid to the windshield. The EPAM roll transducer is described in some detail with respect to FIGS. As the EPAM diaphragms in the transducers contract, fluid is drawn through the valve 316 at the inlet 342 into a pumping chamber 398. The diaphragms then expand upon actuation which forces fluid to flow through valve 385. As the pressure builds in the area behind the diaphragms, fluid is pushed through the outlet valve 386, possibly to another stage (see FIGS. The pumps shown in FIGS.

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In one embodiment, the changing property or parameter being measured by the sensor corresponds to a changing property of the electroactive polymer, e.g. No. 10/053,511 entitled “Variable Stiffness Electroactive Polymer Systems,” filed Jan. The pressures required for a particular application (e.g., refrigeration or air conditioning) may be scaled up by increasing the number of layers of polymer film per stage and/or the number of stages. Another advantage is the EPAM transducers may operate efficiently at a larger number of operating conditions than an electric motor. For example, radially aligned active area sets that allow two- and three-dimensional motion may be repeated ten times to provide a wave pattern that may be impressed on a fluid flow. For example, a 1000 Hz sensing signal may be superimposed on a 10 Hz actuation signal. The bias mechanism may be one of a spring or an insert.