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3d male medical figure with shoulder bone highlighted In a concrete layout, each cylinder barrel (having piston plunger pump in other words) or pump output will be supplied with menifold suction water from a low pressure in other words via safety check, and their water that will in a high pressure manifold, get through a safety check similarly, with the high pressure send-out pumps. In order to adapt to any such leakage, a compensation water feeding mechanism 40 is set, a header tank 41 wherein is installed, the static water level 42 of the water of header tank is just in hydraulic motors in other words below the blow down turbine 35 like this, as shown in the figure, if thereby when the water level in backwater supply line 34 dropped to the water level that is lower than significantly in the header tank, some compensation waters will be through near the loop a safety check 43 flow into the top of low pressure backwater supply pipeline 33 from described header tank.

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Particularly, above-mentioned water storage box or header tank are connected to the backwater supply pipeline, and described backwater supply pipeline is collected water and water is back to the supply menifold of low speed heavy pressure pump below blow down turbine or hydraulic motors. In fact, low pressure manifold will is connected to a low pressure supply pipeline, and described low pressure supply pipeline will deliver suitable working liquid body and supply with to satisfy the needs of pump.Similarly, high pressure manifold will then be connected to a high voltage supply pipeline or transfer conduit, and it can also can absorb with one owing to use the accumulator that the reciprocating pump output fluctuation that causes of plunger pump is in other words pulsed in other words to engage (when the rotation positive-displacement pump of use such as gear pump, because their output trends towards relatively steadily not having pressure pulsation, so unnecessary use accumulator).

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According to a first aspect of the invention, a kind of power generation systems that is used for extracting from the immersion type rotor of running ground response flow power is provided, described system comprises a rotor, this rotor driven is used for the pumping system of liquid supply so that activate power generation arrangement, it is characterized in that, arrange that the low speed heavy pressure pump receives running power from described turbine rotor, and to a high-speed hydraulic motor or the output of turbo machine transmission high pressure, the feasible speed that has increased axle or motor of comparing with the axle speed of turbine rotor, simultaneously correspondingly driving generator or the needed torque of other mechanical device have been reduced, basically a hydraulic fluid loop of sealing is provided for the described hydraulic fluid that links with the low speed heavy pressure pump, the hydraulic fluid of described high-pressure service pump is arranged to from a high-speed hydraulic motor or turbo machine through the recirculation of low pressure liquid reflux pipeline, to supply with described low speed heavy pressure oil hydraulic pump.

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Preferably, can extract and send in a header tank or the water storage box through a filter then through a strainer by a service pump the needed any compensation water of the solution of the present invention; Arrange that described pump sends the water level of signal indicating in described header tank or water storage box at a float or other water level indication transducer and dropped to certain predetermined water level and just work when following, and described header tank in other words water storage box add to another higher water level of being scheduled to and just quit work later on. The present invention is at us among the B. P. GB2311566 and 2348250 at us in the application of previously described hydroelectric turbine principle, turbo machine is installed on the single pile supporting structure, described single pile supporting structure is installed in the hole that pierces in sea bed or the riverbed, and expose on the surface of flowing water flow the upper end of described supporting single pile.When principle of the present invention being applied in when current extract the method for kinetic energy, low pressure and high pressure delivery pipes will deliver and flow to and from the current of the hydraulic motors or the impact type turbine of a driving generator so, and described generator is preferably located on the surface of water in a weather-proof casing on supporting single pile top.

In the mode of execution of illustrated system, as shown in Figure 3, the epimere 8 of post comprises the part post 9 and 10 of two aspectant two ” D ” font sections, has a gap 11 between them, and the girder of supporting structure 4 can be through 11 assemblings of described gap. How known be above-mentioned such purpose use turbo machine.For example, at our B. P. GB 2256011B, we disclose the structure that relates to the turbo machine that available water drives in GB 2311566B and No.

Thereby, rotor is immersed in the current with for example check and having illustrated in our above-mentioned B. P. of the principle of extracting energy. Each turbine unit 3 all comprises a rotor 6 by rotor shaft (not illustrating dividually) supporting, described rotor shaft forms the part of a very schematically illustrated rotor rotation transmission system 7, and described rotor rotation transmission system 7 comprises a power train (not shown).Described power train comes down to a mechanism, be used for some practical purpose rotor is applied a power, promptly be used for generating, and can comprise a gearbox and motor, a generator that directly drives, an oil hydraulic pump is through generator of a fluid motor-driven in other words. Yet, expediently, not penetrating in turbo machine/control system under the situation of the water surface, the casing of hydraulic motors or blow down turbine can be one in some cases and be positioned at the following casing to water-stop in this surface.