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Non-moving portions of the pump assembly, including actuator assembly 95 and electromagnet assembly 91 (partially shown) may be fixed to pump housing 27 by fixation ring 71. Moving portions of pump assembly 70 may include posts 81, first suspension spring 79, magnetic ring assembly 76, second suspension spring 80 and membrane assembly 82. As magnetic ring assembly 76 moves up and down, the movement is rigidly translated by posts 81 to membrane assembly 82. Given the rigidity of the posts, when magnetic ring assembly 76 travels a certain distance upward or downward, membrane assembly 82 may travel the same distance.

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10, membrane 97 may have a reduced thickness as the membrane extends from rigid membrane ring 96 to circular aperture 99. Alternatively, or in addition to, membrane 97 may incorporate metallic elements such as a spiral spring to enhance the spring force of the membrane in a direction normal to plane of the membrane, and this spring force may vary radially along the membrane.

One thus obtains the advantage of using, for an equal power, a much faster, lighter and cheaper motor for operating the electric generator. The Nenturi tube, or Venturi for short, is a very simple device, basically comprising a main convergent-divergent duct, with an intermediate point or stretch where its section is at the narrowest, and another duct or secondary duct, that ends into said intermediate point or stretch having the narrowest section. The ducts (5) and (6) can even merge into just a single duct, in the length between the Venturi and the valves; in this case they should branch out before they join the valves (51) and (61). The body or hull (7) of the Venturi surrounds the axis and its section can have any shape. It is an aim of the inventor to propose a process and a method for making it easier and cheaper to convert hydraulic energy into mechanical, especially from those water streams that are characterised by very low head drop values, and by rather large and/or very large flow rates.

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At step 2218, the controller adjusts operation of the electromagnetic actuator to cause the magnetic ring to reciprocate at an adjusted frequency and/or amplitude, thereby causing the deformable membrane to produce an adjusted predetermined blood flow across the implantable pump. This second check valve will allow the air from the secondary duct to enter the throat, but not to flow back from it, and it will be most useful in the case, that one can expect to meet often, where a number of Venturis are connected in parallel via a manifold to the pneumatic motor or motors : thanks to their check valves, some Venturis can keep working, while others are momentarily out of priming and/or out of service. Said figures represent in a schematic way lengthwise sections of two Venturis of the types so far described. For transferring energy from a water stream to an air stream , at least two methods have been used so far : namely, the “hydraulic air compressor” and the “oscillating water column”, or OWC for short; both will be better described in the following.

Two different embodiments are shown in the enclosed figures, both pertaining to the finding of this invention : Fig. The reader skilled in the art will appreciate that the above disclosed device require very small structures and minimise the visual impact. In principle, this device connects a forebay and a discharge basin or receiving pool. Generally, a LVAD includes an inlet cannula, a pump, and an outlet cannula, and is coupled to an extracorporeal battery and control unit. First electromagnetic coil 77 may be activated by controller applying an electrical signal from battery 40 to first electromagnetic coil 77, thus inducing current in the electromagnetic coil and generating a magnetic field surrounding electromagnetic coil 77. The direction of the current in electromagnetic coil 77 and the polarity of magnetic ring assembly 76 nearest electromagnetic coil 77 may be configured such that the first electromagnetic coil magnetically attracts or repeals magnetic ring assembly 76 as desired.