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Remedios caseros y Naturales para el Dolor de Muelas ️ DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENT Referring to FIGS. Referring to FIGS. 3 and 4, a close up view of the gear box section and generator 18 of the main body member 12 of the preferred embodiment are shown in detail. The drive rods 22 each have a rack 36 secured to the length of the drive rod 22 that passes through a gear box section of the main body member 12. The rack 36 has teeth thereon, which engage and drive a gear 38 in the gear box section (described below). As each wave passes, the buoys 24 are raised and lowered moving the drive rods 22 in the tubular framing members 20. The motion of a drive rod 22 drives the counter-rotating portions of the generator 18. Each buoy/drive rod combination drives its own generator 18. The sum-total electrical output of an array of modules 10 may be transported to shore by an umbilical cord 70 or used to power an accessory module for desalination or hydrogen production operations.

Each tubular framing member 20 contains a drive rod 22, which is provided at its upper end with a buoy 24. The tubular framing members 20 terminate at tube base connectors 26 securing them to frame members 28 which may form an equilateral triangle. The main body member 12 of the assembly 10 includes a top shell 14 and a bottom shell 16. The top shell 14 and bottom shell 16 are secured together around a chassis to form a water-tight inner cavity to contain the generator 18 and ballast control components. Dolor muscular intenso por ejercicio . The ‘073 patent, in particular, includes a generator that rotates with magnets and coils, but problems with the arrangement include (1) a requirement for commutation brushes that become worn or compromised in the marine environment and (2) difficulty in adjusting coil properties due to their motion. The outer rotor 52 is preferably constructed of a circular array of eighteen permanent magnets 58, although other numbers of magnets could be used.

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Contained within the terminal end of each tubular framing member 20 is a lower shock absorber 32. The lower shock absorber 32 receives the downward stroke of its respective drive rod 22. The lower shock absorber 32 reduces the stress on the assembly 10 and prepares the drive rod 22 for its upward stroke as it upwardly urges the drive rod 22. At the upper end of each tubular member 20 is an upper shock absorber 34. The upper shock absorber 34 provides an upper travel limit to the upward stroke of its respective drive rod 22. The upper shock absorber 34 reduces the stress on the assembly 10, and prepares the drive rod 22 for its downward stroke as it downwardly urges the drive rod 22. Both the lower shock absorber 32 and upper shock absorber 34 are preferably non-metallic springs, but metal or other compressible materials could be used as appropriate for the size of the assembly in question.

It is important to note that the upper and lower shock absorbers 32, 34 will not be engaged regularly. The buoy 24 upper and lower shells 80, 82 have a conical shape with a circular cross-section and, together, they form a tetras. This tetras shape has been found to be optimal to smooth fluid flow about the buoy 24 in order to maximize stroke power, yet minimize rotational torque on the generator 18 assembly, thereby increasing the lifespan of the mechanical components. A number of T-shaped brackets 60 may be used to arrange the magnets concentrically about each rotor 50, 52. The inner rotor 50 and outer rotor 52 may also be formed from electromagnets as well, thereby making the generator 18 an alternator instead. The generator 18 includes an inner rotor 50, a counter-rotating outer rotor 52, and a stationary ring 54 positioned between then inner and outer rotors 50, 52. The inner rotor 50 is preferably constructed of a circular array of sixteen permanent magnets 56, although other numbers of magnets could be used.

Referring to FIGS. Dolor en la parte de atras de la pierna . 1, 2 and 5, each buoy 24 includes an upper shell 80 and a lower shell 82. The upper shell 80 and the lower shell 82 are secured together with rivets 84, or other suitable fasteners, around a superstructure 86 to form a water-tight chamber, thereby making the buoy 24 highly buoyant. When a module 10 sinks or floats out of range of optimal operational positions, pumps 74 are activated to introduce seawater to or expel seawater from bladders 76 thereby adjusting buoyancy of the chamber.

It may be desirable to have assemblies 10 raised or lowered, in relation to waves, for maintaining optimal buoy stroke (too high or low results in reduced buoy action). Furthermore is desirable to have a less costly method of anchoring the energy converters to the sea floor that minimizes the time that divers and submersibles must be used.

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At such instance is desirable for the module 10 to reposition at attitudes promoting optimal buoy 24 and drive rod 22 operation. Each drive rod 22 is respectively connected to its own buoy 249. The assembly 10 of the present invention can be scaled appropriately to an optimal size for the known conditions or factors at the desired deployment site, such as average wave height, historical maximum wave height, depth of water, strength of currents, etc. The proportional controller 72 measures the attitude and depth to the assembly 10 relative to mean sea level and generates control inputs to the pump 74 to keep the assembly at an optimum depth in the water. Because the number of lines decreases at each depth level, the time needed for divers and submersibles for repair, maintenance and installation is significantly reduced compared to traditional multi-line mooring techniques. A number of such sensors, associated with respective buoys of a plurality of assemblies, form composite data of the positions of all buoys 24 of an array and, thus, a wave by wave profile of the ambient seascape.

6, arrays 100 generally form neutrally buoyant, horizontal planes near below the hydroface 101. Typically of breadth spanning multiple wavelengths, in most instances some array 100 portions are influenced by downward gravity forces from wave troughs while other portions are influenced by upward buoyancy force from buoys 24 and buoyancy chambers. SUMMARY The present invention solves the problems of the prior art by providing an improved generator that includes counter-rotating magnet rings of weight and size efficiently correlating to ratio between upstroke buoyancy force and downstroke gravity force. Therefore, there is a perceived need in the industry for an improved generator that lacks commutation brushes and an ability to adjust load properties during use. An improved mooring junction comprises box, with top and bottom opening, supporting spring-loaded reels. Mooring line terminals 104 may simply comprise knotting of the disparate lines 102 but such assembly does not obviate forces that may limit mooring line 102 flexibility when exposed to tensile forces.

FIG. 6 is a method of mooring the ocean wave energy converters of the present invention to the sea floor. Each assembly 10 forms a module that can be interconnected to other modules to form an ocean wave energy web or matrix to mass produce electricity. Each assembly 10 includes three tubular framing members 20 that are arranged in a cone structure or more specifically as edges of the sides of a tetrahedron. Que tomar dolor de espalda . The tubular framing members 20 connect to the main body 12 member, forming the apex of the tetrahedron.

Portrait of beautiful caucasian smiling brunette woman model in bright pink summer stylish clothes isolated on white background. The tubular framing members 20 attach to the chassis of the module 10 and may be split into sections above and below the chassis. The leads are connected to a cord 70 which carries the generated electricity to other modules or shore as described below. Housed in the inner cavity of the main body 12, a control system may incorporate sensor networks including pressure sensors in the buoy 24. Due to independent buoy 24 motions, an associated sensor would require wireless data transmission to buoyancy chamber controls and such radio transmission has possibly deleterious effect to marine bio-forms. Pressure sensors may also be included in the inner cavity of the main body member 12 and in the buoys 24 and may be used to send control data to the pump 74 and bladders 76 for adjusting the assembly attitude.

The result at most times enables near fully submerged, wave-following buoys (most buoyancy force and driveshaft travel length responding to subject wave). Furthermore, the coils are fixed thereby eliminating brushes, and allowing easier incorporation of shields and/or weather-proof housing. For such purpose, generator coil segments are separable, by switches, from the coils in the stationary ring thereby enabling individual segments to be taken out of loop and diverting the electromotive force affecting the assembly. Such data is incorporated in the control system to precisely adjust generator properties just-in-advance of incoming waves. The sensor data form the inner cavity data integrates with the buoy pressure data. Sequential updates provide predictors for assessment of wave field motions, for example, by combining disparate geographic data points that may indicate the eventual creation or dissipation of interference wave amplitudes at specific positions in the future. Additionally, switch components are more readily affixed to stationary coils, than moving coils, so that some coils may be taken out of circuit.

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Buoy input to controls may be from pressure sensors located at buoy’s lower shell. Large loads may induce back-forces into the system that stall, or even stop, buoy motion. Generating electricity via ocean waves is a renewable energy source that has yet to be fully realized. Prior ocean wave energy converters, such as Ames, U.S. That is, individual buoy movements contribute to mapping entire wave fields engaging an array. The pump 74 fills or evacuates the bladders 76 according to the inputs received from the proportional controller 72. The bladders 76 are fashioned of a non-porous flexible material that is easily deformed. The inner cavity of the main body member 12 also includes an active ballast control system that includes a proportional controller 72, a pump 74, and three bladders 76 that are secured to the chassis. Dolor muscular calor o frio . It would be appreciated by those skilled in the art that various changes and modifications can be made to the illustrated embodiments without departing from the spirit of the present invention.