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A rectifier (not shown in the drawings for this embodiment) may be placed on platform 160 to rectify intermittent pulses of EMF in coils 130. The rectified current may feed an electrolyzer (not shown in the drawings for this embodiment), which can also be installed on platform 160. The electrolyzer would produce hydrogen gas from seawater, which hydrogen gas might be stored in the inner space of floats 165. When the hydrogen pressure inside floats 165 reaches a predetermined amount, a wireless device would transmit a series of signals to a coastal or a ship based dispatching station.

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Deterioro cognitivo postoperatorio y nuestro papel en.. Hence, some solutions are dedicated to increasing the output WEC’s frequency by means of hydraulic and other gears and other mechanisms, which afterwards mostly transmit the higher frequency motion to drive a conventional electric generator. The present invention provides another way for increasing the efficiency of electric power generation based on a reciprocal-linear or reciprocal-revolving movement of magnets impelled substantially by an intermittent outer force, such as created by sea waves, winds, etc. BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION For the last several years, the importance of non-traditional renewable and pollution free energy sources is constantly increasing. Basic Concept of the Inventive Wave Energy Transducer (IWET). Accordingly three basic assemblies types are introduced: linear, annular, and annular segment types. The platform and the floats are respectively coupled with armatures and inductors of IWETs disclosed herein, or may optionally be coupled with other similar types of transducers or with other devices transforming the waves motion energy into electric power.

The IWET may operate without an intermediate gear or mechanism directly converting the mechanical power of ocean waves into electric power of a necessary voltage, or may optionally deploy such gears or mechanisms. Such a rectifier may be included into a commutator-rectifier (177), which is reflected on FIG. 120T and coils 130, but reduce the number of magnets 110. This may be the case when expensive rear earth magnets are used in the device, and it may be needed to lower expenses. Dolor de espalda despues de correr . Therefore, in some cases, this may complicate the technology of making the armature, because the necessity of arranging more narrow teeth 120T and sequentially connecting more coils.

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It is believed that this IWET embodiment may be usable as a stand-alone construction for near-shore WEC installations, being combined with the above-disclosed vertical near-shore IWEC, as well as partially (without the housing bound to the ground) for off-shore installations, especially in combination with other platform-based embodiments utilizing vertical float reciprocation described herein below.

A moving magnet is confined so that it can move with bidirectional linear, or approximately linear, motion through each of at least two coils. It generally proposes a system of at least two devices: a float and a submerged body adapted to move relative to one another in response to passing waves in the body of liquid, and this relative movement may be harnessed by the linkages between the at least two devices.

0. The successive relative position of magnet 101 and core 102 is depicted on FIG. FIG. 12 a In a case of misbalance, some of water pumps 183, being controllably regulated, should increase their pressure, and the others should reduce it to cease the undesirable spinning. The greater the mass of the rotational water body and the velocity of rotation are, the more significant stabilizing effect will be. Electrodes 184E should then be switched so that the EMF, generated on them due to the motion of the conductive water through the perpendicular magnetic field created by magnets 184M (in an electricity generation mode), will power an electric load (electrolyzers or anything else), i.e. Then the electric current is switched off; the solenoid returns to its initial position, and the blocking spring-loaded mechanism revolves the blades into their initial (closed) position.