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Avances - NEUROCIRUGIA A pneumatic device is coupled to the pressure relief device and is powered from the negative pressure. A valve is disposed downstream from the inlet for interrupting the water flow into the drive pipe to thereby create a temporary negative pressure downstream from the valve. FIG. 3a is a schematic diagram sectional view of an alternative hydropower conversion system using the natural slope of a river or stream to create a hydraulic gradient, according to the present invention, FIG. One preferred embodiment of a hydropower system which utilizes a riser with piston and shaft assembly is depicted in FIG. Operating more than one drive pipe 12 and pressure relief system 24, connected in parallel to the vacuum tank 40 and the air turbine 46, allows for uninterrupted water and air flow through a hydropower system. The present invention relates to a hydropower conversion method and system, and in particular, to a system and method of using a hydraulic gradient to create a temporary negative pressure for use in operating a pneumatic device.

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Tattoo Session #5 3) are used to create a pressure differential allowing for air movement. The hydraulic gradient, H, required for operation is established by the natural slope 321 of the river or stream channel 320. A negative pressure relief system 324 is oriented so that limited water pressure at the belled inlet 314 is sufficient to purge gas from a near horizontal riser section 328. A float 368 or other device prevents water from entering the vacuum line 337. This configuration minimizes required stream or river channel 320 alteration (e.g., via damming) and allows for unimpeded fish movement upstream and downstream in channel 320. Air turbines 346 and other power conversion equipment 348 can be located economically above flood stage elevations thereby providing for a reduction in construction costs. During operation of hydropower system 810, forces applied to the shaft 847 while performing work also act to restrict movement of piston 843 and thus provide a braking force necessary to slow moving water in the drive pipe 812 following closure of valve 818. The rise and fall of the water level 844 in relief cylinder 828 occurs, in a manner similar to that in riser section 28 of hydropower system 10, i.e.

5, a heat exchanger 590 uses the gas cooling affect generated by the hydropower generator 10, 210, 310 for refrigeration. Cooling fluid (gas or liquid) enters the heat exchanger 590 through cooling fluid inlet 594 and exits through cooling fluid outlet 596. Gas 545 enters an air inlet 598 of a turbine 546 and proceeds through heat exchanger 590, exiting through vacuum conduit 582 onto a vacuum source. Ejercicios para dolor muscular . The close proximity of the valve 18 to the inlet end 14 of the drive pipe 12 and the close proximity of the connection of conduit 26 to the downstream side of the drive pipe valve 18 maximizes the mass of accelerated water creating the vacuum. In addition, the pressure relief system 24 allows gas, but not to water, to enter the riser section 28 after the drive pipe valve 18 is closed. For example, performance can be enhanced by increasing the diameter of the negative pressure relief riser section 28, 228, 328 from 8 to 12 inches.

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The negative pressure relief device includes a riser section which allows the negative pressure to pull gas (e.g. A further advantage is provided by the elimination of blade induced mortality in fish resulting from strike, shear, turbulence and pressure forces possible in conventional systems. For example, there is a need to reduce impacts on fishery resources through application of improved hydropower technologies, specifically those that reduce required dam height, eliminate turbine blade induced mortality of migrating fishes and limit or prevent supersaturation of water with air which has been linked to gas bubble disease of aquatic species.