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Desollar el dolor In alternative designs, machines employing 2, 3, or more blades may be constructed, based on the same principles described here. The non-spinning plate (2) may be preferable for a particular design of wind ship because a high value of U/V can be produced all the way to the outer end of the blade, so that a roller/airfoil combination cross section profile may be used which is more efficient and more powerful than an airfoil section not employing a roller, and a non-spinning end plate as large as may be required for any particular design may be mounted rigidly on the airfoil, without (a) absorbing any power to spin it and without (b) wastefully generating flow circulation. The amounts of the blade flattening hinge moments so produced are mathematically determinate by straightforward methods of analysis, so that any desired degree of this effect may be produced according to design needs for a particular windmill.

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In all of the conditions described above, the blade will still weathervane, but will do so balancing the aerodynamic hinge moments against the centrifugal hinge moments. The airfoil behind the roller is relatively deep and stiff and the aerodynamic forces are steady, even in gusty conditions. Wheel 10 is pivoted on the end of arm 11, which is attached rigidly through shank 3B to airfoil 2. Wheel 10 is made sufficiently heavy to serve the balancing function of mass balance 6B, previously described. As described above, applied to a wind ship, the aerodynamic blade of this invention must operate with the roller spinning either may and with lifting pressure applied to either side of the blade, leading to a blade section (FIG. FIG. 7 shows two weathervaning roller blades applied to power a ship, including details in cross section at the attachment to the ship, in FIG.

All details of the hub and balancing stub have been omitted. The function of the tension pre-load is to carry a portion of the axial centrifugal load across pre-load unit 58 without passing through bearing 63. In that way, some compression load is taken off of bearing 63, at the time when the torsion pre-load has been reached, at which time axial centrifugal loads are also strong, allowing bearing 63 to rotate with reduced friction.

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The magnitude of the roller’s lift force cannot conceivably be determined by angle. Since rotational speed must change before centrifugal force can change, applications of force are gentle. Regardless of the aerodynamic configuration of the cross sectional profile of airfoil 2, regardless of whether tab 2A is present, and regardless of the free trailing position of airfoil 2, the strengths of the lift force and the drag force on the roller/airfoil combination will not change when the angle of attack changes. Only one small motor, controlled by microprocessor, adjusts angular setting of trim tab at trailing edge at tip, for fine tuning of blade angle. FIG. 4 shows the airfoil section at the tip of the blade beyond the roller, taken at section 4–4 of FIG. In other words, the alignment of the airfoil section follows the alignment of the wind direction.

The centrifugal masses move into quadrants (i) and (iii) of FIG. The Magnus roller has not come into general use, largely because of aerodynamic inefficiencies due to the manner in which it has been employed. Although disturbing forces swing the mill shaft somewhat out of line with the wind, the tail surfaces act continuously to swing the shaft back into line and to damp any oscillation. It is advantageous in some designs, to save total blade weight and reduce the centrifugal loads in the pre-load unit, to locate that unit on the stub side of mill shaft 20, especially if that position permits balanced pair q–q to be located on the stub side also, where its mass helps to balance the blade statically around the mill shaft instead of working oppositely.

1C, but now the centrifugal masses lie entirely on the aerodynamic side of the blade; balance around the mill shaft is accomplished by an additional identical blade or blades attached symmetrically and radially in the whirling plane around the mill shaft. Unlike full rigged ships, the “sails” on this ship can be “furled” instantly, without any need of a crew, by stopping the power to motor 7, and releasing brake 13, allowing the blades to weathervane freely.

12 and 13 may be designed by omitting movable masses 41, motor 42, gear box 43, and jack screws 44, and installing in their place a fixed position balanced pair of masses having the correct values of mass Δm1, and radius r1 (see expression (4)), set at the correct angle Δψ from the airfoil chord plane (see FIG.

To change the direction of gyroscopic moment G, to oppose, balance, and cancel out the net gyroscopic moment acting on the blade, the same motor which spins the roller may be used to spin a massive additional roller, a “counter roller”, typically on the same axis, in the opposite direction of spin. Sintomas del dolor lumbar . The object may be a vehicle, such as a ship which is propelled, or a power shaft which drives a generator to produce electrical power. There are no mechanical blade angle restraints which limit the freedom of blade angle changes, across the aerodynamically required range of blade angles, from the flattest blade pitch angle needed for maximum power recovery to the steepest blade pitch angle needed for start-up blade rotation in light breezes. These are not present when the concavity is produced gyroscopically, as just described. 17, the stress relief movement just described is available through a full 90 degrees (or more if necessary), making possible the complete unloading of any design of airfoil 2 in the most severe winds conceivable.

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The design location of the forward pivot is therefore a matter for design analysis, but it will always lie clearly forward of the mean effective aerodynamic center of the blade. Mass balances 6A and 6B are rigidly attached to airfoil 2 forward of axis p of the free mounting pivot of the blade, shown in FIG. 9. Mounting base 3A and blade shank 3B correspond to parts on FIG.

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Due to the variation of the relative wind velocities at successive local blade sections along the blade when the blade is whirling, the highest U/V values on a non-segmented roller occur closest to the hub and the lowest values occur at the outboard end of the roller. 1C. Torsion pre-load acts in the direction to hold pin p against the end of the recess in shank 60, as shown. On the present invention, the ability of the roller to generate unusually high lift coefficients compensates for this. Toward the tip the conventional airfoil section provides lift coefficients as high as needed. Dolor de pierna derecha en niños . If, in some such cases there was risk of high winds producing excessive RPM, a shear pin construction as shown in FIG. As a result, existing machines avoid gusty wind sites and are shut down at any site when strong or gusty winds occur.

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Blade Variations–Horizontal Axis Wind Machines FIG. These means control the separation of centrifugal masses 41, to control the operation of the wind machine. The joint which produces the power-generating movement of the wind ship is the joint shown in FIG. FIGS. 3A and 3B illustrate the air flow around the spinning roller and the effect of the ratio, peripheral speed to wind speed, U/V, on the airflow pattern.

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The body between the blade hub and the tail surfaces, balanced neutrally in pitch and yaw at the top of the mast, may be designed structually to accept the full range of dynamic loadings and temporary misalignments which are to be expected in severe weather. Even though a wind gust changes the angle of the resultant wind velocity, the blade angle changes to follow the wind direction, maintaining essentially constant lifting angle. 9 makes the maximum use of free pivots to reduce stresses, weight, and cost. The blade, being freely pivoted at the root, both in pitching and in teetering, responds to a dynamic pitching axis lying on a line connecting the center of the teetering bearing pivot and the center of gravity of the blade. Line “a” is the position of the whirling plane of the blade, perpendicular to the mill axis. Como quitar un dolor muscular en el cuello . The generalized positions of the mill axis, m.a.1 and m.a.n shown in FIG.