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7 ejercicios de espalda con peso corporal y sin necesidad.. The generators 13 can be secured to a common mobile structure assembly or moved separately along the truncated surface by the section-to-section motors activated by wired or wireless monitoring equipment and / or CPU such that the rotor apparatus Two-stage is able to respond to changes in the rotational speed of the rotors 7, 8 and adjust the longitudinal position of the generators along the truncated cone. The rotor is for extracting kinetic energy from a fluid flow by converting it into kinetic energy in the fluid flow into a rotational force or torque, thus allowing inward conversion into a more convenient form of energy, such as electrical energy.

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SEMANA ACADÊMICA DE FISIOTERAPIA The use of multiple generators of high efficiency, high speed, and low torque, mounted on the rotor with a surface that has a diameter that spans the length of the rotor, in which multiple generators are arranged to be connected to the surface in different diameters so that they run therefore different rotational speeds in relation to the rotational speed of the rotor are considered to be new and inventive in their own right, and therefore, seen from an additional aspect, the invention provides a rotor For generating electric power of fluid flow, the rotor comprises a surface that has a diameter that spans the length of the rotor, in which multiple generators are mounted to receive the rotational force of the surface movement in varying diameters Of the same. On the contrary, a non-linear increase in the internal and external radii r with the polar coordinate 0 provides a different shape, for example, the internal and external conical surfaces can be curved.

The coupling of multiple rings is also possible, for example, by hooking two or more rings of generators at the end of lower linear speed or two or more rings of generators at the end of higher linear speed. With this arrangement there can be multiple rings of generators mounted to a stepped surface in different diameters. The pair of conical helices 5 and 6 are generated in a clockwise direction and have different initial radii that increase in an equal proportion to form a pair of parallel conical helices.

The internal and external conical helices can be based on the same spiral or curve shape, with different initial and final radii. The increase diameter results in an increase in the distance from the longitudinal axis in which the hydrodynamic reaction forces act and thus provide a magnification of the torsional force. The net hydrodynamic force acting on the fluid body in a particular direction is at the momentum change rate of the fluid body in that direction as indicated by Newton’s second law. The second stage rotor extracts an additional proportion of the kinetic energy of the liquid flow. In this case, the cross-sectional areas in the first and second arbitrary cross-sections in the rotor increase in a constant proportion and because the mass flow is constant, the differences in speed and in this way the hydrodynamic reaction forces produced are constant. The tube can be installed within the waterways of a dam or a hydropower station or a tidal dam Alternatively, if it can be within a liquid enclosed current system consisting of two liquid reservoirs connected in such a way that the transfer of liquid from one deposit to the other.

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Alternatively, it will be possible to mount the blade to only one of the outer ring and the inner face, with the other outer ring or the remaining internal surface fixed. The flow passages effectively contain the flowing fluid and prevent energy from being lost due to point losses. Preferably the rotor apparatus is a generator rotor, and therefore a preferred embodiment comprises a generator that includes a rotor apparatus, for example, a generator for generating electricity from tidal flows. Dolor muscular gripe . For example, in a tubena application, the space can be limited and restricted so that there are tubena diameters, therefore a rotor having relatively small external diameters and millimeters may be preferred, for example 1 m and 2 m in diameter respectively. This allows the generators 13 to move inside the rotors 7, 8 to respond to changes in the rotational speed of the rotors 7, 8. In this way, a relatively constant generator speed within the variable range of the generators of 13 is It can reach through a range of fluid flow.

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The suspension and steering system provides a determined ability to adjust with respect to changes in the flow direction. The two stage rotor apparatus is used to accommodate a unidirectional flow and also a reversible or dclic flow by combining two of the rotors. Figure 12 shows a cross section of an alternate embodiment of a two-stage rotor apparatus installed in a housing 9. In the embodiment shown in Figure 12, in contrast to the arrangement of Figure 10 the generators 13 are mounted on a 16 fixed motor assembly instead of the outside of an external cone. Thus, the rotors as described herein are used in preferred embodiments in a two stage rotor apparatus installed in a rotor housing. Said external force can be experienced if it is installed transversely or longitudinally on board a ship or some other mobile object such as a train or a car creating transverse and / or longitudinal movement.

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In some embodiments, such as Figures 4A to 5B, the increase in the radius of the conical helix may increase in more or less proportion to form a pair of non-parallel conical helices. In this case, the radius of the pair of conical helices is increased in the same proportion to form a pair of parallel conical helices.

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Doctor glues a tepee to an athlete at the hospital Therefore, it seems more economical to have multiple two-stage rotor devices in parallel. In the embodiment of Figure 10, the housing 9 is designed to provide a mounting area for multiple generators 13 of high efficiency, high speed, low torque placed outside the rotors 7, 8. The generators 13 are driven by movement of the external rotating ring 1 of the rotors 7, 8 by the appropriate gear.

In a preferred embodiment the outer ring and / or the inner peripheral surface have a generally conical surface, and multiple generators mounted in parallel to a conical surface can be moved in order to allow variation of the rotational speed of input to the generators by the movement along the surface of the cone. In a particularly preferred embodiment the generators can be mounted mobile in parallel to the generally conical surface in order to allow variation of the rotational speed of entry to the generators by movement along the surface of the cone as discussed. Figure 15 is a graph illustrating the effect of increasing or reducing the relative radii of the pair of conical helices to form a pair of conical helices not in parallel. Alternatively this may not be linear. This presents a significant advantage over Figure 11, since a complicated positioning device is not required to represent significant savings in expenses and complexity.

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According to Newton’s third law, an equal and opposite hydrodynamic reaction force acts on the surface of the solid that joins the fluid body. The radial flow component is useful in that the two opposite ends have a small section towards the rotor blade and therefore transfer flow between the two rotors which is more effective when the flow has a radial component, as well as a axial component. When the fluid passes along the helical blade, the reduction section ensures efficient extraction of energy from the flow.

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In this way, in the second rotor the fluid flow direction can enter from the smaller helical section end and flows towards the larger helical section end. Dolor justo debajo de la rodilla . Both helices have an increase in radius and a reduction of the helical section along the longitudinal axis 4. The blades 2 have a reduced helical section that results from an increase in the helical frequency. 1 of each rotor 7, 8. In this embodiment, the two ends of the housing 9 have a convergent / divergent geometry 16 designed to increase / reduce the fluid velocity and improve the performance of the two two-stage rotary apparatus. Figures 9A and 9B are perspective views of the two stage rotor apparatus of Figure 8 with the outer ring partially and completely omitted. Figures 1A and 1B describe an embodiment of a rotor that includes an outer peripheral ring 1, blades 2 and inner peripheral surfaces 3. The rotor can be used to turn the flow of a liquid in rotational motion that can then be used to generate electricity.

This last provision may increase losses, but may simplify the manufacture of the rotor. This is similar to comparing a shallow curve with a sharp curve. By comparison, the air density is approximately 1.2 kg / m3, per therefore, the density of wind energy at this speed is normally about 5 W / m2, this is about 800 times less than that available in a corresponding tidal current.