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For example, two drums – each attached to at least one anchor cable – may be disposed in the displacement vessel such that as the displacement vessel moves laterally in a first direction, a first anchor cable unwinds from the first drum causing the first drum to rotate while a second anchor cable (fixed to a second stationary location) may be reeled into a second drum by, for example, a control mechanism (for example, a spring or motor). 5A-5C, the displacement vessel 602 includes floatation devices 660a and 660b connected via transverse members 656a and 656b. A drag panel 621 is attached to the two floatation devices 660a and 660b and is also coupled to control mechanisms 620a and 620b via arms 652a and 652b that extend from the drag panel 621. In FIGS. In an embodiment, material may be added to the drag panel 521 to provide a counterweight that assists the control mechanisms 520a, 520b in rotating the drag panel 521. The counterweight may be added to the front side or the back side of the drag panel, depending on which way the drag panel is intended to rotate.

The displacement vessel 502 further includes control mechanisms 520a and 520b attached to floatation devices 560a and 560b configured to rotate the drag panel 521. The control mechanisms 520a and 520b may operate independently or together to rotate the drag panel 521 about a horizontal axis 554 of the displacement vessel 502. Any suitable number of control mechanisms may be used to rotate the drag panel 521. The control mechanisms 520a and 520b may include, for example, a winch, a motor, hydraulics, pneumatics, or any other suitable control mechanism as is known in the art. Each control mechanism 320a and 320b may independently wind up and/or release its respective control cable to effect rotation of the displacement vessel in the water. Redundant cables (and control mechanisms) may be used to create an 8- point harness to improve reliability and/or adjustability of the system.

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In particular, the present disclosure illustrates a system and method for converting kinetic energy from ocean tidal movements – specifically, the lateral ebb and flow of water caused by the constant and repeating pattern of tidal changes – into electrical energy or power that can be stored and/or consumed. The drag panel 521 is rotatably coupled to the floatation devices 560a and 560b along the horizontal axis 554 such that it may freely rotate about the horizontal axis 554 from an active configuration (drag panel in the water) to a retracted configuration (drag panel out of the water). Dolor de tendinitis en el hombro . This rotation may be achieved using control cables attached to the sides of the displacement vessel – forming a “bridle” – such that the shortening or releasing of the length of the control cable(s) allow the displacement vessel to turn, rotate, or otherwise change the angle of the drag panel relative to water flow.

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La Unidad multidisciplinar del Dolor Crónico de Cuenca.. In addition, with suitable placement of anchored cables on generally opposite sides of the assembly, electrical power generation may be produced as the assembly moves in both directions (incoming and outgoing tides) – i.e., the cables can be mounted on different drums on the directional converter such that as one cable unwinds and operates the generator, the other cable is being re-wound for the next tidal cycle.