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Bolso de Espalda para Mujer en Piel - Melissa This embodiment employs the same Control System and Wind Sensor Package as the preferred embodiment, with the exception that its operation includes management of the additional Pivot-Two Side/Single Pivoting assembly 19 a or Pivot-Two Side/Double Pivoting assembly 19 b. Attached to the Pivot Arm Telescoping Tube 44 is the Flexible Sheet Carrier 6, which includes a Flexible Sheet Coupler 45. The Flexible Sheet Carrier and Coupler may preferably be constructed of a high durometer polymer or a highly shock and fatigue resistant plastic such as Puck Board. 5, with the exception that the spacing between the Pivot assemblies 2 and arm lengths of the Pivot arms assemblies (5 in FIG. Suspended between Pivots 2 and 3 is another Flexible Sheet 1 as described in the preferred embodiment.

They are both mounted to Pivot Energy Capture/Mounts 9. The upwind-most Pivot assembly 2, referred to here as Pivot 1 is mounted to a Fixed Pivot Mount 20. Suspended between Pivots 1 and 2 is a Flexible Sheet 1 as described in the preferred embodiment. At the same time as the curvature reaches the downwind edge, the shape of the Flexible Sheet assembly 15 appears inverted from its static position, similar to that of a standard parachute. In low water speed situations, the Flexible sheet 41 can be reeled out to increase curvature and maximize energy capture. The lift force creates a curvature near the upwind edge of the Flexible Sheet 1, causing the Flexible Sheet 1 to pull itself toward the negative air pressure area generating the lift. Starting at the upwind edge of the Flexible Sheet assembly 15, the arms would be progressively pulled down toward the Flexible Sheet assembly 15 static position, at which time the cycle would repeat.

#1 Fajas Ortopedicas Para Hombres Faja Correctora De.. It is raised above it’s normal static position. By reducing the length of a given Support Cord 22, that portion of the sheet where it attaches is raised higher relative to the other points on the sheet 35 circumference. 28 and 29 is housed within a Energy Capture and Mount Enclosure 87 and connects to a Pivot Arm 16 via a Pivot Arm Mounting Bracket 85 that attaches to the Input Gear 102. Dolor de rodilla derecha causas . This input gear serves the same function as the Turntable Output Shaft and Gear assembly (67 in FIG. Each Pivot Arm 16 then attaches to the Flexible Sheet Assembly 15 around it’s circumference at equally spaced distances, suspending the Flexible Sheet Assembly 15 at a distance above the ground. The Bottom Cord 26 then passes through a Bottom Cord Sheave Block 25 and into a Linear-to-Rotational Motion Assembly (117 on FIG. The Passive Vane Support 8 a enables the embodiment to automatically orient itself into the wind flow.

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A Pivot Mount 10 is carried inside the vane 7 structure within a Gantry/Adjuster 11 at the upwind position from the Passive Vane Support 8 a or Active Vane Support 8 b. An Underwater-To-Surface drivetrain 39 connects the downstream Pivot assembly to the enclosed set of drivetrain components that are identical to that contained within the Adjustable Pivot Energy Capture and Mount (Shown in FIG. Within the standard operating range of wind speeds, the Pivot Arms 16 can be adjusted to a length that places the Flexible Sheet assembly 15 into position to capture the wind’s energy. These poles 17 a are attached or embedded into a horizontal foundation. The embodiment utilizes four Passive Support Structures 17 b that are embedded into the flowing water body bed in a square or rectangular shape when viewed from above and aligned to the flow of the water body.

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A Pivot Pole 4 is covered with a Pivot Fairing 42. Attached to the Pivot Pole 4 is a Pivot Fixed Arm 126 as described above. This assembly connects to the Pivot Assemblies (2 on FIG. Assembly that pivots as a single unit. 21), One-way Clutch Bearing and Gears 70, Direction Reversing Gear 71, Single Direction Gear 72 and corresponding Single Direction Output Shaft 73 are meshed/connected identically to the Pivot Energy Capture/Mount (FIG.

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Attached to the Flexible Sheet Axial Beam 40 are a series of Pivot Sheet Mounts 21 b, which are not shown but would be comprised of top and bottom plates fitted to both sides of the Flexible Sheet Axial Beam 40 in the same location on the circumference, and have attachment holes for the Pivot Arm to Flexible Sheet Connector Hinges 86 to attach to. This Active Support/Control Structures connect via Support Cords 22 to a Flexible Sheet 35, which in turn connects to a set of Bottom Cords 24 via the Cord Sheet Mounts 21 a. At low wind speeds, flow separation is less likely to occur on a larger cambered surface, and hence this operation, in conjunction with a large increase in output revolutions via the Gearbox (75 on FIG.