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An augmentor spray bar fuel conduit extends through the centerbody and a first of the vanes to deliver fuel to the centerbody. The periphery 126 of the seal 100 is complementary to the centerbody aperture to permit the seal to move reciprocally within the aperture (e.g., in the direction 120). The exemplary periphery is thus a non-right, non-circular, cylinder surface. 7) inboard thereof. The spray bar 64 passes through an aperture in the centerbody shell and the seal 100 is accommodated within the aperture. In a typical configuration, exhaust gases from the turbine pass over an augmentor centerbody. Other features, objects, and advantages of the invention will be apparent from the description and drawings, and from the claims. Especially as time passes, there will be gaps between the seals and their associated centerbody apertures. These projections/rebates form a half dovetail backlocked interfitting connection resisting transverse separation of the two seal halves 150 and 152. Similarly, at the rear of the seal there are projections 160 and 162 received by rebates or notches 164 and 166. The two halves may be snapped into engagement around the block 70, with elastic deformation of the halves permitting an over-center snap fit engagement.

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Dolor en el hombro. 3d ilustración de rayos x de hombro.. FIG. 6 is an aft view of a spray bar-to-centerbody seal. FIG. Dolor de espalda y mareos . 2 is an aft view of an augmentor of the powerplant of FIG. 1 is a schematic longitudinal sectional view of an aircraft powerplant. FIG. 4 is a front view of the spray bar array and manifold of FIG. FIGS. 3 and 4 show portions of an augmentor fueling system 60 including a manifold 62 for feeding fuel to an array of spray bars 64. The manifold 62 may be located within the centerbody 30. FIG. The conduits have proximal end portions mounted to outlets of a spray bar block 70 (e.g., by brazing or welding). Trailing portions of the vanes may serve as flameholder elements for distributing the flame across the flow path around the centerbody. The aperture is formed by the combination of a recess 106 extending forward/upstream from an aft/downstream rim 108 of the centerbody main portion 32 on the one hand and a forward rim 110 (FIG.

The augmentor has upstream and downstream shell sections, a downstream rim of the upstream shell section meeting an upstream rim of the downstream shell section shell section. A centerbody is positioned within a gas flowpath from upstream to downstream. A plurality of vanes are positioned in the gas flowpath outboard of the centerbody. The block 70 has an inboard end 72 bearing inlets for connection to the manifold 62. The exemplary block 70 includes inboard and outboard slots 74 and 76. The inboard slot 74 receives a seal (not shown) for engaging the centerbody structure. The outboard slot 76 receives first and second side halves of the associated vane. Naproxeno dolor muscular . FIG. 6 shows further details of a seal 100 sealing a spray bar 64 to the centerbody 30. As noted above, the seal encircles the spray bar and is captured in the slot 74 of FIG. 5. The slot 74 is between a first flange 102 and a second flange 104 (FIG.

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Each of the spray bars carries a plurality of nozzles 80 and wear blocks 82. Each nozzle has an aperture 81 for discharging an associated jet of fuel. 5 shows further details of an exemplary spray bar 64. The exemplary spray bar is a dual conduit spray bar having first and second conduits 66 and 68. The conduits 66 and 68 are secured to each other by blocks 69 having a pair of apertures respectively receiving the conduits. Each wear block has a central aperture 83 which receives the associated nozzle 80. Whereas prior art systems provide wear blocks, nozzles, and spray bars as unitary or integrated (e.g., by welding or brazing) structures, the exemplary wear blocks 82 are otherwise formed.

In the exemplary embodiment, each of the nozzles 80 is integrated (e.g., by brazing or welding) with an associated boss 84 of the associated conduit 66 or 68. The wear block 82, however, is formed of a material that wears preferentially relative to adjacent material of the vane and nozzle.

The wear block 82 may be mounted for reciprocal motion along a nozzle axis 86 by means of a retainer 88. A spring 90 (e.g., compressed between the block 82 and the associated conduit) may bias the block 82 outward. Alternative seals may be other than monolithic (e.g., having a metallic core carrying an electro-graphitic carbon exterior portion).

Like reference numbers and designations in the various drawings indicate like elements.

Exemplary seal material is a substantially monolithic electro-graphitic carbon. Thus, as thermal cycling, vibration, and the like cause relative motion of the seal and centerbody, the seal will preferentially wear. Remedios caseros dolor muscular . Like reference numbers and designations in the various drawings indicate like elements. The details of one or more embodiments of the invention are set forth in the accompanying drawings and the description below. Accordingly, other embodiments are within the scope of the following claims. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION Accordingly, one aspect of the invention involves a turbine engine.

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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION This invention relates to turbine engines, and more particularly to turbine engine augmentors. This deposition may serve to further reduce the rates of wear. In the exemplary embodiment, this direction 120 is non-parallel to both a local radial direction 122 and a local direction 124 of the conduit length. The exemplary seal 100 is formed of two pieces in snap-fit, backlocking, engagement.

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Cuidado postoperatorio FIG. 8 is an exploded view of the seal of FIG. However, the teachings may also apply to different engine configurations. As so far described, the engine configuration may be one of a number of existing engine configurations to which the present teachings may apply. A number of configurations exist.

For introducing the additional fuel, a number of spray bars may be positioned within generally radially extending vanes. Alternatively or additionally to the burner, a number of igniters may be positioned within associated ones of the vanes to ignite the additional fuel. A seal is mounted to the spray bar and positioned in a recess extending from at least one of the downstream rim of the upstream shell section and upstream rim of the downstream shell section shell section. FIG. 7 is a transverse sectional view of the seal of FIG. The tailcone forward rim 110 (not shown in FIG. The seals need not prevent all leakage. In addition to wearing preferentially to mating details, the electrographitic material used for the wear members may deposit a thin layer of graphite at the wear interface.

Eventually, the wear will be sufficient to require seal replacement. FIG. 8 shows further details of the exemplary seal 100. The seal 100 has upstream and downstream ends 140 and 142 respectively semi-circular and flat as noted above for engaging the associated aperture surfaces 116 and 110. The seal 100 also has first and second sides 144 and 146 for respectively engaging the aperture/recess first and second sides 112 and 114. The exemplary seal is formed in first and second pieces 150 and 152. At the forward/upstream end 140, the first piece 150 has a rebate or notch 154 receiving a corresponding projection 156 of the second piece.