Referring To FIGS. 10 And 11

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  • El suplemento líquido, por otro lado, se puede beber con leche dos veces al día

Referring to FIG. 1, each of the drag members 4 is hollow member that fills up with water, and presents a large internal surface 16 to the water as the cable 6 tries to lift it up as the platform tilts to the right, in the case of the drag member 4 on the left, as shown in FIG. 12 and 13. A parachute-like drag member 26 is situated at a slight distance from the platform 2 (so as not to interfere with the vertical drags). The rocking/pulling motion of the platform in rough seas allows the drags to exert a pulling force on the cables/hydraulic lines connected to the generator. When the pulling ceases (when the floating structure begins its downward motion) a spring 10 recoils the cable 6 by counter rotating the pulley 7 to rewind the cable 6. The pulley 7 is connected to the generator shaft through a one-way clutch 15 such that the shaft rotates only in one direction but not in the opposite direction.

When incorporating a multitude of these devices on one floatation device, one can effectively harvest the energy exerted on each side/area of the platform, in effect also making angled movements (of the platform as a whole) useful for energy extraction as well. The curved surface of the internal surface 16 also provides a stabilizing effect to the drag member 4 due to the water deflecting off the curved surface 16 as the cable 6 tries to lift up the drag member.

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Estiramientos para el dolor de espalda - El foan roller.. The drag members could be situated such that they sit deep in the water, or near the surface. The outside surface 18 provides a counter-resistance to the water as the drag member 4 sinks, as indicated for the drag member 4 on the right side of FIG. The floating platform 2 is designed to maximize the natural rocking motion imparted by the waves, allowing for the maximum amount of flux in any given wave conditions. FIELD OF INVENTION The present invention is generally directed to wave action electric generating systems and in particular to a wave action electric generating system that harnesses the rocking motion of a floating platform. FIG. 8 is a schematic perspective view of another embodiment of the present invention. FIG. 12 is a schematic side elevational view of another embodiment of the present invention, showing the drag member being pulled out due to water currents. Referring to FIGS. 5-7, another embodiment of the drag member is disclosed.

Referring to FIGS. 2 and 3, during operation, a wave 12 causes the platform 2 to tilt toward the right of the page, causing the right cable 6 to rewind, without exerting any torque on its associated generator shaft, while the cable 6 on the left exerts a turning force on the generator crankshaft, thereby generating electricity. Referring to FIGS. 10 and 11, the right hand drag member 4 may be used to turn the generator 8, while the drag member on the left is used to rewind the cable of the right hand cable. Dolor de espalda lumbar y cervical . In the same manner, as the cable on the left hand side is extending to drive the generator, the cable 6 on the right is rewinding. 10 and 11 is wound around its pulley in the same direction as the right hand cable 6 such that either cable will be imparting torque to the generator in the same direction.