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The array, generally indicated as 1002 comprises a central collector and converter 1004. Generator assemblies 1006 are secured to the ocean floor and spaced around the central collector 1004. Subsea cables 1008 extend on the ocean floor between the generator assemblies 1006 and the central collector 1004. The generator assemblies 1006 may have the configuration of any of the embodiments described hereinbefore and shown in the accompanying figures. The rotatable connection between the generator assembly and the retaining means comprises means for transferring power, for example electrical power or a stream of pressurised hydraulic fluid from the generator assembly. It will be appreciated that other patterns of arrays may be employed, in order to best suit the prevailing current conditions and the available infrastructure on the ocean floor, for example so as to utilise existing subsea installations to serve as fixture assemblies to secure the generators to the ocean floor.

An existing subsea structure, such as a wellhead or the like may be used, if in an appropriate location relative to the installation 402. Alternatively, dedicated anchor means will need to be provided. As noted, the system comprises a fixture assembly to secure and anchor the entire system in position relative to the floor of the ocean. References to the generator assembly being rotatable about a vertical axis with respect to the anchor assembly are therefore with respect to the generator assembly in its normal position above the anchor assembly, assuming no deviation of the orientation due to the action of the current. Each generator assembly 320 is arranged to be acted upon by the prevailing current of water, the action of which is to orient the assemblies properly with respect to the direction of flow, such that the assemblies face upstream, details of which are set out below. 1, details of which are set out hereinafter.

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22, in which the same components as those of the arrangement in FIG. Pat. No. 4,219,303 would overcome a number of the drawbacks of the aforementioned systems. Dolor en el costado izquierdo de la espalda . Pat. No. 4,219,303 could be anchored in deep water with the turbine assembly disposed at the optimum depth and orientation to exploit the ocean current. The direction of the current in this region is indicated by the arrows A, with the longer arrows indicating a higher flowrate. The direction of the current in this region is indicated by the arrows B, with the longer arrows indicating a higher flowrate. Water leaving the impellor assemblies 720 impinges on the vane surface 752 of the rear housing member 712, keeping the generator assembly properly aligned with respect to the current. A buoyant member 330 is located below the ocean surface, indicated as 331 and is connected to the upper end of the uppermost generator assembly 320, again by means of both a universal joint and a swivel joint.

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In embodiments where an array of a plurality of generator assemblies are present in the system, the third retaining means may connect to any appropriate position within the array. As a further alternative, each bank may be provided with a vane assembly, separate from but attached to the generator assemblies and arranged to orient the entire bank of assemblies to face upstream in the prevailing current. This position may be selected according to the flow pattern of the prevailing current or currents.

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In an alternative embodiment, the generator assembly may be produce energy in the form of hydraulic energy, that is a stream of pressurised fluid. However, an alternative means may be employed to hold the generator assemblies vertically above the fixture assembly. An alternative proposal for the generation of energy from the motion of a body of water is to exploit the action of tides. In particular, the system is preferably provided with one or more buoyant members at its uppermost point, that is the location vertically most distant from the fixture assembly, and/or interspaced between adjacent generator assemblies. La gastritis causa dolor de espalda . 12 and extends between the upper and lower housing ends 606, 608. The front housing member 610 is shaped to provide a rounded ridge 636 along its length, bounded on either side by arcuate surfaces 638 and 640 extending towards a respective impellor assembly 620. The width of the ridge 636 is less than the width of the front housing member adjacent the impellor assemblies, such that in use the surfaces 638 and 640 direct water impinging on the front housing member towards the blades 634 of the impellor assemblies.

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Thus, the rear housing member 612 comprises extensive vane surfaces 650 and 652 extending from a wide portion of the rear housing member 612 adjacent the impellor assemblies 620 to a narrow ridge 654. The inner surfaces of the rear housing member 656 and 658 are arcuate and have a radius of curvature substantially the same as the path followed by the outer edges of the blades, with a suitable tolerance, such that the inner surfaces 656 and 658 are swept by the outer edges of the blades, when in use. The overall shape of the upper and lower housing ends 606, 608 matches that of the front and rear housing members, in particular the surfaces to guide the flow of water and act as a vane to direct the generator assembly when in use.

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1, or to the upper housing end of an adjacent assembly, as shown in FIGS. 20 comprises a platform 912 at its upper end. The generator assembly array 206 comprises a plurality of generator assemblies 220 arranged in a line extending vertically up from the wellhead assembly 204. The generator assemblies 220 are arranged in groups 222, each group comprising three generator assemblies.

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Angustia permanente The lower end of the tubular assembly 108 is connected to the wellhead assembly 104 as shown in FIG. To counteract this action of the current and hold the installation 402 more closely in a vertical position above the wellhead assembly on the ocean floor, first and second locating assemblies are provided, generally indicated as 404 a and 404 b, respectively. The turbine assembly comprises a nozzle structure defining a horizontal passage having a first converging portion and a second diverging portion, in the intended direction of fluid flow. A turbine unit is suspended from the platform by a vertically extending shaft unit, the turbine unit being immersed in the water where it is exposed to the flow of currents at or very close to the surface of the water.

Alternatively, the buoyant members or bodies may be located in the splash zone at the surface of the ocean. The buoyant members or bodies may be disposed on the system so as to be wholly submerged beneath the surface of the ocean. One or more such connections may be provided, as required. Other patterns for the arrangement of the generator assemblies may also be employed, as required by the prevailing circumstances.

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Systems located in deeper water locations may have generator assemblies disposed across a depth of greater than 1000 meters (about 3000 feet), for example from 1000 to 3000 meters (about 4000 to 10000 feet), as required. The electrical power may be used locally to the location of the system, for example in powering subsea or subterranean equipment, in particular installations on the sea or ocean bed for the production of oil and gas, as described hereinbelow. The retaining means is most preferably held in tension, for example by providing sufficient buoyancy to the generator assembly, either integrally within the generator assembly itself and/or externally thereto.