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A first class of improvements involves the use of a “direction rectifying flotation module.” A direction rectifying flotation module is one whose shape and center of mass are selected to allow the flotation module to rotate relatively freely in the water, at least when the flotation module’s orientation is within certain angular limits. However, with respect to a direction rectifying flotation module, it can be useful to minimize the (absolute value of) the metacentric height or at least ensure that it is within a range of values having sufficiently small absolute value, to predispose the flotation module to rotate in the water when acted on by a fleet-angle-correcting torque or moment applied by the flexible connector(s). The constant submersion of the rollers and their respective cables provides advantages with respect to the control and prevention of corrosion within those rollers and their respective ribbons. Included water becomes for all intents and purposes an integral part of the inertial mass and contributes its mass, inertia, and momentum to that of the inertial mass, especially insofar as the inertial mass is given a form and/or features which constrain said water with respect to vertical movement.

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\ PCT/US2017/051000 the flotation module to the inertial mass. PCT/US2017/051000 rotatably connected to it, in a condition of constant submersion facilitates the reduction and/or prevention of corrosion on and/or within those components. PCT/US2017/051000 event that inertial mass 5-140 descends beyond its nominal range. As a wave recedes, and flotation module 2300 moves downward, inertial mass 2315 is able to fall under its own net weight, although there may be a delay in its assuming a downward momentum due to its relatively large mass and hence relatively large upward inertia. FIG. 16 is a perspective top down view of one of the four power-take-off 15 assemblies of the flotation module of FIG. FIG. 3 shows a cross-sectional view of the embodiment illustrated and discussed in relation to FIGs. Que hacer con el dolor muscular . In one embodiment sensor 4618 is a camera that measures the distance between two lights mounted at a known separation on the inertial mass 4604. Measurements of the relative separation of the two lights allows the distance of the inertial mass to be computed.

When raised, water is able to flow into (or out of) the vessel.

Through the appropriate regulation and/or control of the amount of torque imparted to the traction winches by their respective PTOs, the amount of upward kinetic and gravitational potential energy imparted to the inertial mass by the buoy, can be controlled and/or regulated. Module 4612 contains a generator and/or other power take-off which converts at least some of the rotational kinetic energy and/or torque manifested in capstan shaft 4602 into electrical power. In some other embodiments of the present disclosure (not pictured), a threeshaft capstan or traction winch is used. In some embodiments, a tension in the flexible connector is translated into a torque in the pulley/capstan through the use of traction and/or the capstan effect. When raised, water is able to flow into (or out of) the vessel. 201. The broad top plate 2901 of the valve’s plug 2901, is able to largely, if not entirely, obstruct the corresponding valve orifice through which water may pass 2904 when not so obstructed.

This is the “average” separation distance, and the instantaneous separation distance between the buoy and the inertial mass may be oscillating with a relatively large range of distances (which oscillation can have an amplitude roughly corresponding to an amplitude of the waves). Two cables 1405 and 1407 connect the inertial mass 1402 to that same common connector 1407, and are in turn connected to the inertial mass at the same relative points as are the vertical cables of FIG. FIG. 76 shows a perspective view of an embodiment of the current disclosure. FIG. 161 shows a side view of an embodiment of the current disclosure.

ᐅ Dolor de espalda baja y vientre inflamado ¿Qué es.. 115. However, the embodiment illustrated in FIG. And, in yet another embodiment similar to the one illustrated in FIG. First, top conical section 11-185 is significantly larger in the vertical dimension (“height”) than its analogous frustoconical section 8-185 in FIG. When the “resistive torque” imparted to the roller 905 by the connected power take off (PTO) becomes less than the “separation torque” imparted to the roller by the downward force imparted to the ribbon cable 904 by the tension created between the rising buoy and the slow-moving inertial masses, then roller 905 turns, thereby increasing the length of the ribbon cable between the roller and the inertial masses, and thereby turning its shaft and imparting an energizing torque to a crankshaft rotatably connected to the roller’s shaft. However, when the winches at the upper end of each “supplemental weight cable” 227 and 228 lengthen those cables, then the ends of the chains distal to the inertial mass are lowered, thereby transferring a greater portion of their weight to the inertial mass.

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The convective currents carry heat from the computing devices and/or circuits to upper 107 and lower 108 fins. A second smaller vertical aperture 2710 is located adjacent to aperture 2709. This aperture has a tubular force-distribution collar 2703 positioned adjacent to its upper mouth. 97, all of the offset weights, e.g., 2718, to have their net weights supported by float 2711. Dolor de espalda hombros . This this configuration, the effective net weight of inertial mass 2713 has been increased to the maximum possible extent. For instance, for a spherical inertial mass, the ratio of the hydrodynamic added mass of the inertial mass to the mass of included water is typically about one half. 130 illustrates a buoy 1400 at rest at the surface 1401 of a body of water. 1100 of the body of water. Such an inertial mass will substantially contain, confine, and enclose a significant volume of water in the manner required.

One end of each ribbon cable is connected to a submerged inertial mass 426 at a connector 428. From there, each strand of each ribbon cable passes through the buoy’s central aperture 417 and is wound around the pair of rollers, e.g. And, exposed to the body of water at the bottom of the PTO module are four rollers, e.g. A flotation module 271 floats adjacent to the surface 270 of a body of water. In some such embodiments, the center of mass is within 20% of one radius from the geometric center of the sphere approximately defined by the aforementioned sphere-like bottom surface of the flotation module. A sensor for an indicator of wave energy 22-1000 can be an accelerometer in the flotation module that records data pertaining to the velocity and acceleration of the flotation module, data that is relevant to calculating an estimate of the occurrent wave height and period and thus the ambient available wave energy.

If the pulley 1002 were unable to rotate about the longitudinal axis of the hollow connecting arm, and the cable 1011 were to be pulled down, as if by an inertial mass that was resisting an upward acceleration of the buoy 1000, and also including a lateral component to the cable’s direction, i.e.

62, passes through the center of the inertial mass 324 when the buoy is at the crest 320 and the trough 322 of a wave. In other words, the bottom of the buoy rotates to point toward the inertial mass, especially when a tension increases in the ribbon cables. As buoy 1 is lifted by a wave, the buoyant lifting force imparted by the buoy to the ribbon cables, e.g. Tos seca y dolor de espalda . A rudder 143 allows the device’s control system (e.g. Pistons 505-11 are mounted in piston mount structure 505-12, which is an integral component to the crankshaft-driven piston assembly 503-6. Valving contained in the hydraulic control and filtration container 50514 allows the reciprocating motion of the rods in pistons 505-11 to draw fluid from crankcase/fluid reservoir 505-7 and be pumped at high pressure to hydraulic turbine 50515. Accumulators 505-13 maintain fluid pressure and flowrate to turbine 505-15 even if pistons 505-11 stop pumping fluid for a period of time.

599/593 passes through aperture 598 in restoring weight 597. Stop 595 is fixedly attached to power chain segment 599/593 so that when restoring weight 597 rises, it contacts stop 595 and cannot rise further. In one embodiment, generator 2405 is an alternator, and its ability to generate electrical power in response to a turning of shaft 2410, and/or the amount of electrical power that it will generate in response to a turning of shaft 2410, is determined by a controlling electrical signal input to the alternator from a controlling module and/or circuit. Instead, a motor 4104 applies a “rewinding” torque to shaft 4102 supplanting the function of a restoring weight.