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The doctor massages the man in the hospital The tank would be in the process of being filled with compressed gas while the piston is ascending and descending so that when the piston docks with the lower electromagnet the required volume of compressed gas is ready to be released through at least one large valve which would provide the compressed gas pocket at the underside of the piston within seconds. Atmospheric fluid 103 can be provided to a holding tank (not shown) located near the top of O.U.B.H.E.L.P. Evacuation of the compressed gas from the underside of the piston has been depicted as an evacuation orifice through the wall of the vessels, however, other means of evacuating the compressed gas pocket can be utilized, such as but not limited to a valve placed through the piston which would release the gas into the vessel above the piston, the area above the piston being of atmospheric or near atmospheric air pressure.

Las personas tienen dolor y dolores en el pecho, la.. The fluid columns are in fluid communication with each other at the top and at the bottom of each vessel allowing fluid to flow between each vessel at the top and at the bottom. This fluid loop allows for fluid 102 flow between vessel 106 and vessel 108 at both bottom and near top. In the embodiments that utilize the hollow pistons, the fluid flow valves are already in place, and can be controlled to allow fluid to flow through the hollow pistons when required. New technologies that utilize gravity and buoyancy to produce kinetic energy are emerging and it is up to all of us to do our best to bring clean and inexpensive electrical power plants to the forefront of today’s society. Their major drawbacks are they don’t generate electricity when the wind doesn’t blow, very limited site locations that are appropriate due to factors such as wind consistency and proximity to a city or town that could utilize the electricity produced, and some people see them as being unsightly monsters dotting the landscape.

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1, and FIG. 5 which also show some aspects can be referenced to for this embodiment. 16 can be referenced to for this embodiment. The whole process is repeated in this manner for 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Main inlet valve 146 is slowly closed near the end of the ascent cycle of piston 216 to help ease the docking process. Piston 110 descends and docks with lower electromagnet 116. Piston lower shock absorber 192 helps to cushion the docking process. Main upper electromagnet 114 is disposed within each main vessel 106, 204, 206, 208, 210, 212 near the top and main lower electromagnet 116 is disposed within each main vessel 106, 204, 206, 208, 210, 212 near the bottom. Other top cap 178 disposed at the top of other vessel 108 is removable so as to allow complete access to the inside of other vessel 108 for any purposes requiring a large opening.

This single source pipe would be in lieu of separate inlet and outlet pipes connected to each vessel from the hydro turbine. These rings can also be sectional pieces fit around the piston in lieu of a single piece ring. For the purposes of simplicity these various securing means will be referred to as an electromagnet within the descriptions. These means can be of varying devices, such as but not limited to a mechanical lever latching mechanism, a suction device, a mechanical gear to gear mechanism, a frictional braking mechanism, or an electromagnetic device. Dolor zona lumbar causas . Furthermore, mechanical systems, electronic devices, and general control systems utilized in the operation of O.U.B.H.E.L.P. FIG. 5 is an enlarged front elevation cross-sectional view which depicts a main piston docked with a main upper electromagnet and the compressed gas pocket being evacuated from the underside of the main piston. 8. It is a depiction of a main piston ascending with a compressed gas pocket at its underside.

8. It is a depiction of a main piston docked with a main lower electromagnet and compressed gas injected at its underside. As other piston 112 ascends, compressed gas pocket 105 expands unhindered in a downward direction. After injection of compressed gas 104, closing atmospheric air valves 186, 188, and 202 will suppress the expansion of compressed gas pocket 105 during the ascent cycle. Atmospheric air valves 186, 188, and 202 can be used to create an air tight system if so desired. The system for supplying the compressed gas to O.U.B.H.E.L.P. The expanding compressed gas pocket constitutes a buoyancy force.

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An other compressed gas evacuation orifice 156 is disposed through the wall of other vessel 108 at a location just below the underside of piston 112 while it is docked with upper electromagnet 118. Other evacuation orifice 156 is connected outside of other vessel 108 to an other compressed gas evacuation pipe 164 that can be connected to a turbo expander (not shown). A main hollow piston 216 is disposed slidably with minimal clearance within main vessel 106. Main hollow piston 216 is hollow. An other piston 112 is disposed slidably with minimal clearance within other vessel 108. Other piston 112 can be constructed in one piece or in segments so as to be assembled within other vessel 108 and can be of near neutral or negative buoyancy. Other piston 112 begins to ascend, forcing fluid 102 above piston 112 upward through other inlet pipe 140 then through hydro turbine 136. Dolor muscular paracetamol . Fluid 102 then exits hydro turbine 136 through main outlet pipe 142 and into main vessel 106. Thusly resupplying fluid 102 within main vessel 106 and therefore also the source of gravity which allows for the buoyancy force.

O.U.B.H.E.L.P. is a hydroelectric power plant comprising a generally vertical elongated main vessel 106 and a generally vertical elongated other vessel 108. The two vessels are connected at the bottom to a fluid crossover section 198. Main vessel 106 is connected near top to a hydro turbine 136 by a main inlet pipe 138. Other vessel 108 is connected near top to hydro turbine 136 by an other outlet pipe 144. Eliminar el dolor de espalda . The system is filled with a fluid 102 so as to create a fluid loop.

The surface area over buried vessel 106 and buried vessel 108 could still be used for farming, grazing, or any other purpose that would not construct a permeant structure or bare an extreme heavy load directly above the vessels. The main vessels and the other vessels can be of similar or dissimilar size and shape.

Any specialty materials will be specified within the descriptions.

The main piston and the other piston can be of similar or dissimilar size and shape. Therefore, in the interests of clarity, this embodiment does not reference to other embodiments and is cited as if anew. This will also give the reader a fresh start which may allow for a better understanding of O.U.B.H.E.L.P. Any specialty materials will be specified within the descriptions. The weighted matter of solid or fluid composition that can be used to fill piston 216 and piston 218 can be of varying nature, such as but not limited to crushed ore, ball bearings, slurry feeds, earth fill, or any other type of product or weighted matter of solid or fluid composition that needs to be transported down elevation for further processing or transporting.

Detailed Operation of Embodiment “F” The operation of this embodiment is very similar to that of embodiment “A” and as such I will try to just explain the general operation without too many duplicate details. This is more of a bring-to-your-attention-feature than it is a separate embodiment, and as you will see, it is well within the scope of the previous embodiments. 7 can be referenced to for this embodiment. Although one hydro turbine is referenced to within the embodiments, two or more can be utilized within the system for better efficiency or to accommodate larger fluid flows.

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Only one piston seal per piston has been illustrated, however, more than one per piston can be utilized as required. The piston shock absorbers have been depicted using coil springs, however, other types of shock absorbers can be utilized, such as but not limited to leaf springs or hydraulic absorbers which are common place in industry. O.U.B.H.E.L.P. operates using buoyancy which Archimedes describes as; the upward buoyant force that is exerted on a body immersed in a fluid, whether fully or partially submerged, is equal to the weight of the fluid that the body displaces and acts in an upward direction. 3) teaches the use of a water tower that accumulates water at the top through the application of buoyancy and the use of transmission rods to force the water up, whereupon guided by the principles of gravity water cascades down a pipe to drive a turbine to produce electricity.

While all mentioned embodiments have been shown in only some of their forms, it should be apparent to those skilled in the art that they are not so limited, but are susceptible to various changes and modifications without departing from the scope of the embodiments. Again, I have only pointed out the above to help clear up some confusing statements about features of his apparatus. This embodiment has all the same features as embodiment “A” with a few additions. At this time, main inlet valve 146 is open and main outlet valve 150 is closed, while other inlet valve 148 is closed and other outlet valve 152 is open. O.U.B.H.E.L.P. utilizes a main upper securing means, a main lower securing means, an other upper securing means, and an other lower securing means. To start an ascent cycle, piston 110 is docked with lower electromagnet 116. Electromagnet 116 secures piston 110 in place by direct contact with piston lower magnetic ring 196 through electromagnetism.