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People doing physiotherapy exercises PTO system 503-2 is shown to include drum 503-5. Connected to drum 503-5 is crankshaft-driven piston assembly 503-6. Assembly 503-6 can be manufactured as an integral unit suitable for installing in the flotation module as unit, e.g. Pulley/capstan 1-125 can have a spiral groove or grooves around its exterior, and/or other circumferential guiding projections, disposed and/or used so as to guide and constrain the winding of depending connector 1-150. Here, a single long spiral groove is shown running from one end of the pulley/capstan (near 1-120) to the other (near 1-121). As pulley/capstan 1-125 rotates, the winding therearound of depending connector 1-150 is guided and limited by the spiral groove, so that adjacent winds of the depending connector do not touch each other.

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Factores asociados a la presencia de dolor de rodilla en.. This might allow the connector 1-150 to slip across groove walls if the extent of the connector’s movement would otherwise tend to drive it one or the other end of the pulley/capstan and thereafter create a blockage (i.e. If the pulley 1002 were unable to rotate about the longitudinal axis of the hollow connecting arm, and the cable 1011 were to be pulled down, as if by an inertial mass that was resisting an upward acceleration of the buoy 1000, and also including a lateral component to the cable’s direction, i.e. Such differences in countertorque or resistance can be created and/or provided and/or effectuated by varying the excitation of field coils in a generator; by power electronics and control circuits that reduce the load experienced by the generator or that otherwise modulate the generator’s behavior (e.g., back-to-back AC/DC converters, and/or a machine-side converter, a grid-side converter and control circuits); by varying the engagement of an electromagnetic or mechanical or hydraulic clutch or valve assembly; or by other means.

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In the control system depicted in subfigure A, the countertorque processor 22-1020 can send a digital data packet or an analog signal, or return a value (e.g. Because the two pulleys/capstans are operatively connected and/or integrated in this manner, they rotate at the same rate. 102-104 in that it utilizes a capstan composed of, and/or incorporating, two shafts 4602 and 4605 to control, and extract power from, the oscillations and/or translations of the flexible connector 4603/4606 that connects the inertial mass 4604 and the restoring weight 4607 through the power take-off assembly 4602, 4605, 4612-4615. However, it differs from that embodiment in that the separation flexible connector 4610 that is connected to, and from which are suspended, the embodiment’s five offset weights 4609 are statically attached and/or connected to the flotation module at 4616 (instead of to a controllable winch as in the embodiment illustrated in FIGS. When a lateral movement of the buoy, causes the cable 102 to be pulled such that its alignment is not normal to the horizontal plane of the buoy 100, and the resulting lateral component of the cable’s orientation does not lie within the pulley’s plane of rotation, then both the pulley and the cable may be damaged and/or be prematurely worn.

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A first class of improvements involves the use of a “direction rectifying flotation module.” A direction rectifying flotation module is one whose shape and center of mass are selected to allow the flotation module to rotate relatively freely in the water, at least when the flotation module’s orientation is within certain angular limits. 59. So long as the cable 204 and/or 205 is pulled from a direction that lies within the pulley’s plane of rotation 203, damage to the pulley and the cable are minimized. However, this wave-energy converter suffers the disadvantage that when the buoy moves laterally, as in response to the surge component of wave motion, then unless the orientation of that lateral movement is confined to, and/or parallel with, the same plane through which the pulley rotates (i.e.

When the “resistive torque” imparted to the roller 905 by the connected power take off (PTO) becomes less than the “separation torque” imparted to the roller by the downward force imparted to the ribbon cable 904 by the tension created between the rising buoy and the slow-moving inertial masses, then roller 905 turns, thereby increasing the length of the ribbon cable between the roller and the inertial masses, and thereby turning its shaft and imparting an energizing torque to a crankshaft rotatably connected to the roller’s shaft. In some embodiments, in order to ameliorate the natural brittleness and weakness in tension of concrete, a flotation module composed largely of concrete is structurally strengthened through the use of tensile members configured to “pre-stress” and/or “post-tension” the concrete, predominantly by applying a pre-stressing force in one or more radial/diametrical and/or horizontal directions.

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This device uses the tension imparted to a pair of cables during the wave-induced separation of the buoy from its connected inertial mass, to turn a pair of traction winches when then pressurize hydraulic fluid and cause a generator to generate electrical power. Prostata y dolor de espalda . One end of a multi-stranded, laterally-distributed, cable 212/225, chain, rope, and/or flexible connector, passes downward through an aperture 211 in the buoy 210 where it is connected to a submerged inertial mass 226. Each strand of the multi-stranded cable 212/225 is wound around a pair of drums 213-214, pulleys, and/or rotating capstans, which increases the frictional binding between the cable and the drum.

97-99. However, in this illustration, the string of offset weights has been replaced by a length of chain, 2718-2720, or other dense flexible elongate element, in particular, a dense flexible elongate element with a greater net weight per unit length than the flexible connector 2724. Through adjustments in the average depths of float 2711 and inertial mass 2713, the proportion of the chain’s net weight that is supported by float 2711 may be altered, and the effective net weight of inertial mass 2713 may thereby be adjusted, altered, and/or controlled.

FIG. 14 is a perspective top down view of the flotation module of the embodiment of FIG.

215 and 216 that were previously lengthened during the buoy’s rise. 3, a motor is provided in housing 3-120 that applies an appropriate torque to shaft 3-122 and to pulley/capstan 3-125, allowing it to rewind the pulley/capstan as appropriate. FIG. 14 is a perspective top down view of the flotation module of the embodiment of FIG. 29 and 30, and taken across section line 31 in FIG. A cross section of flotation module 19-1 floating on body of water (“ocean”) 19-2 is shown in this figure. Flotation module 200 is shown to contain two apertures 202 and 203 which vertically pass through the entire structure of flotation module 200. Pulleys/capstans/sheaves (“drums”) 206-210 can be arrayed linearly as shown, with flexible connector 204 passing alternatively above and below adjacent drums in a serpentine manner (detailed further in FIG. The torsion winch’s three rollers 504-506 are arranged in an approximately pyramidal or triangular arrangement, with two rollers 504-506 being positioned near and adjacent to an upper surface of the buoy 500. A third roller 505 is positioned above the lower two and approximately between them.