2m/s.For Traditional Propeller Blade Formula (axial Flow

Catherine Lutz ha estudiado la variabilidad cultural del miedo. Lutz, Catherine (1988). Unnatural Emotions: Everyday Sentiments on a Micronesian Atoll and Their Challenge to Western Theory (en inglés). This electricity generating device efficiently utilizes wake galloping effect under the prerequisite making full use of vortex-induced vibration, achieve the unified of multiple oscillator energy to collect, the specification movement locus of oscillator, improve the generating efficiency of oscillator group, ensure that power generating quality, for the upper network operation of the type electric energy provides good precondition; The arrangement achieves the object replacing most small-capacity generator with minority heavy-duty generator, thus reduce manufacture and installation cost, improve engineering practicability; Connection corresponding to this device and force transferring structure simplicity of design, be easy to manufacture, and is convenient to dismounting and substitutes, have good economic serviceability, can apply to widely in the vortex-induced vibration generation engineering of ocean current and hydropower station tail water.

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TE DUELE LA GARGANTA? - ROSA RUBIO. Descubre tu árbol.. The formation mechenism of vortex-induced vibration is more, and wherein wake galloping is a kind of comparatively special vortex-induced vibration phenomenon.So-called wake galloping, namely arranges cylinder afterwards owing to being in the wake flow Tuo Wo district of front-seat cylinder and the vortex-induced vibration phenomenon that produces.Take off the excitation in whirlpool owing to being subject to front-seat cylinder, lift coefficient and the Oscillation Amplitude of rear row’s cylinder generally can be greater than common vortex-induced vibration.Visible, if utilize wake galloping effect, the Oscillation Amplitude of vortex-induced vibration power generating equipment can be increased, thus increase the conversion of vortex-induced vibration generated energy.For this reason, for the root problem of VIVACE simple oscialltor vortex-induced vibration power generating equipment, and in conjunction with vortex-induced vibration and wake galloping effect, the present invention proposes a kind of associating with many oscillators of wake galloping based on vortex-induced vibration to vibrate low speed water electricity generating device.

The present invention relates to fluid mechanics and field of new energy generation, particularly a kind of based on many oscillators to the formula vortex-induced vibration electricity generating device that shakes. 2m/s.For traditional propeller blade formula (axial flow, through-flow) generator, its start velocity is all greater than 2m/s, obviously effectively cannot utilize these abundant energy.Therefore, the research and development of effective low speed water electricity generating device have become this field major issue urgently to be resolved hurrily. Because many oscillators body vibration mode is various, therefore, all other forms relating to many oscillators cogeneration of vortex-induced vibration and wake galloping also all belong to the protection domain of this patent.

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Servicio a domicilio fisioterapia - entrenamiento (5.. 2008, the Bernitsas professor of Univ Michigan-Ann Arbor USA and team thereof successfully have developed a kind of novel low speed water electricity generating device—VIVACE (VortexInducedVibrationAquaticCleanEnergy), and successfully apply for a patent.According to fluid mechanics relevant knowledge, under certain flow rate, elastic support stream the whirlpool that can produce on rear side of bluff body and alternately come off, and cause bluff body periodic vibration; And bluff body vibration also causes fluid trailing vortex morphologic change, this i.e. 5) oscillator 1A, 1B and 1C continues to do linearly to pump in the manner described above. Device power transmission process: drive the reciprocal torsional movement of bottom drive link 7 by the common vibration of oscillator (group) 1; Subsequently, upper transmission bar 8 is driven to do level of linearity to-and-fro motion by bottom drive link 7; Finally, drive linear electric generator 9 to carry out electric energy conversion by upper transmission bar 8, complete the concentrated collection of many oscillators energy.