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Beneficios de hacer #Pilates 1. Previene la osteoporosis.. Flat board pair under water is can be found that from the unrestrained mechanism that disappears of OWC (Oscillating-Water-Column) floating breakwater Extremely important in the consumption of wave energy, i.e., in a wavelength range, flat board is by producing broken, division and whirlpool to incident wave Whirlpool, reaches dissipation surface water wave energy and reduces the purpose of transmission wave height, therefore some scholars propose more simply, effectively Dampening apparatus includes vertical transmission damping block and horizontal transmission damping block to VLFS under water.Vertical transmission damping block or square chest need tool There is certain draft to can be only achieved the damping efficiency of requirement, and the vertical yardstick too conference set causes transmission damping block The adverse effect such as elastic deformation and the increase of suffered drift force. 유압 펌프(98)에 걸리는 부담은 압력 용기(13) 내부로 전달되고 토크(131)의 탄성으로 이어진다.Inside the pressure vessel 13, there is an independent hydraulic drive train for operating a hydraulic motor generator (HMG) 23 is a view of a hydraulic type toilet.

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Technical scheme:A kind of Very large floating structure tuning transmission vibration-damping generator of the present invention, is vertically arranged to float Head sea end and the afterbody under water of body, including the first transmission damping block, the second transmission damping block and hydraulic drive constrained system, Vertically connected by the first hydraulic drive constrained system between the floating body and the first transmission damping block, the first transmission damping block with Vertically connected by the second hydraulic drive constrained system between second transmission damping block, between the first transmission damping block and floating body with And first carry out relative vertical movement between transmission damping block and the second transmission damping block respectively, then pass through the first hydraulic pressure respectively Constrained system and the second hydraulic drive constrained system is driven to drive electrical power generators. In addition, ocean Wave energy resource is considerable, how using transmission damping block and VLFS under wave action phase Wave energy is converted into electric energy, supporting floating body structure and supporting electrical power transmission system to moving, the utilization of regenerative resource is improved Efficiency, reduces unit cost of electricity-generating, need to attract people’s attention.

6th, strategy is deposited certainly under setting extreme operating condition:Ability is followed according to the maximal resistance and maximum distortion of PTO system, In Hydraulic Power Transmission System lower end installation set cartridge type locking device, positive lock is carried out to hydraulic cylinder and connecting rod, in addition, releasing Coupling dynamic effect between damping block and connecting rod, it is to avoid destruction of the vibration-damping power-generating system under significantly wave. Further, the pulley contact device includes pulley, slideway and securing rod, and pulley is connected to by securing rod On empty damping block, the dragging track of pulley is installed in corresponding connecting rod.Pulley-ramps contact constraint is locked, then damping block Be fixedly connected with the connecting rod, unblock pulley-ramps contact constraint, then damping block can by pulley on the slideway in connecting rod from By vertically sliding. Additionally, the entire program code, or portions thereof, may be transmitted and downloaded from a software source over a transmission medium, e.g., over the Internet, or from another server, as is well known, or transmitted over any other conventional network connection as is well known (e.g., extranet, VPN, LAN, etc.) using any communication medium and protocols (e.g., TCP/IP, HTTP, HTTPS, Ethernet, etc.) as are well known.

In yet another aspect, a renewable energy leverage generator apparatus to produce electricity from a partially rotating, two-sided lever comprising a high capacity electric linear actuator includes a force sensing option having a load cell for measuring force in both tension and compression directions required to propel weight swivel assembly over center to the opposite side of the partially rotating two-sided lever when the see-saw lever is fully depressed.

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In other aspects, the method may include steps for slidingly attaching an adjustable ball bearing swivel joint area coupled to one or more triangular over center weight swivel assemblies such that the adjustable ball bearing swivel joint area moves freely along the rotating lever in the direction of the lower end of the rotating lever, until it reaches a stop point at a piston switch. Those skilled in the art will recognize that other multi-voltages, output capacities, and photovoltaic array sizes are contemplated. In one configuration, the array may operate at a DC voltage of 90 VDC with a maximum output capacity at 2.5 kWp. 1 and 2, end and tail end is head sea under water at certain position in Very large floating structure 4 This device is installed, the first transmission damping block 1 and the end of Very large floating structure 4 are vertical by two the first hydraulic drive constrained systems 6 It is connected, two positions of the first hydraulic drive constrained system 6, directions are consistent with the second hydraulic drive constrained system 5, the first liquid Head rod 23 in pressure transmission system is connected to the end of floating body 4 by fixing bolt 21, and one end of the second connecting rod 20 leads to Cross pulley contact device 22 to be connected on the first transmission damping block 1, one end, which is injected, connects piston 17 in cylinder body oil pocket 13, and by pressing Tight lid 14 is sealed.Under operation operating mode, the connection between all rod members and transmission damping block carries out positive lock, is subtracted using bilayer Relative motion between vibrating system and Very large floating structure 4 drives generator 16 to carry out power generation operation.And under extreme operating condition, hydraulic pressure It is driven the lower end locking device Final 8 lockmaking fixed piston 17 of constrained system and the connection of hydraulic cylinder 9, the release lever of pulley contact device 22 Connection between part and up and down transmission damping block, so, that is, avoids damage of the excessive relative motion to hydraulic drive constrained system It is bad, also reduce the breakage rate of transmission damping block under the wave action.

Under extreme operating condition, larger phase may be produced between tuning transmission vibration-damping generator and Very large floating structure 4 To motion, severe challenge now is proposed to the safe design of hydraulic drive constrained system, in order to avoid vibration-damping power-generating system is big Destruction under amplitude wave wave, sets one kind to deposit locking-releasing strategy certainly:In view of the maximal resistance and maximum distortion of PTO system Ability is followed, the installation set cartridge type locking device 8 in Hydraulic Power Transmission System lower end locks the hydraulic cylinder 9 of hydraulic drive constrained system Connection between body and piston 17, relative motion does not occur as holistic approach between the two;On the other hand, transmission vibration damping is released The slideway of plate and connecting rod-pulley contact constraint, transmission damping block can be along rod member freely up and down catenary motion, i.e.

The present invention, which is related to, is photographed on ocean engineering and Marine engineering technical field, and in particular to one kind subtracts suitable for Very large floating structure Shake TRT. In summary, present invention installation and removal are convenient, reusable;Wave absorbing effect substantially, and becomes suitable for tide Sea situation when changing frequent;Unstable wave energy is converted into available hydraulic energy to be generated electricity, float structure is supported and matches somebody with somebody Electrical power transmission system is covered, the utilization ratio of regenerative resource is improved;Setting deposits locking-releasing strategy certainly, it is to avoid the device is in pole Hold the destruction under operating mode;Support deep water work, it is adaptable to the marine site condition of the important islands and reefs in China South Sea. Entirely, be comfortably the most important thing, can also cause the unstable deformation of structure even if the wave load of very little, and long-term deformation and Periodicity wave load can slowly reduce the comfortableness of structure, bring some fatigue problems.

FIG. Dolor de estomago al estar de pie . 7 is another vertical leverage generator apparatus configuration, with two rotating track pairs operating on the same Z-plane at the same constant velocity and each offset by an angle α. The lower end of hydraulic cylinder 9 is provided with a telescopic locking device 8, when unblock hydraulic oil from oilhole 26 by conduit trough 24 Reach behind the inside of locking device 8, make the outwards expansion of locking device 8, be now gap between locking device 8 and connecting rod 12 or 20 Coordinate, hydraulic drive constrained system normal work, after removal hydraulic oil, the sealing ring 25 at the two ends of conduit trough 24 is sealed, then is locked Determine the cooperation of the gap between device 8 and connecting rod 12 or 20 and be converted into interference fit, lived so as to produce huge latching force locking Plug optional position in hydraulic cylinder, makes that relative motion does not occur between piston and hydraulic cylinder, now hydraulic drive constrained system is stopped Only work.

Advanced metering systems are comprised of state-of-the-art electronic/digital hardware and software, which combine interval data measurement with continuously available remote communications. Automation. The software platform in an example embodiment maximizes the value of energy and power services by intelligent and automated charge and dispatch of one or more renewable energy leverage generating apparatus configurations. Vertical direction makes two transmission damping blocks freely vertical along corresponding rod member without any constraint between plate and Hydraulic Power Transmission System Motion. 압력 용기(13)의 내부에는 유압 모터 발전기(Hydraulic motor generator, HMG)(130)를 운용하는 독립적인 유압형 드라이브 트레인이 있다.

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  • The apparatus of claim 4, wherein the electroactive material is an electroactive polymer
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도 23은 유압형 변기에 대한 그림이다. 도 25는 단면도로서 많은 구성 요소들을 보여준다. 그림의 구성 요소들은 현재 유속의 에너지를 드라이브 손잡이(95)의 회전 동작으로 전환한다. 드라이브 손잡이(95)는 압력용기(13) 내부의 올려져 있는 유압 펌프(98)을 작동시킨다. FIG. 9C is a flow chart diagram of a method of using leverage to produce electricity from a partially rotating, two-sided lever. FIG. 10C is a flow chart diagram of a method steps for using leverage to produce electricity from a vertical generator apparatus.