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Preoperatorio y postoperatorio 2 Upon rotation of the displacement vessel 1102 to a non-perpendicular angle, the drag panel 1121 may experience less drag force, thus allowing the amount of drag force exerted on the displacement vessel 1102 to be controllably adjusted during operation. In a particular embodiment, a method of the invention comprises the steps of: allowing the tidal action to change a vertical distance between a body at the water surface and a stationary location below the body, wherein the change in vertical distance is defined from a first distance above the stationary location to a second distance above the stationary location; converting the change in vertical distance of the body into mechanical energy; transmitting the mechanical energy to an electrical power generator; and generating electricity with the generator using the mechanical energy. Initially, the displacement vessel 502 may be anchored to the first stationary location along the seabed by a first anchor cable attached to a first anchor.

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For example, a drag panel 521 may be secured to a bottom side of the displacement vessel 502 and extend in a generally downwards direction. The guide mechanism may be coupled to one or more axles that are in turn coupled to the drive gear 1512 (and, optionally, a gearing mechanism) such that one full rotation of the drum 1513 causes the guide mechanism to travel a specified length of the drum 1513 in a first direction along the rotational axis of the drum. In another embodiment, the turbine 1950 may be mounted to any suitable side of the displacement vessel 1902. The turbine 1950 may be disposed on an axle and the axle may be operably coupled (via a gearing mechanism or one or more belts/chains, for example) to the directional converter 1909 mounted on the displacement vessel 1902. The directional converter 1909 may include an electric power generator 1916 that is operably coupled to the turbine 1950 as described in more detail above.

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The drive gear 112 may be fixed on the same axle as the drum 113 and operatively coupled to gearing mechanism 114 for ultimate transmission to the generator. The anchor cable may extend along the ocean/bay floor and be coupled to a directional converter that is stationed on land. 18, each control cable 1928 a and 1928 b may be coupled to a respective control mechanism located in compartments 1944 a and 1944 b that may be housed within or mounted on the displacement vessel 1902. The control mechanisms may independently control the winding/unwinding of the respective control cables 1928 a and 1928 b to effectuate steering of the displacement vessel 1902 in the water. Each control mechanisms 1120 a-1120 c may independently wind up and/or release its respective control cable to change a distance between an end of the displacement vessel and the anchor cable 1103, causing rotation of the displacement vessel 1102 in the water.

As water flows past the turbine, the turbine rotates, causing the drum to rotate and wind or unwind the anchor cable. The increase in distance of L1 to L2 causes the drum 513 of the directional converter 509 to rotate. In another embodiment, the directional converter may include a plurality of drums and a plurality of cables to utilize lateral motion in multiple directions to generate electricity (to be further discussed below). In another embodiment of the invention, the directional converter may include a plurality of drums and a plurality of anchor cables to utilize the lateral motion in multiple directions to generate electricity. The anchor cable 903 is connected at a first end to a directional converter 909 a and at a second end to directional converter 909 b. The bridle-i.e., a series of control cables-may include any suitable number of control cables and each control cable may be connected to the displacement vessel at a connection point.

In another embodiment, redundant cables (and control mechanisms) may be used to create an 8-point harness to improve reliability and/or adjustability of the system. In another embodiment, the barge may include an anchoring system to prevent the barge from drifting. A system of 100 similar displacement vessels would thus generate approximately 45.4 MW. The tidal energy conversion assembly 200 is substantially similar to the tidal energy conversion assembly 100 of FIGS.

For the purpose of clarity and illustration, these systems and methods will be described with respect to tidal energy conversion assemblies for generating electrical energy. The directional converters are substantially similar to those described above and include drums 913 a and 913 b fixed to axles 915 a and 915 b which include drive gears 912 a and 912 b. Recomendaciones para el dolor de espalda . The directional converter(s) may comprise any of the directional converters described herein. FIG. 6B illustrates a displacement vessel frame 602 suitable for energy generation using drift or drag as described above and in related to 5A-5C. Displacement vessel frame 602 may be used in conjunction with the directional converter, such as the directional converter 609 shown in FIG. FIG. 19 illustrates a tidal energy generation assembly including a turbine directly mounted to the bottom of a displacement vessel. From this proximal end, the distal portions of the anchor cable 903 (including the distal end of the anchor cable 903) may be submerged by being threaded through one or more connections, such as an anchor or pulley that is located under the water at, for example, the bay/ocean floor or a submerged platform.

Anchor cables have first ends connected to latches 307 a-307 l, and second ends connected to connectors 311 a-311 c, and are threaded through anchors 308 a-308 l. In one embodiment, the wire 104 may be connected to a power grid through an electrical connection cable that is run along the seabed and may be disposed at or near anchors 108 a-108 e. Lastly, Eqn. 8 shows an equation to calculate expected power (P) in Watts for an individual displacement vessel, where Emax is maximum energy and t is time. Other exemplary generators that are within the scope of the invention are discussed in Generators, a 2014 G E Power Conversion Product Catalogue. Dolor de cadera ingle y rodilla . FIG. 4 shows a tidal energy conversion assembly with a displacement vessel having multiple chambers. FIG. 1A shows a cross-section of a tidal energy conversion assembly in accordance with an implementation of the disclosure.

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Cómo sentarse correctamente para que no duela la espalda.. As the currents caused by the ebb and flow of water during tidal action drag the displacement vessel laterally from the initial starting point, the lateral movement of the displacement vessel will cause the anchor cable to exert tension forces on the drum, and the drum will rotate. In another aspect, a method according to the invention involves converting the lateral motion caused by the ebb and flow of water due to tidal action into energy. In particular, the first side 1321 a and the second side 1321 b include a parabolic shape configured to capture drag forces from the flow of water. The first compartment 1123 a may be configured to be waterproof and/or store equipment, such as the control mechanism described above. Similar to other embodiments described above, the displacement vessel 1802 includes a drag panel 1821 extending therefrom in a generally downwards direction.