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Otitis: planta cara a tu dolor de oídos y mejora tu.. The drive facility and generator may be associated with an electrical infrastructure including a conducting medium such as conductive metals, conductive fluids, and the like, such as magnetorhetological fluids, ferrofluid, superconductors, and the like, or a conducting gas, which may be integrated or associated with the superstructure of the array, so that energy from the modules may be passed to an external energy handling facility, and optionally to a local or global energy storage facility, such as a flywheel, compressed air, gravitational storage (pumping fluid, gas or solids up a height differential), battery, plurality of batteries, and the like to an energy conversion facility, such as an electrolysis hydrogen and oxygen production facility, or some combination of transport, end-use, storage, facilities, and the like.

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For this reason compressed air may present a more generally applicable solution with fewer requirements in terms of space and construction. In embodiments, with an array design, the configuration for an efficient, modular, space frame super structure may be re-used for many different sites. Generally the polyhedral type may match the characteristics of the element being supported by the space frame.

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In embodiments, it may be desirable to optimize the yield for a given module by optimizing the integrated function of the accelerating and power producing components of the module. The object of this parameterization of conversion characteristics may be to serve as a basis for optimizing rotor geometry to the nozzle or other specified conditions. While the energy contained in the raw flow is still inefficient with regard to amount of energy used to compress the source gas, the introduction of optimized convergent/divergent (C/D) nozzles may provide a way to artificially increase the amount of kinetic energy present at the point of conversion in the closed loop flow and thereby the amount of power recovered from the storage process. In accelerating arrays it may sometime be desirable to reduce the angular velocity of the rotor due to the increased velocity and thereby rotor angular velocity at the throat. Thereby the relaxation coefficient approaches a minimal value as the rate of constriction increases.

−(an−a), where n determines the rate of divergence/increase from the initial (0, a) throat value for the y values of the function. FIG. 18 depicts a nozzle with a circular throat and polygonal exit. FIG. 17 depicts a side elevation of a hexagonal nozzle. FIG. 20 depicts a front view of a superstructure connector 2002A and a side view of a superstructure connector 2002B. FIG. FIG. 75 depicts a wind power support structure embodiment of the present invention. This structure would have the advantage in asymmetric nozzles, e.g.