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Malas posturas y dolor de espalda The invention provides a kind of Wave action electric generating system, it comprises: the platform floated on the surface, and described platform is vacillated now to the left, now to the right under wave action; Generator; The rigid arm extended above the water surface, described arm comprises the first end be pivotably attached to by the first pivot on described platform; Floating member, it to be arranged on the water surface and to be pivotally connected on the second end of described arm by the second pivot, described second pivot being operative is attached on described arm, when floating on the surface, described floating member rises and fall on the waves, and thus makes described upper-arm circumference around described first pivot alternately clockwise and counterclockwise movement; And power convertor, for changing the motion of described arm for exporting to drive generator.

Fig. 5 is connected on described arm to utilize the moving up and down as the side view of the hydraulic piston of power of described arm. Fig. 4 is the schematic plan of platform, the ability that its display hydraulic arm and floating member rotate relative to the side of platform, therefore places described floating member towards or away from flat edge of table. Present invention utilizes the dynamic vibration that platform experiences in ocean or turbulent flow water.When being incorporated in a buoyancy device by these devices multiple, people can effectively utilize the energy in each side/region being applied to platform, in fact also make (platform as a whole) banking motion be conducive to power extraction equally.Such as, if people have square floating barge, and wave impacts a certain corner of this barge, at wave before the other parts of barge, rise due to each several part (eachstation) be connected on generator or center generator and decline, promote/pull/use crank hydraulic parts/gearbox, described corner produces electricity itself by above-mentioned method.

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Fig. 6 is the partial side view of described platform, show for regulating described floating member relative to the hydraulic cylinder of the distance of platform and piston assembly, and be arranged on floating member to utilize the energy of the oscillating motion of described floating member as another cylinder of power and piston assembly.

8, the exemplary hydraulic pipe line 28 as electric power converter can using the power stage that produced by cylinder and piston assembly 18 as power.When the pivot movement that the piston 34 in cylinder 36 is shown in arm 6 in Fig. 6, the adjustment that can be realized arm 6 by cylinder and piston 20 with make parts 4 near or away from platform 2.Carry out this adjustment to utilize the longer or shorter wavelength of wave.Cylinder and piston assembly 22 are attached to utilize parts 4 around the pivot movement of pivot 15 as power on arm 6 and parts 4, as shown in figs. 1-Fig. 3, disclose Wave action electric generating system R.Floating platform 2 (such as, barge, canoe etc.) comprises the floating member 4 of heavy burden, and it is designed to provide thrust and pulling force when being subject to wave action to arm 6.Described floating member 4 is pivotally attached in rigid arm 6, and arm 6 is then pivotally connected on platform 2 at pivot 9 place.Preferably, described pivot 9 is attached on arm 6 rigidly, thus the conversion of motion of arm 6 be pivot 9 carry out back rotation; Pivot 9 may be operably coupled to and comprises on the electric power converter of gear drive, by the concussion convert rotational motion of pivot 9 to be continuous rotation with the axle driving generator 8.Example for transforming the structure of the motion of pivot 9 is disclose in the copending application of 12/457,520 at the sequence number of claimant, and this application is incorporated by reference herein at this.