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Diferenciacion Del Dolor The apparatus may be for use in a position parallel or at an angle (specifically an acute angle) to the wave front from which the energy is to be extracted, or there may be said deflection surface means arranged side-by-side along each side of the body when the body is to be used in a position at right angles to the wave front from which the energy is to be extracted. 5 position increases, but because of the initial angle of incidence of less than 90°, the rotor will accelerate quickly up to speed so that when the blades return to the FIG. This method of converting the wave energy has the advantage that it achieves velocity proportional damping of the movement of the plate element as the torque input to the electrical generator is proportional to the velocity of the rotor, provided that there is a resistive load. Inertia and spring rates of the flap 212 are functions of structural geometry and flap mass and the air to water volume ratio within the cavity 220 and hence may be tuned to the wave energy frequency band.

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3, then initially the turbine blades 18 to 24 will swing between the positions A and B as shown in FIG. To explain the basic principle of operation, assume that the cavity 220 between flap 212 and spine 210 is partly full of water at the mid-swing position, then the neutral position will be as shown in FIG. By such means, the difficulty of providing substantial support structures, and the limitation that the apparatus can only be used in relatively shallow water, are avoided. To explain the operation of the turbine, assume that a flow of fluid, such as air, is passed along the inside of cylinder 10 in the direction of axis 14. The blades 18 to 24 will be pivoted about their pivoting axes, such as axis 28, whereby the angle of incidence between the flow of fluid and the aerofoil blades is less than 90°. Therefore, there is a reasonably high initial torque which commences rotation of the rotor.

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5 position, in which the angle of incidence is very small, the speed will be sufficiently high to maintain rotation of the turbine whereby power can be extracted. 6, a stock pin 46 is carried by the bush 16 and projects into a slot 48 in the inside surface of the flange portion 34, whereby the degree to which the blade 22 can swivel freely about axis 28 is limited. According to yet another aspect of the invention there is provided energy conversion apparatus for generating energy from the wave motion of a body of liquid comprising a reaction body providing a reaction side facing oncoming waves, said reaction body carrying a closed flexible gas pump bag having front and rear sides of which the front side is deflected by an oncoming wave while the rear side obtains reactive support from the reaction side of the body whereby the bag is compressed by the oncoming wave and the bag expands when the wave recedes, means enabling the pumping of gas from the interior of the bag when compressed and the intake of fluid to the interior of the bag when it expands, and means for converting this movement of fluid into output energy in a more readily usable form.

The invention also provides an effective uni-directional turbine which has improved response characteristics by virtue of the free swivel mounting of the blades. Additionally, an elongated and curved aperture 48 in the flange portion 34 receives a locking screw 50, which screws into threaded bore 52 in the bush 16. The screw 50 an be tightened to lock the blade 22 in any adjusted position within the limits of its swivel movement, for example for the purposes of testing. The steady state cavity water level at any particular sea state will be determined by the balance of water extrusion, the leakage, controlled or otherwise, into and out of the cavity and the air pressure. Parches para el dolor de espalda precio . The mean water level in the cavity 220 is determined by the dynamic range of the flap 212 with respect to the mean position of the flap.

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The spine 210 and the flaps 212 are buoyancy members, the spine 210 having ballasting 216 to ensure that it will take up the position shown when buoyantly supported in calm water, for example as indicated by water line W.L. 4 there is shown a self rectifying turbine comprising a cylindrical casing 10, in which is contained a rotor 12 having its axis indicated by numeral 14. The rotor comprises a bush 16 from which project four rotor blades 18, 20, 22 and 24. The rotor blades 18 to 24 are identical, and are identically mounted on the bush 16, and therefore only one blade, blade 22, and its mounting will be described in detail. In the passage 116 is arranged a self-rectifying air turbine 118, the shaft 120 of which is coupled to an electrical generator 122. The self-rectifying air turbine operates to drive the shaft 120 unidirectionally regardless of whether or not air is being forced out of the bag 116 as the flap 114 moves towards the spine or when air is moving in the opposite direction by being drawn from the air duct 112 when the plate element 114 moves away from the spine 110. One such self-rectifying turbine is described and illustrated herein with reference to and by FIGS.

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The cavity, can as herein described with reference to FIGS. 5, which is symmetrical about the axis 30, such axis 30 extending between the leading and trailing edges of the aerofoil section and being in a plane which is at right angles to the axis 14. The aerofoil section has its thickest cross sectional dimension nearer the leading edge (axis 28) on the trailing edge 32. The plug 26 and its mounting are shown in greater detail in FIGS.

In accordance with the invention specific means for harnessing the swinging movements of the flap 212 is utilized and one example of this means is illustrated in FIGS. FIG. 3 is a sectional elevation of apparatus according to the embodiment of the invention. This invention relates to energy generating apparatus usable for converting to a usable form the energy in waves in a body of liquid such as the sea or ocean. It is the second area of problems which has led us to apply some radical thinking on the design of a new energy generating apparatus to replace the said ducks. Between the spine 112 and each plate element 114 there is a sealed flexible air bag or bellows 116 defining a closed cavity 113, which communicates through a communication passage 116A with the duct 112. The bag has a front side 116B which is deflected by the plate element 114, and a rear side 116C which receives reactive support by the side 110A of the spine 110, which side 110A as shown extends upright in use.

With an increasing wave height the flap 212 will rotate anti-clockwise and will be resisted by the spring action of increasing water level and increase in air pressure in the cavity 220. Esofagitis dolor de espalda . With a decreasing wave height the flap 212 will rotate clockwise, and will likewise be resisted by the spring action of decreasing water level in the cavity 220 and reduction in air pressure. With increasing wave height, cavity water will be progressively extruded at the flap peak excursions thereby decreasing the mean water level within the cavity. Therefore the first stage in actuating the apparatus is to pressurise the system with low pressure air to give an ambient pressure in the bag so that the plate elements open out to the desired mean position, the ambient air pressure then balancing the external water pressure. The inner face 218 of the flap 212 is curved to match the curvature of spine 210 but, in the calm water position shown in FIG.

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The cavity is in practice closed but is shown as being open to the atmosphere in FIG. The plate elements 114 are rigid but the surface which faces the waves may in the alternative be defined by a flexible membrane. The said displaceable surface means along the length of the body are such as to be capable of complying with instantaneous wave displacement along the length of the body so that different displaceable surface means on the body can move out of phase, and the chamber may be a conduit forming a coupling means interconnecting said cavities so that when wave forces push some displaceable surface means towards the body, other displaceable surface means on which the wave forces are out of phase are forced away from the body.

1 and 2 be partly filled with liquid. There are two further areas of difficulty with the said ducks. It is envisaged that a plurality of such ducks should be arranged on a common spine. The engineering difficulties of designing and manufacturing such ducks, however, even at 1/10th scale, have cast doubt on what otherwise was a promising concept.

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ORTESIS DORSO LUMBAR DORSOTECH ® - Orliman There are a number of proposals in existence for the conversion of liquid wave energy, and generally speaking a main class of such proposals involves a primary component which is positioned to come under the influence of the waves to be moved back and forth thereby. When a wave moves against each plate element, the pressure in the bag 116 will increase and air will flow through the turbine 118 to the main duct 112, and the turbine will be driven. The back and forth movement is converted into a more usable form, such as electrical energy, by means of a suitable transmission. Arrow 213 indicates flap movement. Dolor de espalda lado izquierdo medio . FIG. 2 shows a range of flap positions as related to a simple sine wave pattern.

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FIG. 4 shows a uni-directional self-rectifying turbine as used in the apparatus of FIG. When the turbine is driven by reciprocating air flow from one direction along the inside of the casing 10, and then in the opposite direction, as in the case of the apparatus of FIG. In a particular proposal of this class, the primary component is adapted to rock about an axis, and has a lobe at the waveward side which is displaced up and down by the waves (and because of this, it is called a “duck”) whilst at the leeward side it does not have any displacement.