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15 In an embodiment, the curved surface of the base is at least one track having one of the complementary energy extraction devices. The suspension rod 218 is carried by a swing mass brace 224. The brace 224 is carried by an adjustable base 226 which is adjustable relative to the hull 202 of the system 25 20. The adjustable base 226 is carried by a base suspension rod 228 that extends to the pivot point 210. The base 226 can be moved vertically relative to the keel of the hull 202. Still referring to FIG. 19A – 19C. Both FIGS 18A and 8B show an arrow 194 which represents the movement of the counterbalance mass 170 by the adjustment mechanism 178. Still referring to FIG. 25 Still referring to FIG. 23A & 23B. In addition to gathering energy from the current that flows through the wires 252 of the stator 248, as seen in FIG.

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23B. The track or rail 154 has individual stator segments 248. The magnetic field, generated by the guide 244, cuts through the stator segments 248, which results in each stator segment 248 generating a current. WO 2012/018392 4 PCT/US2011/001368 In an embodiment, the curved surface of the platform includes at least one rail carrying one of the complementary energy extraction devices. In an embodiment, the active tuning system includes a plurality of ballast tanks in the platform. 27 is a perspective view of a broken out section of the alternative floating platform with an active ballast system; WO 2012/018392 7 PCT/US2011/001368 FIG.

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10 is shown on a wave 46 such that the leading edge 34 is near the crest 44 of the wave 46. Dependent on the size of the waves as defined as the height between the crest 44 and the trough 48, that the floating platform 128 is going to be used, the radius of the track 24 can be adjusted. Dolor de espalda baja y caderas . FIG. 19A shows the hull 28 on the wave 46 with the swinging mass, the second movable mass, 152 located near the trough 48. The brake mechanism 192 retains the swinging mass 152. As the hull 28 is shifted in the other direction by the wave 46, the swinging mass 25 152, which is held in place by the braking mechanism 192, is now on the same side as the counterbalance mass 170 as shown in Fig. 30 It is recognized that the braking system or braking mechanism 192 can be a “generative” braking system used to “tune” the second movable mass by controlling its speed and also used to generate electricity.

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Tirado de la espalda baja. dolor de espalda después del.. The hull 28 is basically a support platform for 25 the mass 26 / track 24 and a mechanism to create displacement, buoyancy force. The tunable mass 134 (M2), the “preload” weight, creates stability for the hull 28 by pulling the draft of the hull 28 down into the water, creating displacement, which produces a buoyancy force. 27, the system 260 has a plurality of counterbalance weights or masses 170 located below the hull 28, which are similar to the tuning masses 134 in FIGS. 25 shows a top view of the floating platform 22. In that the 5 position of the mass, the swinging mass 152, is adjusted to tune the system 240, in one embodiment, the pole pieces are located in the guide 244 below the swinging mass 152, as seen in FIGS. Tengo dolor de vientre y espalda baja . 22 – 23B, the end of the pendulum rod 162 is a guide 244 which moves along the track 154. Below the swinging mass 152, there is a magnet 294 or series of coils to create a magnetic field or electromagnetic field.

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8,117 Antebrazo Fotos - Libres de Derechos y Gratuitas de.. The system has an energy extraction system having a pair of complementary energy extraction devices including a magnetic field device and a coil device. FIELD OF THE INVENTION The present invention is a system and method for producing electricity. 5, a belt drive 68 is fastened around the circumference of the 25 cylinder 60 and attached to a shaft 70 of an electric generator 72. As the cylinder 60 rolls down the track 24, it turns the shaft 70 of the generator 72, producing electricity. The cylinder 60 rolls down the track 24 formed of rails 62 on the deck 64 of the ship 54. The rails 62 of the track 24 form the incline plane 58 from the bow 52 to the stern 56 of the ship 54. The rails 62 of the track 24 minimize friction by reducing the surface area rather than 20 the cylinder 60 rolling on the larger surface of the deck which forms the incline plane 58, therein causing the cylinder 60 to roll faster, thereby creating more mechanical energy.

As waves approach the shore, they become steeper, which changes the natural frequency 10 of the wave. When the ocean / wave properties have a natural frequency of 1 Hz, the average 5 power generated is 1119.98 kilowatts. WO 2012/018392 2 PCT/US2011/001368 The solution to creating bountiful, renewable, non-carbon producing, cheap energy for our planet is to figure out a way to generate high power density energy like that of a coal fired or nuclear power plant using low-density wind and/or water, the most plentiful resources on our planet. The controller has a computer or 30 microprocessor and various input devices such as accelerometers, power meters, and global coordinate monitors. While various parameters have been tuned in the runs described, it is recognized that 30 other items listed in the tables can be tuned.

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In a 30 submarine, oxygen is used so that crewmembers can breathe, and the hydrogen is pumped back into the sea. 23A and 23B, could be used to impart braking into the system to tune the movement of the swinging mass 152. Referring to FIG. 25 In addition to electrical energy generated by the system 20 being transferred to shore via an underwater cable, electrical energy created by the system 20 can be used to manufacture a fuel such as hydrogen, which can be liquefied and transferred to shore via an underwater pipeline or a cargo ship. As the crest 44 of the wave 46 passes under the platform 22, the hydraulic force of the water no longer raises the leading edge 34, which now falls into a trough 48 of the wave 46, relative 5 to the trailing edge 36. Referring to FIG. Dolor de espalda en reposo . 25 In an embodiment, a system for generating energy from a platform tuned relative to waves in a body of water uses the hydraulic force of the waves in a body of water.

Three-fourths of the earth’s 10 population lives within close proximity to an ocean or other large body of water. It is not until wind is blowing in excess of 100 MPH that it will blow a standing person over, and if a person is floating in even large ocean waves the force of the waves flows by you because water is a low-density liquid.