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Rather than mounting and/or attaching pulley 1214 directly to the inertial mass, as is characteristic of the embodiment illustrated in FIG. 179, wherein a generator is positioned within flotation module 1301, the embodiment illustrated in FIG. However, whereas the embodiment illustrated in FIGs. The present invention overcomes the shortcomings of the prior art and accomplishes the foregoing objects in a safe, cost-effective, efficient and reliable manner. Heat-dissipating fins, e.g. 220, are attached and/or affixed to an upper surface of the computational chamber 216 and facilitate and/or expedite the transfer 231 of the heat trapped within the chambers to the air above and/or around the buoy.

  • No disolver medicamentos ácidos (por ejemplo, aspirina) en la boca
  • Haber fumado entre 10 y 40 cigarrillos diarios a lo largo de 15 años seguidos
  • Realice una limpieza bucal al año
  • The apparatus of claim 10 wherein at least one displacement foil is out of the water
  • Cambio en la forma, color o aspecto de la piel de los senos
  • Elevación de la pelvis
  • ½ cucharadita de bicarbonato de sodio (2,5 g)

Postoperatorio Reduccion De Pecho - Adeem 7-755. In other embodiments, the power cable is spliced into a subsea power cable near the seafloor. In some cases, these are one and the same flexible connector; in other cases, the flexible connector passing to the inertial mass is distinct from the flexible connector passing to the restoring weight.

FIG. 86 shows a side view of the embodiment of the current disclosure illustrated in FIG. FIG. 100 is an elevated perspective view of the embodiment of FIG. The flotation module is post-tensioned with tensioning cables that are oriented so as to produce tensioning forces within the flotation module that are approximately normal to its lateral surfaces. However, it also lifts the restoring mass above its “resting stop” (joint 113), and point of greatest relative depth, thus imparting gravitational potential energy to the restoring mass. Spherical voids, e.g. 338 and 339, of various sizes and/or volumes, are positioned throughout the flotation module and offset the weight of the material, e.g. 104 has no restoring weight. When moving downward and/or away from the flotation module, the restoring weight will pull the depending connector after it, thereby “rewinding” the pulley/capstan, readying it for the next mechanical cycle.

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Hydraulic fluid pressurized through the oscillations of the piston heads is pooled and fed into a hydraulic accumulator 145A. The pres sure-stabilize hydraulic fluid in the accumulator 145A drives a turbine 145B, which, in turn, drives a generator 145C, thereby producing electrical power. 1. Dolor de lumbar y cadera . The PTO module 6B-6C extends through the bottom of the buoy’s hull. 102. Unlike the embodiment configuration illustrated in FIG. FIG. 87 shows a top-down view of the embodiment of the current disclosure illustrated in FIG. A single flap 2028 in the partition wall allows water to flow upward when open 2027, and obstructs such flow when closed 2028. Flaps, e.g. Reflujo y dolor de espalda . The buoyant flotation module is preferably horizontally broad, enabling it to experience a relatively large change in displacement, and hence a relatively large change in buoyant force, for a given change in the surface water level. In some hydraulic embodiments, a rotary piston pump, or rotary piston motor configured to be operated as a pump, is used in lieu of a crankshaft/cylinder assembly, to translate rotary motion of the pulley/capstan into pressure in the hydraulic fluid.

In particular, the D/d ratio can be made larger, without having to resort to a pulley/capstan of enormous proportions. The rotation of the pulley/capstan causes the hydraulic cylinders to pump hydraulic fluid at high pressure. The number of turns is arbitrary and does not limit the scope of this disclosure. When the operatively connected flexible connector 511 moves normal to the gear’s axis of rotation, the gear turns. 1-110 on the flotation module can rise, the displacement of the flotation module can increase, and the buoyant force acting on the flotation module can increase. 138 is sufficient to cause it to continue its downward movement, despite the opposing gravitational force of weight 139, and even its own buoyancy (if any).

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After or around the time that the flotation module has reached a crest of a wave (e.g. After winding around the rollers of the traction winch, each strand of the ribbon cable travels onto and around a roller 510 from which the ribbon cable is paid out in response to each increase in the separation of the buoy from the inertial mass, and, when driven by “rewinding motor” 511, onto which the ribbon cable is rewound in response to each decrease in the separation of the buoy from the inertial mass. In some embodiments, constituent cables of the ribbon cable each wind multiple times around their respective rollers. A buoy 770 contains four peripherally positioned pulleys 771-774. The cables over each connect the pulley to a submerged inertial mass, heave plate, or anchor (not shown). FIG. 11 shows a perspective view of the same embodiment of the current disclosure shown in FIG.