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For example, the Evolution™ LC digital camera (Media Cybernetics, Inc., Silver Spring, Md.) includes a Zoran CMOS sensor (e.g., 1280×1024) and an IEEE 1394 interface that allows for data transfer rates of 24 MHz at 24-bit. The aforementioned digital camera illustrates how a detector array may be powered and/or transfer information to a computer.

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Dolor de espalda crónico An exemplary device optionally includes an interface that allows for acquisition of information (e.g., transfer of information) related to one or more detectors may be a wireless interface, a wired interface, a fiber interface, etc. Diodes or other components that emit radiation in the near-infrared spectrum (e.g., without any substantial emission of visible radiation) may also be used as emitters (e.g., including sources). For example, a cylindrical lens or a slit may help to direct radiation as a substantially planar fan. Various examples are listed as full fan angle and line length in millimeters at a distance of approximately 30 cm: (0.70°, 3.7); (2.8°, 12.7); (4.0°, 20.3); (5.5°, 30.5); (7.6°, 38.0); (15°, 78.7); (18°, 96.5); (23°, 124); (36°, 198.0), (60°, 350.5); and (90°, 610.0). LASIRIS™ Mini Laser, marketed by StockerYale (Salem, N.H.) include the following modules, some of which produce other radiation beam patterns: 503L or 703L (3 lines 1.5°, 5.0°, 11.7°); 501S (1 square 2.9°); 504G (4×4 grid 2.44°); 501H (crosshair); 501C 1 (circle 11.4°); 507X (7×7 dot matrix 1.9°); and optics for fan beams with fan angles of approximately 1°, 5°, 10°, 15°, 20°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 75°, 90°, and 120°. With respect to wavelengths and power StockerYale markets 635 nm (1, 3, 5, 10, 35 mW), 650 nm (1, 3, 5, 10 mW), 660 nm (20, 35 mW), 670 nm (1, 5, 10 mW), 685 nm (20, 35 mW), 690 nm (35 mW), 785 nm (5, 30, 35 mW), and 830 nm (40 mW).

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Such a device optionally includes any of the features of various exemplary devices described herein, as appropriate. Features include clock rates to 5 MHz (5,000,000 Hz) wherein a run of all 128 active pixels requires 128 clock pulses (approximately 40,000 Hz) and an operating voltage of approximately 5 V. Such an array is optionally suitable for use in an exemplary device, for example, wherein optical fibers communicate radiation from detector locations adjacent to an illuminated volume to a sensor, optionally remote from an illuminated volume. Optical components such as an optical fiber cable, waveguide, mirror, prism, etc., may allow for detector to sensor operation. Of course, orthogonal and/or rectilinear arrangements of emitters and/or detectors are also possible, especially, but not limited to, those that may act to minimize risk of aliasing two objects or more even objects. Aliasing may occur, for example, when two objects are positioned in a rectangular and orthogonal grid (e.g., two sets of parallel lines oriented orthogonally) and four possible positions result for the two objects (two correct positions and two alias positions).

In any of these arrangements, timing may be introduced within a set of detectors and/or between two or more sets of detectors. Dolor de omoplato y hombro . A collimator may have a non-reflecting and/or reflecting surface (e.g., inner wall surface), which may depend on position of a sensor and/or a detector with respect to a radiation path defined by a collimator opening that may serve to define a detector/emitter radiation path.

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TECNICAS DE RELAJACION Y MEDITACION (con música.. Visible wavelengths may generate visible paths that may act as fiducials (e.g., dots, lines, cross-hairs, etc.) to enhance maneuvering of objects with respect to an exemplary device. Consider a mallet as an object, which has a definable geometry and a definable manner of entering a volume defined by radiation transmission paths between one or more emitters and one or more detectors. As demonstrated, an exemplary device may still detect and determine the position of a second object when one object already lies within the volume defined by transmission paths between one or more emitters and one or more detectors. Further, a set of collimators exist at z1 that correspond to paths between the emitter 410′ and associated detectors (e.g., having outputs represented by the vector 422′ for detectors capable of detecting transmitted radiation at z1).

Any particular detector and/or emitter may optionally be used to form one or more paths. Depending on particulars of an exemplary device, volume may be used. For example, an exemplary device optionally communicates with and/or includes a computer (e.g., a computing device such as a processor-based device, etc.) that may receive input from a variety of sources. The interruption may cause an action (e.g., generate a sound associated with a mode of a circular membrane, etc.). Circular membranes are known to have various modes of vibration, which may be defined by a mode number that includes nodal diameters and circular nodes (e.g., (0,1), (1,1), (1,2), (2,1), (3,1), (4,1), and (5,1), etc.). Of course, other cross-sections are possible (e.g., circular, oval, triangular, etc.). Yet further, a variety of algorithms may be used (e.g., Boolean logic, reconstruction, look-up table, etc.). FIG. 22 is a diagram of various implements typically used for percussion (e.g., acoustic, electronic, etc.).

A third vector at time t2 indicates that a path corresponding to a detector at Z2 has been interrupted (e.g., a decrease in transmitted radiation). In the exemplary arrangement 400, emitters are positioned approximately along the circumference of an outer circle (or may have foci corresponding thereto) and an inner circle approximately defines a detection area in this 2-D view that may be associated with a volume. FIG. 5 is a diagram of an exemplary arrangement of an emitter and detectors. 8 includes a variety of times and corresponding exemplary vectors having bit values of 0 or 1. At time t0, a first object is detected in a detector associated with an axial position of Z0. In this example, the detectors associated with the vectors may be arranged in any suitable manner, such as, but not limited to, planar, spiral, helical, double helical, etc.

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Information of the vectors may be used to determine various parameters. For example, a triangular arrangement may optionally have emitters located at triangle vertices and optionally detectors along opposing legs. FIGS. 23A-23C are diagrams of an exemplary arrangement and an exemplary method of control. Para el dolor muscular . While electronic drums and triggers for acoustic drums have satisfied some needs of the musician, a need still exists for alternative and/or enhanced expression.

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For example, a detector may include a filter that allows for passage of certain wavelength radiation while substantially filtering out certain other wavelengths of radiation. While the exemplary device of FIGS. 6B is a cross-sectional diagram of the exemplary device of FIG. For example, the calibration may determine cross-sectional area, volume, etc.

With respect to momentum (e.g., product of mass and velocity) determinations, a variety of algorithms may be used (e.g., Boolean logic, reconstruction, look-up table, etc.). Exemplary emitters include, but are not limited to, point, linear and arcuate emitters, which may be emitter arrays (1-D, 2-D, etc.). With respect to emitters, an exemplary emitter may include a radiation emitting diode. An emitter may be a source, for example, a light emitting diode may be considered both a source and an emitter. A detector may be a sensor, for example, a photodiode may be considered both a detector and a sensor. This event may trigger an algorithm that determines and/or uses one or more parameters.

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