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FISIOTERAPIA NEUROLÓGICA - Kinova Fisioterapia Although rigid structural array 300 is shown in the figures as including upper deck 302 and lower deck 304, it is contemplated that additional decks may be added as desired or required for providing additional capabilities to rigid structural array 300. For example, an additional deck structure may be provided below the surface of the water for monitoring or interacting with OWECs 314 while they are submerged and in working position. Further, an underwater deck would allow simple or routine underwater maintenance to be performed without raising an OWEC 314 to the level of dry lower deck 304. Any such underwater decks are preferably porous to reduce the weight of water bearing down thereupon. Further, rigid structural array 300 can protect OWECs 314 from damage that may occur to free-floating OWECs, whether tethered to one another or not. 34, below. Further, it is contemplated that multiple rigid structural arrays 300 may be connected such as, for example, by electrical cabling, or may even be physically attached to one another to form a larger rigid structural array made up of a plurality of individual rigid structural arrays 300. In such an implementation, two or more rigid structural arrays may be fixedly or removably attached to one another to form the equivalent of a larger array structure having many more OWECs 314 associated therewith.

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In FIG. 17 prime mover piston 155 is acting on plunger 156 to create pressure in secondary cylinder 154, below plunger seals 157. FIG. FIG. 23 depicts prime mover piston 205 as moving down due to the flowing water, thereby imparting rotation to crankshaft 208 via connecting rod 207. As piston 205 is accelerated down its path by incoming water, accumulating inertia as it moves, the rotation rate of crankshaft 208 will approach that of flywheel 213. FIG. A sprag (a one way rotation device) is preferably incorporated into internal support bearings 211, which support crankshaft 208. A flywheel 213 and rotary input machine 212 are also preferably connected to the crankshaft by a sprag (not shown). 6 and 7, the ends of cylinder 115 are structured in such a way as to retain piston 119 within the central bore of cylinder 115. Dolor lumbar por estar de pie . Cylinder 115 may be variable in length, although it is contemplated that cylinder 115 should be of a length sufficient to allow piston 119 to move along a useful stroke.

FIG. 7 provides a detailed view of prime mover piston 119 as housed within cylinder 115. In the detailed view provided in FIG. FIG. 20 provides a sectional view of wave engine device 106 having a slider crank integrated therein. FIGS. 22 through 25 provide a series depicting one half of the operational cycles of a wave engine device 106 having a slider crank integrated therewith. With reversal of the wave’s flow field, piston 205 is forced to travel in the opposite direction, completing the cycle of wave engine device 106 awaiting another wave to begin the cycle again. With reversal of the wave’s flow field, piston subassembly 110 is forced to travel in the opposite direction, completing the engine’s cycle and awaiting another wave to begin the cycle again.

Prime mover piston subassembly 110 preferably moves into a bell end 114 where the fluid conductor becomes significantly larger than the diameter of piston 119 and fluid is allowed to pass around piston subassembly 110 without creating substantial force on the surface of piston 119. The wave’s flow field reverses itself during the second half of wave. The housing portion of the present device (such as cylinder 115, described below, for example) captures and directs water flow from passing waves into a central axis thereof.

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FIGS. 26 through 28 depict a portion of a cycle of a wave engine device of the present invention having slide valves associated therewith. FIGS. 15 through 18 depict a portion of a cycle of a wave engine having a linear pump associated therewith. The present device, however, includes lower deck 304 having a plurality of openings 316 associated therewith. Antifriction materials suitable for use with the present device may include, for example, materials constructed from synthetic polymers, synthetic copolymers, carbon fiber materials, silicon-based materials, graphite materials, metals materials such as titanium nitride-based materials, and the like, as well as combinations thereof. Now described in detail is a rigid structural array constructed in accordance with the principles of the present invention. Medicamentos para dolor de columna lumbar . The present invention relates generally to a device for producing power and potable water, and more specifically to a device for harnessing ocean wave energy for producing power and potable water.

FIG. 32 is a top view of a rigid structural array constructed in accordance with the teachings of the present invention. Any suitable means of mooring the present device may be utilized, and the device may occupy any suitable position within a body of water. A valve is preferably provided at the end of the stroke of piston 119 within cylinder 115 in order to allow excess water to be diverted around piston 119 at the end of the piston’s useful stroke. 27, power is being transferred to power transducer 251 by prime mover piston 255. Prime mover piston 255 has reached the end of its useful stroke at the point illustrated in FIG. Spar buoy 312 associated with the OWEC 314 being maintained continues to protrude through an opening 306 in upper deck 302, and if maintenance is required on spar buoy 312 it can be performed at this time as well.

Rigid structural array 400 includes features and structures described with respect to rigid structural array 300, above, including an upper deck 402, a lower deck 404, desalination plant 408, power plant 410, and associated OWECs 414 having spar buoys 412. Unless otherwise stated, the various structural features and components of rigid structural array 400 that have analogous parts described above with respect to rigid structural array 300 function in substantially the same manner as those described with respect to rigid structural array 300, above. The above and other implementations of a wave engine device, as well as various components thereof, are now described more fully. Dolor de costillas y espalda . Wave engine devices have been described in patent documents related to the present document and referenced above. For example, eighty percent of the capability of the present device may be directed toward production of electricity, with the remaining twenty percent of capability being directed to the production of potable.