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Un dentista experimentado escribe.: Dolor de muelas muy.. In the illustrated embodiment, the input cylinders 110 and the offset cylinders 130 are mechanically coupled at their opposite ends to the buoy housing 102. The illustrated embodiment includes two groups of input cylinders 110 including a first group 110 a of input cylinders and a second group 110 b of input cylinders. In a first case, excess hydraulic fluid may have accumulated on the bore side of the active input cylinders 110. When the tether 106 is loaded, the bore chamber is pressurized while the annulus chamber is depressurized, pushing hydraulic fluid out of the input bore chamber and into the output bore chamber. In this way a small percentage of the fluid volume exiting the input bore chamber is transferred to the input annulus chamber. In this case fluid is removed from the closed system by way of a valve and/or a low flow valve.

Tríptico informativo multicultural del tratamiento del.. By way of the hydraulic connection 140, individual input cylinders 110 or groups of input cylinders 110 may be switched into or out of the hydraulic connection to allow the tuning of the ration of the area of the input cylinders 110 to the area of the output cylinder 120. The illustrated embodiment, includes accumulators 142 and overpressure systems 144 which may lead to smoothing and absorb any overpressure in the system. Additional pairs of input cylinders 110 could potentially be added, and allow additional alternative multiplication ratios to be achieved between the input and output of the hydraulics.

FIG. 7 is a table 200 illustrating one embodiment of a relationship between air tank sizes and an effective spring constant in accordance with one embodiment of the present invention. 8 represent the achievable spring constant identified in the table in FIG. In some embodiments, the gas charged accumulator provides elastic absorption of energy with an effective spring constant being a function of extendable air volume in the air tank array. As the implementation described here is a closed hydraulic system, a mechanism to ensure that the hydraulic fluid volumes stay constant in the system may be used. Some embodiments described herein benefit from the location of the electrical generator(s) as included inside the buoy housing 102 and separated from the water. Under some sea conditions, the wave energy converter will absorb more energy than the electric generator can absorb.

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Some embodiments include a fluid balancing network 160. Dolor de espalda embarazo tercer trimestre . In some embodiments, the fluid balancing network 160 allows for the transfer of hydraulic fluid from the bore side of the input cylinders 110 and/or the output cylinders 120 to the annulus side, and also for the addition of supplemental fluid from an external tank. Due to dynamic flow conditions when input cylinders 110 and/or output cylinders 120 are brought in and out of an active state, the volume of hydraulic fluid in the annulus and bore chambers of the hydraulic cylinders may change over time.

The hydraulic connection is configurable to switch a portion of the hydraulic cylinders into and out of the hydraulic connection between the input cylinders and the output cylinders. An apparatus and method also perform the functions of the system. For instance, an arrow may indicate a waiting or monitoring period of unspecified duration between enumerated steps of the depicted method.

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Passive input cylinders may have the bore and annulus chambers connected, removing the possibility for fluid to collect in one chamber at the expense of the other. A one-way valve is necessary to ensure that, over multiple cycles, the net flow is toward the annulus side. The volume of fluid exiting the output annulus port equals that entering the input annulus port, and likewise on the bore ports. The illustrate embodiment includes an air tank array with three air tanks (132 a, 132 b, and 132 c) or air tank arrays in parallel to each other. Removing the need for an accumulator driven air tank system may be advantageous when the air system is in close proximity to the output cylinders. As the tether 106 cycles through the oscillating motion, the hydraulic fluid within the input cylinders 110 is expelled and transferred into the output cylinders 120, which drives the cycling of the output cylinders 120. The output cylinders 120 are coupled to an electrical generator 150 to drive the electrical generator 150. The electrical generator 150 may further be coupled to a power grid 152 which can harvest the energy produced at the electrical generator.

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In an embodiment, the power transfer system includes a power dissipation network, and one or more valves to control distribution of power between the electrical generator and the power dissipation network. The power transfer system further includes at least one offset cylinder configured to offset a weight of the underwater structure. In some embodiments, the offset cylinders 130 are connected to or are part of a hydraulic and/or pneumatic system that absorbs energy as tension increases in the tether 106. The bore chamber of the offset cylinder 130 is connected to a gas-charged accumulator 131 with at least one external, extendable air tank 132. Dolor de espalda y cuello cronico . The absorption of elastic energy by the external air tank 132 provides a restoring spring functionality that is fundamental to optimal performance in a wave energy converter system. In some embodiments, the air tank array includes an array of differently sized air tanks that function differently.

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In some embodiments, the air tanks are arranged in parallel and are interconnected via valves that isolate or engage the individual air tanks. For example, a larger volume air tank will result in the resistive force increasing more slowly than the resistive force for a smaller volume air tank. In an embodiment, the offset cylinder is pressurized to provide an offset force opposite to the weight of the underwater structure. The offset cylinders further serve to provide the restoring force that enables a sinusoidal motion in the output cylinders 120. A careful selection of the air volume will match the spring rate of the input cylinders 110 to an ideal value for maximum energy capture by the wave energy converter. The size or volume of the air tank will dictate the rise in resistive force. In some implementations, the output cylinders 120 are pneumatically operated, and the bore chamber is connected directly to an external air tank, similar to those connected to the offset cylinders 130 in FIG.

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As the leak rate past the cylinder seals is expected to be very slow in a properly functioning system, it is anticipated that the fluid balancing network 160 will be engaged on an as-needed basis when the mean cylinder offset drifts past tolerances. The power transfer system further includes a power dissipation network with one or more valves to control distribution of power between the electrical generator and the power dissipation network. As described above, the fluid balancing network 160 selectively introduces a low-flow transfer of fluid to re-establish a proper volume balance. Furthermore, the described features, structures, or characteristics of the invention may be combined in any suitable manner in one or more embodiments.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS In order that the advantages of the invention will be readily understood, a more particular description of the invention briefly described above will be rendered by reference to specific embodiments that are illustrated in the appended drawings. The buoy housing 102 is of an enclosure shaped to house the various components described herein. Although the power transfer system 100 is shown and described with certain components and functionality, other embodiments of the power transfer system 100 may include fewer or more components to implement less or more functionality. The power transfer system 100 further includes a plurality of hydraulic cylinders.

Acupuntura This invention relates to a buoy/mooring system with electrical generators disposed inside the buoy or inside an enclosure located at the bottom of a tether or disposed on a length of the tether. This would be suitable for input cylinder arrangements that involve higher forces and longer travels, as the loads can be distributed across multiple input cylinders 110. Without excluding other possible configurations, FIG.

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5, 2013. This application is related to U.S. The energy stored in the pressurized fluid can then be used to apply a mechanical load to a generator housed in the buoy. As the tether 106 oscillated upwards and downwards through the opening in the buoy housing 102, the structural member 117 will move upwards away from the depicted portion of the buoy housing 102 and downwards and towards the depicted portion of the buoy housing 102. Dolor de hombro derecho en el embarazo . In other words, the structural member 117 will oscillate up and down relative the buoy housing 102 as the tether 106 oscillates. 102 to the underwater structure 104. Although only one tether 106 is depicted, the system may include a plurality of tethers 106 which couple the buoy housing 102 to the underwater structure 104. In some embodiments, the tether 106 is configured to enter the interior chamber of the buoy housing 102 through a sealed entry point.