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Posturas de yoga para aliviar dolor de espalda - ActitudFem Casing 18 also links together by oil hydraulic cylinder 22.On each side of casing 18, the quantity being connected to the oil hydraulic cylinder 22 of casing 18 by spherojoint 24 can reach four.The often end of each oil hydraulic cylinder 22 is supporting has spherojoint 46(in illustrational mode of execution, and the often end of oil hydraulic cylinder 22 all has spill spherojoint portion, and the often end of casing 18 all has convex spherojoint portion).Casing 18 can have the oil hydraulic cylinder of nearly 16 movements simultaneously.The movement of casing 18 makes hydrodynamic force in oil hydraulic cylinder 22, and this hydraulic coupling drives oil hydraulic motor 48.Fluid motor-driven generator 50 is separately to produce electric energy. Ocean blanket system 12 comprises three for providing the independent assembly of electric energy.The first, constitute grid (grid) by the interconnective casing 18 of mechanical ball joint 20, the degrees of freedom that casing 18 moves relative to adjacent boxes 18 one way or another given by mechanical ball joint 20.Casing 18 is also interconnected by multiple oil hydraulic cylinder 22, and due to the effect of wave, casing can move relative to each other, and makes the oil hydraulic cylinder 22 of connect box stretch out along with floating moving of casing and shrink.Stretching out and shrinking along with oil hydraulic cylinder, creates the flowing of the hydraulic pump/motor hydraulic fluid by being connected to each casing, thus makes revolution.Along with the rotation of motor, this motor drives generator.The quantity of the oil hydraulic cylinder that each casing connects can reach 16.Composition graphs 2-Fig. 6 describe in detail the operation of oil hydraulic cylinder, motor and generator very much.The electric energy that generator produces is by collector ring 23.When system 10 rotates, collector ring 23 remains on fixed position, keeps together being all electrically connected.The collector ring 23 that whole electric energy that casing 18 produces will pass through on this casing constantly.

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Cómo lograr la higiene de la columna para evitar el dolor.. Fig. 1 illustrates whole system 10, and has the detailed view of critical piece in Fig. While generator base 38 and turbine 32 rotate around vertical axis, collector ring 43 remains on fixed position.Along with system rotates, collector ring 43 will make all electrical connections keep together, and whole electric energy that whole generator 36 produces will continue through collector ring 43.From this point, can utilize marine submerged cable and or overhead cable power delivery that native system is produced to terminal use.

IMG_20200820_191812 Each subtense angle utilizes different power generatings, and in many cases, the possibility that all power reduces simultaneously is very little.Power delivery that system 10 produces by submarine cable can be utilized to terminal use. The open terrace (deck) of system 10 is provided with large-scale wind turbine 16a, and this wind turbine 16a can have the conventional design utilizing wind-force to produce electric energy.

Paddle wheel 24 rotates around horizontal axis to produce electric energy.Flow to if ocean current changes, this paddle wheel also must can change direction; For this reason, paddle wheel must be able to rotate around vertical axis.This point by forming groove 58(see Fig. Fig. 1 is the stereogram of power generation system, and has subtense angle details in Fig.

Each turbine 32 rotates around horizontal axis.Along with turbine 32 rotates around its horizontal axis, the axle being connected to right-angle gear box (rightanglegearbox) and/or angle coupling (rightanglejoint) will rotate around vertical axis.The rotation of pivotal axis will drive relative generator to produce electric energy. 2), the paddle wheel 24 that the bottom (namely water-immersed part) of each casing 18 is arranged provides the second source of electric energy.Paddle wheel 24 rotates with the flowing of ocean current, thus another generator on drive case assembly.Paddle wheel rotates around horizontal axis to provide electric energy; Each paddle wheel 24 also can rotate around the vertical axis corresponding to rudder, to keep its flowing of horizontal rotation axis perpendicular to ocean current, thus the power of the ocean current of promotion paddle wheel 24 is maximized. 7. the water turbine quantity in each water turbine thermomechanical components. Preferably, protective equipment is set to protect water turbine thermomechanical components from organism in water, ship, submarine and the damage usually swimming in the remains in water.

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Figure 10 is the stereogram of the platform with the hole detailed view of installing water turbine thermomechanical components. In other countries of the world, a large amount of electric energy is all produced by oil, rock gas, coal or nuclear energy equipment.Burning petroleum, rock gas and coal then cause atmospheric pollution, and along with developed country is to the growth at full speed of electrical energy demands, these fuel sources reduce just rapidly.The nuclear fuel that nuclear energy needs cleaning discarded, and the harm of discarded nuclear fuel will continue several century. In the present invention, power generating equipment comprises water blanket (waterblanket), and this water blanket comprises multiple casing (pod), the plurality of cabinet arrangement in grid to swim on the surface in a slice waters.Each described casing is connected on adjacent casing by spherojoint and oil hydraulic cylinder.Motor is connected to described oil hydraulic cylinder, thus makes described revolution by the flowing of hydraulic fluid, and the stretching out of oil hydraulic cylinder that the flowing of described hydraulic fluid is caused by described moving of casing produced with contraction.Generator is connected to respective motor and generates electricity with the rotary motion by described motor.