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Furthermore, the device comprises a venturi system 118 for accelerating the speed of the marine current which drives the propeller 112. The propeller 112 is located outside the casing 111. This is for example a Kaplan type propeller. This back pressure is exerted on the rotating shaft which links the pump to the energy recovery means located upstream of it. The fact of having such a multicellular centrifugal pump with its axis of rotation parallel or substantially parallel to the direction of the current makes it possible to counter the thrust exerted by the energy recovery means (propeller) on the pumping means. This can be binding. The water thus used can return to the sea. The first and second settings can be controlled either independently or concomitantly. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS Other features and advantages will become apparent from the following description. On the other hand, the power absorbed by the pump is proportional to the cube of the speed of rotation of the axis (driven by the turbine).

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Dolor pulsante en el pecho, con dolor en el brazo.. The propeller 112 is driven by the sea current, characterized by a large mass of water at low pressure, and the pump 116 injects a transport liquid in the form of a small mass of water at high pressure. In a variant of this embodiment, the apparatus comprises a turbine comprising an inverted paddle propeller and means for reversing the orientation of the blades of the propeller as a function of the direction of the current, so that the turbine rotates according to a constant direction of rotation despite current reversals. The apparatus may include one or more anchors connected to the chain (s) to secure the apparatus to the seabed. In this respect, it is pointed out that a particularly advantageous application of the invention consists in recovering the energy of tidal currents, whose period, direction and force are quite predictable – which is an important factor in guaranteeing a satisfactory efficient and economically profitable recovery of energy.

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The first and second conversion means, directly coupled, are then arranged close to one another to ensure this coupling. The compressor 216 circulates the air under pressure in the conduit 219. The air is conveyed via the conduit 219 to the injector 239. The injector 239 injects into the conduit 229 a mixture comprising air from the conduit 219 and the water taken from the expanse of water. Similarly, there are known hydroelectric machines (sometimes called “tidal turbines” or “underwater wind turbines”) capable of converting the kinetic energy of a marine current into a mechanical or electrical energy. Et en fonction des caractéristiques des courants dans une région donnée on pourra dimensionner les turbines de récupération d’énergie ainsi que les seconds moyens de conversion d’énergie pour maximiser le rendement global du système tout en faisant fonctionner les différents composants dans leur plage nominale.

Dans le cas d’un manifold muni de moyens d’admission permettant de régler sélectivement l’ouverture de chaque conduit 119, il est possible de gérer ainsi l’admission de fluide sous pression en provenance des différents appareils 110. Ces différentes admissions de fluide se combinent au niveau de manifold en un flux unique, qui alimente la turbine située en 120. Dans le cas d’un courant marin dont on connaît à l’avance les caractéristiques (cas des courants de marée) il est possible de programmer à l’avance ces ouvertures pour obtenir un flux d’alimentation de turbine de caractéristiques désirées, par exemple à l’intérieur d’une plage de fonctionnement désirée de la turbine ; Les appareils 110 peuvent être disposés dans des sites géographiques distincts, chaque site présentant à un moment donné des caractéristiques de courant différentes. Dolor muscular por nervios . Le réservoir peut ensuite servir pour le délestage d’une part de son énergie notamment lorsque le courant du fluide est faible.