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8A-F, each horizontal mooring line 802 may be attached to a mooring buoy 806, which may then be connected to a vertical mooring line 808. It will be understood in view of this disclosure that horizontal mooring line 802 and vertical mooring line 808 may be the same mooring line and connected to mooring buoy 806. It will be further understood in view of this disclosure that the term mooring buoy 806 as used herein also includes low-column, mid-column, and high-column buoys and that such buoys may have any positive or negative buoyancy.

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10 señales de que podrías tener desorden de ansiedad.. At time T2 604, 704, the spars 104, 106 and nacelle 102 have rotated counterclockwise in pitch to a vertical orientation and moved left (or forward) in the surge direction. 9B-C. From this position, the overtopped float 904 may be de-ballasted such that a ballast chamber at the top of the overtopped float 904 is buoyant, thereby creating a moment to rotate the float in the forward direction as depicted in Fig. It will be further apparent in view of this disclosure that, although the rotors 204 are shown to be configured internal to fixed outer stators 206, the rotors 204 could be configured as outer rotors around fixed inner stators, or both the rotors 204 and stators 206 could be rotatable regardless of positioning. In yet still further embodiments, requirements may exist to prevent uninhibited 360-degree float 902, 904 rotation.

It may be desirable to adjust the position of the HCS 116 for any number of reasons, including but not limited to, variation in sea states, variation in weather, and/or changes to mission requirements. In various embodiments one or more of the floats 108, 110 may be designed to have one or more internal ballast tanks (not shown). Many embodiments in accordance with the present disclosure include a mooring system, which may be designed to keep the WEC 100 on station relative to a wave field (not shown) without over-ranging the electrical line 810. The mooring system may be any of a slack, low-column, mid-column, or high-column mooring system having one or more mooring lines that attach to WEC 100. In some embodiments, the mooring system may also be used to control yaw of the WEC 100 relative to the wave field.

Additionally, the spars 104, 106 serve as a point of attachment for one or more hydrodynamic control systems 116 (e.g., a weight, plate, or ballast tank). In some embodiments, such HCSs 116 may include additional features (not shown) such as, for example, dynamic ballast controls, vanes/rudders, trim tabs, mooring system attachments, or any other desired additional feature. The float 108, 110 can be returned to its nominal position by PTO control, ballast control, locking mechanism, braking mechanism, ratchet mechanism or any combination of these approaches. Fig. 11 provides side views illustrating the length and depth of four exemplary WECs in accordance with various embodiments of the present invention. Figs. 9A-F are side views illustrating an overtopped float correction in accordance with various embodiments of the present invention. The foregoing embodiments are therefore to be considered in all respects illustrative rather than limiting of the invention described herein.

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  • F05B2260/504-Kinematic linkage, i.e. transmission of position using flat or V-belts and pulleys
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For embodiments including propulsion systems, the propulsion may be provided by any suitable propulsion device (e.g., propeller, pumpjet, paddle wheel, magnetohydrodynamic drive, etc.). At time T4 608, 708, the spars 104, 106 and nacelle 102 have rotated clockwise in pitch to a vertical orientation and moved right (or aft) toward center 601 in the surge direction. Dolor de cabeza dolor muscular y cansancio . At time T3 606, 706, the WEC 100 has moved in surge such that the spars 104, 106 and nacelle 102 are to the left (or forward) of center 601 and pitched counter clockwise. In such embodiments the optimized shape (slope and radius) is the result of an optimized power to cost ratio. Figs.l2A-C are dimensional schematics of a small-scale WEC in accordance with various embodiments of the present invention.

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This problem stems from a variety of considerations, including that existing wave energy conversion devices typically lack adequate protection mechanisms from extreme conditions, suffer from relative mechanical unreliability, and fail to fully capture the rotational energy of a wave. In the most extreme weather conditions, when all measures are necessary to assure survivability, the first float 108 and second float 110 may be ballasted with water to submerge both into a vertical orientation as depicted in Fig. For example, in some embodiments the WEC 100 may need to be towed to or from its operational location for deployment or recovery in an orientation different from its nominal operating position.

Fisioterapia a domicilio. Alejandro Marín - Alejandro.. All sides (e.g., 1 lOa-c) of second float 110 may be flat or concave, but in some preferred embodiments may be slightly convex. Figure 7 depicts the numerically computed phased response of the spars 104, 106 and nacelle 102 with respect to the wave for an 8.5 second wave period. The forward side 108b may, in some embodiments, be optimized in both radius and slope in order to maximize energy capture from the incident wave climate. It will be apparent in view of this disclosure that particular float geometries, dimensions, and orientations will vary depending on the particular size, power requirements, and expected operating conditions of each individual WEC 100. In a plan view perspective, the forward side 110b of the second float 110 is rectangularly shaped to maximize exposed surface area, thereby increasing energy capture, and optimized to maximize the combined effects of wind, waves, and currents.