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The wing frame then pulls the hull as directed by the rudder under the control of the microprocessor. The orientation of the thrust vector can be directed by the rudder behind the glider, completely independent of the direction of the waves. However, other mechanisms cause one or two oscillations (oscillations) in thrust to occur during each wave cycle. The vessel is configured such that the vertical wave motion of the vessel is mechanically coupled to a device that provides horizontal movement power to the vessel (such as fins or wing frames), and is also mechanically coupled to a generator of electrical power. Thus, the swimmer generates thrust both when ascending and descending, resulting in forward movement of the entire boat. When the wave reaches the apex or its lowest point, the tension on the tether is fairly constant and forward thrust is minimal.

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Woman accepting and signing her diagnosis with female physiotherapist. In this case, the rotating fins or turbines are adapted to generate electricity when rotated in one direction; and when rotating in the opposite direction, acts as a motor providing horizontal thrust to the vessel via the water. When the trim system is installed, it may be controlled by an on-board microprocessor programmed to determine the appropriate priority between moving force and power generation to adjust the damping or locking devices on each system accordingly.

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The terms “control unit”, “central control unit” and “control center” are used interchangeably to refer to an electronic component or combination of components that receives information about one or more conditions of water, weather, or other aspects of the environment at one or more locations, makes a decision as to where it is appropriate to dispense fertilizer or other materials from one or more dispensing vessels, and sends instructions to the vessels in the fleet accordingly. May also be used to power an electrically driven propulsion system, such as an electric motor or turbine coupled to a propeller. In another example, the vessel has a propeller (propeller) that can be driven backwards, acting as a generator when moving to produce electricity. 8B. The module includes a rechargeable battery, a rotating magnet conductor arrangement that acts as both a motor and a generator, and a third component that acts as both a propeller and a turbine.

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Alternatively, the link arms 44a and 44b may be configured to lock in a neutral horizontal position when all wave energy is required for thrust, or when electricity generation is not required. Power may also be extracted whenever it is available to provide boat propulsion: either to supplement the thrust obtained from the wave motion mechanically or to replace the mechanical thrust when the wave motion is insufficient. 7, when there is abundant wave power, the wings on the swimmer generate thrust or moving power to move the ship forward. This minimizes lost motion between the upstroke and the downstroke and enables even very small waves to be successfully converted to forward thrust. Dolor lumbar gluteo . Fig. 7, 8A, and 8B illustrate examples of vessels that use wave motion to generate translational thrust and power from vessel motion.

The stored energy may be used to provide propulsion on calm days when the wave action itself does not provide sufficient power to travel the vessel at a desired speed. The battery system may be used to buffer and support the electronics that vary throughout the day and night, but if the boat is only transiting for a long period of time in the north of the pole, for example, solar energy may be insufficient. The fluctuations (fluctuations) in thrust obtained by mechanical conversion can be damped by powering the electric motor in a fluctuating mode of the same frequency but substantially out of phase. In this way, thrust from the mechanical transformation alternates with thrust from the electric motor so that the combined translational thrust is dampened to a more consistent level. In a variation of this system, the damping is variable so that the ratio of wave motion for moving thrust can be precisely adjusted.

The wave motion again stretches the distance between the float and the tether, but in this case the linkage arm is pulled towards an upward orientation, creating potential energy in the spring that can be converted into electricity. In fact, sufficient power can be harvested from the waves to not only power the electronics, but also to generate a supply of energy that can then be used to move the force. As the waves move horizontally along the surface, the water itself moves in a generally circular orbit of decreasing diameter with the logarithm of the depth.