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Úrculo Neurocirugía - Neurocirugia Urculo From the above, the two subsystems vibrate relatively in the direction of oscillation and translation around the horizontal axis, and when the entire device is subjected to a critical velocity fluid flow, the adjacent foils are shown in FIG. It will be apparent that they vibrate with phases that are approximately 180 degrees different from each other. In the case of two subsystems oscillating in phases 180 degrees different from each other, with the distance s between adjacent foils, the fluid is not disturbed at s / 2, the midpoint between adjacent foils. A windmill is an easy-to-understand example of a device that can use such energy, but a large centrifugal force is generated by the rotation of large blades, the operating frequency depends on the wind speed, and a natural wind In order to generate a sufficient force from the current flow, a wide generation place, that is, a circle formed by the rotation of the blades is required, so that its use is limited.

At speeds above the critical speed, the increase in aerodynamic energy increases the instability and eventually the aerodynamic energy becomes too great and destroys the aerofoil. The aerofoil is preferably arranged as two staggered foil subsystems. In FIG. 6, the 1st embodiment which mounts an aerofoil is shown. Several embodiments of the invention and improvements thereof have been chosen for purposes of illustration and description, as shown in the accompanying drawings, which form a part of the specification.

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Using the same reference numbers as in the previous drawings, connecting rods or cables 8e, 8o, 9e, 9o are connected to shafts 15e, 15o, 16e, 16o for the “sub” subsystems at the leading and trailing edges, respectively. Therefore, energy can be generated under control using this phenomenon. This patent discloses a device that includes a wire that vibrates upon vortex shedding and converts this vibration into useful work. Furthermore, such vibrations are due to Karman vortex street phenomena, not flutter aeroelastic phenomena.

In order to change the system parameters, a control device such as a detector (not shown) for detecting the fluid velocity, such as an anemometer for measuring the wind velocity, or a detector for detecting the amplitude of vibration is provided. The rod or cable extends beyond the frame through holes 13e, 13o and connects to a generator (not shown). The interlocking mechanism is in this case a rigid rod 8e that connects to the “even” leading edge foil, but this mechanism is attached to the second rod 35e by a pin 33e, which rotates the crankshaft 29e, This crankshaft rotates the generator 31e together with the flywheel 37e on the same crankshaft. This may be provided directly on the subsystem or may be provided to an electromechanical generator (not shown) fitted with subsystem rods or cables. Although eight foil cascades are shown as examples, it goes without saying that the number of foils arranged as cascades can be changed according to the intended use of the apparatus.

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The cross sections of these foils need only be symmetrical, and can be flat plates with rounded front and rear edges, as shown in other figures. Flutter and critical speed are not important factors because the cascade is used here only to assist the propulsion of the fluid in which the cascade is installed.

Much research has been done on flutter phenomenon, and the large energy generated in flutter has been recognized from early on, but such flutter vibration cannot be controlled during aircraft navigation, and eventually the wing of the aircraft Only the research to avoid this destructive result is overwhelmingly conducted. Dolor en la articulacion de la mano . Research has been conducted in search of alternative sources of energy, but as a result, the fundamentally inexhaustible use of kinetic energy obtained from moving fluids such as wind, current, rivers, and ocean currents has attracted attention again. It can be said that these energies are derived from solar energy sources in that they are movements caused by solar radiation heating.

  • The apparatus of claim 4, wherein the electroactive material is an electroactive polymer
  • Ayudar a regenerar los nervios periféricos
  • Estenosis raquídea (estrechamiento del conducto raquídeo)
  • Evita el uso de ropa ajustada
  • Blade depth 0.7 m to 1.4 m preferably about 1.2 m,

このようなフォイルを、航空機の揚力ではなく、エネルギー発生のために使用することを強調するために、より一般的に使用される「エアフォイル」という術語ではなく、「エアロフォイル」という術語を使用する。 システムのパラメーターを変更するために、風速を計るための風速計等の流体速度を検出するための検出器(図示せず)や、振動の振幅を検出するための検出器等の制御装置を設ける。 この検出器からの信号でシステムへフィードバックを与え、システムの少なくとも一つのパラメーターを変更する。小型はずみ車には、アーム23e、23o、24e、24o上に延長する追加の錘21e、21o、22e、22oが取りつけられ、この錘はサブシステムにより大きな慣性を与え、この錘のアーム上での位置を制御してサブシステムの有効慣性を変更することができる。