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Fisioterapia en Centro Hospitalario, Joffre Dupuytren. • Fisioterapia en Centro Privado “Mans de Sant”, en Sant Cugat, Barcelona. • Osteópata y fisioterapeuta en centro privado Body Help. • Osteopatía en Centro Privado de Fisioterapia y Enfermería, en Le Lamentin, Martinique. • Directora de su propia consulta privada de Osteopatía y Fisioterapia, Axon (actualidad). • Fisioterapeuta y Osteópata en varios centros privados en el Sur de la Isla Martinique, Francia: terapia manual, electroterapia, visitas a domicilio y Osteopatía. This unit operates in the same way as the hydrosail and aerosail configurations discussed above, and harnesses wind energy, rather than flowing water. At lower wind speeds, the Pivot Arms 16 can be extended in such a way as to introduce a larger angle of attack at the upwind edge of the Flexible Sheet assembly 15, enabling more efficient capture at these speeds.

2, a wind flow strikes the circumference of the Flexible Sheet assembly 15, and is split into two separate flows above and below, in the same manner described for the preferred embodiment in FIG. 26 is composed of Flexible Sheet 41, formed from individual panels similar to a parachute, that is fastened to a Flexible Sheet Axial Beam 40 in a circular loop shape that runs around the circumference of the partial hemispheric shape. Current knowledge also suggests that a singular sheet of durable film-like material may satisfy both the beam and lateral bending requirements.

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The generator unit 260 is pivotally attached to a support base 262, so that it can rotate about a vertical axis 264 in response to changes in wind direction. A generator base unit 260 is attached to the proximal ends of the pair of arms 256, and is configured to generate electrical energy from the swinging motion of the arms, as discussed above. Assembly that pivots as a single unit. For each Arcing Support structure 28, one end of a Top Cord 26 is attached to the top surface of the Flexible Sheet assembly 15 via a Cord Sheet Mount 21 a. A pair of substantially vertical sails 258 are attached at the distal end of each of the elongate arms 256, and these sails are positioned to be driven in opposing reciprocal swinging motion by the wind. Que es el dolor lumbar agudo . The system 252 includes a pair of elongate arms 256, having proximal and distal ends, configured for substantially symmetrically opposing reciprocal swinging motion in a substantially horizontal plane.

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Where the system 252 is attached to a building, as shown in FIG. FIG. 13 shows a cross-section of the Pivot Assembly (FIG. Assembly that enables both sides to pivot independently of each other. 34) 117 to be stacked upon each other secured, and aligned. The turbine engine further comprises a device for holding the first and second turbine stacks, comprising a single vertical member symmetrical with respect to said plane or vertical members, each of said vertical members being symmetrical with respect to said plane and/or said vertical members being arranged symmetrically with respect to said plane, the holding device further comprising first and second plates symmetrical with respect to said plane, at least partly perpendicular to said plane, and arranged between the first and third turbines and between the second and fourth turbines, the first and second rotation shafts being pivotally connected to the first plate and the third and fourth rotation shafts being pivotally connected to the second plate.

The total lift is always present, independently from the cause of the turbine rotation, that is, in the case of certain cross flow turbines, independently from the fact that the rotating of 35 the turbine shaft is due to local lift forces at the level of 3 each blade. Once the downwind Pivot arms 5 are at the full extent of travel, the Flexible Sheet Carrier 6 on the upwind Pivot 2 is oriented in the same direction as the Pivot arms 5 on the downwind Pivot 2. This creates a new splitting of the airflow, with the concave curvature on the opposite side of the Flexible Sheet 1. This new curvature generates lift in the opposite direction, and the cycle described above is repeated. This pulling force in turn causes the Pivot arms 5 of the downwind Pivot 2 to pull in the same direction as the lift. The lift force creates a curvature near the upwind edge of the Flexible Sheet 1, causing the Flexible Sheet 1 to pull itself toward the negative air pressure area generating the lift.

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The turbine engine then comprises remotely operable means capable, when the tank is immersed in the liquid, of at least partially filling the tank with liquid and/or of at least partially emptying the tank. According to an embodiment of the present invention, 30 the turbine engine comprises an anti-debris device comprising parallel bars and/or rods connected to at least one vertical member and at least partially surrounding the first and second turbine stacks. The turbine engine further comprises a control device capable of permanently maintaining the symmetry between the first and second turbine stacks with respect to said plane and of maintaining the rotation speeds of the first and second turbine stacks of equal values and of opposite rotation directions when the first and second turbine stacks are immersed in a moving liquid.

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According to an embodiment of the present invention, at least one vertical member symmetrical with respect to said plane extends upstream of the first and second turbine stacks with respect to the liquid flow direction and forms a stem. The designs however, work in only one wind direction (The oscillating wing structure), would not retain their intended airfoil shape while curving and buckling (at least not without internal structures that would prevent oscillation entirely.

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Despite the fact that at sufficiently high velocities of liquids, hydro wings are also subject to the flutter phenomenon, such a phenomenon was not observed in nature. 23, vertical members 130A, 130B do not mask 15 turbine units 12A, 12B as in Fig. Dolor muscular en los omoplatos . FIG. 12 shows a cross-section of the Pivot Arm (5 on FIG.

Control of the pitch of the sails 258 and rudders can utilize any of the control mechanisms mentioned above, and the sail and rudder shape and connection aspects discussed above with respect to FIGS. Generally, turbine units 12A, 12B provided with rings 94 may be used with any type of plates 46, 10 48, that is, plates corresponding to full plates, possibly open worked, to diamond-shaped plates, to plates comprising a ring shaped portion in front of rings 94, etc.

2) as the pivoting connection/support for the Flexible Sheet assembly, Support Cords 22 are used to connect the Arcing Support Structures 28 and their Active Support/Control Structures 36 to the Flexible Sheet assembly 15. The external support for the Support Cord 22 on the Arcing Support Structures is provided by Support Cord Sheave Blocks 23. The Support Cords 22 are connected to the Flexible Sheet assembly 15 using Cord Sheet Mounts 21 a. It can thus be provided to let twin 15 towers 196 rotate to maintain line Ll parallel to the upstream current if said current is variable. Axes E and E’ are confounded to enable the assembly of twin towers 196 to rotate with respect to the ground. At the same time as the curvature reaches the downwind edge, the shape of the Flexible Sheet assembly 15 appears inverted from its static position, similar to that of a standard parachute.

Conversely, when the pivoting motion of the Pivot Mounting Base (3 on FIG. 2 is a perspective view of an example of a pair of turbine engines; 7 Fig. Plane Pl is thus equidistant from the rotation axes of the 5 turbine units of the turbine engine pair. FIG. 14 shows a side-view of the bottom of the Pivot Assembly (FIG. The effect is the same for the Top Cords 26. They operate opposite the cycle described above, so that when a Bottom Cords 24 is being pulled and unwinding from the Linear-To-Rotational Motion Conversion Mechanisms (117 on FIG. The arm length at various wind speeds affects the formation and cascading effect of the curvature in the Flexible Sheet 1, and can be optimized depending on the wind speed to ensure maximum energy capture. Like the preferred embodiment, the shape created by the Flexible Sheet assembly 15 would at this stage create a concave shape facing the Passive Support Structure 17 a mounting surface, causing the same cascading cycle as previously noted.

In FIG. 18, attached to the Vane 7, is a Vane Support Mount 50 to enable connection to the Passive Vane Support 8 a or Active Vane Support 8 b. 12) and Flexible Sheet Coupler (45 in FIG. Attached to the Pivot Arm Telescoping Tube 44 is the Flexible Sheet Carrier 6, which includes a Flexible Sheet Coupler 45. The Flexible Sheet Carrier and Coupler may preferably be constructed of a high durometer polymer or a highly shock and fatigue resistant plastic such as Puck Board.

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