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Dolor en el pecho mujer joven - Ataque al corazón. Mujer.. The numbers here refer to the same elements already seen in Fig. These details become apparent on considering the following non limiting examples, that refer to the enclosed figures. Two different embodiments are shown in the enclosed figures, both pertaining to the finding of this invention : Fig. It has now been found that advantages equal to those of the hydraulic air compressors or OWC systems can be obtained at lesser cost and with fewer drawbacks, by using a different means for converting water energy into pneumatic energy different from those of the present art; i.e., how it will better clarified in the following, using the energy of an air stream aspirating ambient air in a duct by means of a suction produced by a water stream in said duct and using the energy of said air stream to move a pneumatic machine before this air is aspired into the duct.

Let us assume, for the sake of simplicity and of an easier comparison, that in both examples there is available a steady water stream with an inlet velocity of 1 metre per second and a useful drop (80) of 2 metres. It is an aim of the inventor to propose a process and a method for making it easier and cheaper to convert hydraulic energy into mechanical, especially from those water streams that are characterised by very low head drop values, and by rather large and/or very large flow rates. No mention of water flow rates has been made in these examples. Although the air stream has the same volume or, more exactly, an equal volume flow rate as the incoming water stream, and if the air pressure drop effectively driving the turbine equals the available water head, air can flow at much higher speeds than water, owing to its much smaller density, and this causes the pneumatic turbine to turn much faster than the hydraulic one.

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The difference (90) between these new levels is much greater than the previous one (80), and this shows how easily one can adapt the Venturi to the instantly available motive head, even if this involves a few additional losses, because of the increased distance between the new level (91) and the throat summit (25). Let us now turn to Fig. On entering said pipe, it is caused to entrain some air from the atmosphere, and the pipe leads the air-water mixture to a chamber or vessel placed at a much greater depth than the level of the discharge basin.

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The connection between main duct and secondary duct can take any of many shapes; in particular, their axes can be at an angle, even at a right angle, or at least either can curve at its end near the throat until it becomes parallel with the other, or even sometimes enter it and become concentric with it, or become subdivided into a number of parallel nozzles: all these devices have the common purpose of causing an intimate mixture of both driving and driven fluids to form within the throat.

This second fluid will mix with the first, or driving fluid, and be driven or entrained by the latter into the diffusor, at the outlet of which there will arrive a mixture of both, driving fluid and driven fluid. By operating an air wheel or turbine with sucked air the risk of malfunctions is reduced because the air flow is not charged with moisture or mist. Dolor en la boca de estomago y espalda . The air wheel or turbine can be coupled, in turn, with an electric generator (not shown). The hydraulic air compressor will then connect the forebay with the sunken ship, and compressed air can be withdrawn from the latter, while water flows from its bottom directly into the surrounding sea. D lι,2 and I2,3 are the losses incurred in , respectively, the first or convergent stretch and in the second stretch or diffusor of the Venturi. Let us first look at Fig. According to the invention, as already said, the suction of air can be obtained by a combination of both Venturi and siphon effect, although, in some cases, just the first or the second effect could be used.

KMINA - Funda Apoyo Codo KMINA, Acolchado muletas anti.. 2 the Venturi summit is decidedly above said level, so that the siphon effect is responsible for the larger part of the total suction. 1 shows a Venturi whose summit is just below the level of the forebay, so that all the suction it produces relies substantially on the Venturi effect, while in Fig.

Both embodiments are efficient, but their fields of application are different : the embodiment of Fig. Finally, a third type of motion is simple upward or downward translation, causing the Venturi to keep staying parallel to its former position, while moving to different levels : this can be useful on sites where the tidal range is considerable. This second check valve will allow the air from the secondary duct to enter the throat, but not to flow back from it, and it will be most useful in the case, that one can expect to meet often, where a number of Venturis are connected in parallel via a manifold to the pneumatic motor or motors : thanks to their check valves, some Venturis can keep working, while others are momentarily out of priming and/or out of service. In contrast with the former, it requires priming by a separate suction pump at the start, and an appropriate control system, especially for preventing loss of priming in the course of operation.

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Water in the latter has a lower level than in the former, and the level difference is the motive head drop one wants to use. Even plants between 3 and 4 metres drop are considered borderline, and their construction suffers a lot of hesitation and delay. The duct axis can be horizontal, vertical, inclined or even curved.

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A recent proposal features the use of dismissed oil tankers as separator vessels, that would be sunk and laid on the sea floor. 1 can get primed by itself, whenever hit by a billow, and requires little or no attendance, even if driven by so irregular a water source as wave motion causing a frequent loss of priming.