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Cirugía ultrasónica: mayor precisión y menos.. The subsystems may be interconnected to move 180 degrees out of phase or may be interconnected solely with oppositely acting mechanical oscillators which maintain and enhance the flutter oscillations and also provide the initial disturbance of the aerofoils within the fluid stream. Finally, FIG. 1 ( c ) indicates a free-standing system mounted on a pivot 6 with a cylinder 4 on top to house the linkages, crankshafts and generators, with a fin 7 on top to direct the system to be transverse to the fluid flow. 4 and 5 can also be used to allow the mechanical energy from off-shore wind or waves to mechanically power a series of pumps that are connected in such a way, so as to transport pressurized liquid a great distance to a location on-shore, where the liquid flow is converted to electricity by means of a hydroelectric plant. In the case of wave energy, the wave energy may be harvested by means of producing a rotating motion or a back-and-forth motion, both of which can mechanically power a liquid pump.

The aerofoils are mechanically oscillated to provide or increase the propulsive effect of the fluid. While flutter is not generally observed at naturally occurring water speeds, if the inertia of the system is increased by the use of flywheels attached to the generators or in between the hydrofoils and the generator system, flutter has been experimentally verified for hydrosystems According to one aspect of the invention, there is provided a novel method for converting the kinetic energy of an air flow into useful work by positioning a cascade of thin aerofoils in a moving stream to define an aerodynamic system. According to yet another aspect of the invention, there is provided either a single aerofoii in a bounded fluid or a cascade of aerofoils in a moving fluid stream. According to a further aspect of the invention, there is provided a method for convening the kinetic energy of the fluid stream into useful work by positioning a device including a pair of parallel plates and a thin aerofoil equally spaced from each plate and having at least two degrees of freedom within the fluid stream.

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Description of the Prior Art The continuing search for alternative sources of energy has caused a renewal of interest in utilizing the essentially inexhaustible kinetic energy of moving fluids such as wind, stream, river and ocean currents. A set of rods, 8e and 80, and 9e and 90, attached to the leading and trailing, even and odd foils respectively, interconnect the subsystems. 6, the foils are arranged in two subsystems, the odd numbered foils 23, 25, and the even numbered foils 24, 26. The complete system will consist of all of the foils. 5. Alternating foils are connected by rods or cables, 8e and 8o at the even and odd leading foil edges and 9e and 9o at the even and odd trailing edges respectively.

The windmill is a simple example of a device capable of harnessing such energy but is of limited utility because of the large centrifugal forces produced by large rotating blades, the dependence of the operating frequency on wind speed and the need for large areas of production, i.e. 14 and 15 are shown positioned in a bounded fluid, it is also within the scope of this invention to utilize such a cascade in a naturally flowing unbounded fluid stream, for example a river or a wind current. Causas del dolor de pierna . The same type of flow results if, instead of a cascade of foils, a flat plate is positioned at s/2 both above and below a single foil. Then at least one foil is disturbed to initiate harmonic oscillations and the utility device harnesses the energy from the fluid flow and converts it into useful work such as the production of electrical energy or a pumping action.

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10. While in the previous embodiments, the foils are freely moveable in pitch and plunge, in this embodiment the foils are free only to move in pitch while separate flaps, 391, 392, 393, etc. In the foregoing embodiments, the OCPS has included two subsystems of foils which move substantially 180 degrees out of phase. FIG. I shows a series, ( a ), ( b ), ( c ), of energy converters or systems (OCPS) comprised of frames 1 with either vertical or horizontal foils 2 in a variety of settings. 1 illustrating the position of the foils subjected to a critical velocity before and after being disturbed; the foils may either be aerodynamically shaped or even flat plates with rounded leading and trailing edges. Similar increases in efficiency can be achieved where the cascade is oscillated in pure pitch, a combination of pitch and plunge, or where flaps are provided either alone or in combination with pitch and/or plunge.

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These large flywheels are then connected by gears to a set of smaller flywheels, 19e, 190, 20e and 200 which, by virtue of the difference in radii, will rotate at a multiple of the subsystem frequency. These shafts are then connected to heavy flywheels, 17e, 170, 18e and 180 which rotate at the same frequency as the movement of the subsystems. Using the same numbering as in the previous figures, coupling rods or cables 8e, 80, 9e and 90 are connected to shafts 15e, 150, 16e and 160 for the leading edge and trailing edge “sub”-subsystems respectively. As in the previous figure, the fluid stream 46 is pumped through a conduit 47 and the foils are arranged in two subsystems, each responsive to one of the two mechanical driving system sources 481, 48.,, operating 180 degrees out of phase. Accordingly, in order for this velocity to induce flutter oscillations, one or more of the parameters of the system, which includes the generating system, must be varied.

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Moreover, as also mentioned above, presence of diode check valves on the high pressure lines or conduits and valves on the low pressure lines or conduits allows the entire system to work also if one or more of the pump units fail. Having thus described the invention and its improvements with particular reference to the preferred forms thereof, it will be obvious to those skilled in the art to which the invention pertains, after understanding the invention, that various changes and modifications may be made therein without departing from the original scope of the invention as defined by the claims appended hereto.

Each foil is symmetric with a rounded leading and trailing edge and may be flat over the remainder of its breadth, has zero camber to reduce lift forces and is rectangular in plan form. 3, additional types of liquids suitable for use with the present disclosure include oil, glycol and water solutions. Therefore, the large amounts of high pressure water obtained in accordance with this disclosure increase hydroelectric generation efficiency. A shaft, 15e, drives a large flywheel 17e which in turn is geared to drive a small flywheel 19e, with a mass 21e on an arm 23e. Possible motion between the tidal turbines and the large main water lines or conduits can be taken into account by providing small flexible lines or conduits, such as reinforced plastic pipes or carbon wound epoxy pipes. As also mentioned above, the liquid can be water, like fresh water or salt water. As also mentioned with reference to the description of FIG.

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