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Aspirina® 500 mg comprimidos efervescentes - Bayer Te Cuida The individual modules generators can be replaced without shutting down the entire grid. The layout of the individual lines of modules may also be offset so that the generators are not directly horizontal to each other. FIG. 8B is a diagram of an above view of symmetrical vertical blades in an operational array which is attached directly to land or other secured anchoring point using structural support beams. The floating hydro generator module can rise and lower 705 along with the water level using the anchor pipes as tracks to keep them in position. FIG. 10 is a diagram of an above view of an array of floating hydro-generator modules attached horizontally across a waterway In this iteration, it is possible to attach multiple modules along the length of the waterway while reducing the number of floats using horizontal support beams 1000. The units here are shown rotating clockwise 1001 and counterclockwise 1002. These may be tethered 1003 to land and or supported with anchors to the bottom of the waterway.

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PPT - Dolor postoperatorio Toraco- Abdominal PowerPoint.. Modular vertically floating units are tethered to shore with the generator residing above water and vertically oriented blades submerged in water. FIG. 11 is a diagram of an above view of an array of floating hydro generator modules attached in an array both vertically and horizontally in a scalable configuration. FIG. 9 is diagram of an above view of an array of floating hydro-generator modules attached vertically downstream. The configuration of the array increases the power of the water flow downstream instead of reducing it and therefore be scaled downstream, where others cannot.

An example long term application is a Micro-grid solution where the configuration can be quickly and easily scaled up or down as demand deems necessary simply by attaching more generator modules downstream. FIG. 12 is an illustration showing the rotation direction of the individual floating hydro-generator modules in a downstream vertically oriented array in pairs of two to maximize the power of the water flow. The vertical orientation of the blades actually increase the speed of the water flow as it moves around the vertical turbines rotation and moves downstream.

The result is that that even low pressure points occur at the leading edge 301 and the trailing edge 302. Across the length of the blade, the pressure is evenly distributed 303 minimizing lift away from the center of rotation 304, which would affect rotation speed. The leading edge of the blade 101 should be rounded and the trailing edge 102 can be pointed. BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION The present invention generally relates to hydropower systems, and more specifically to a modular hydrokinetic turbine. Hydrokinetic energy is the energy that can be captured from flowing water that occurs in rivers or ocean currents. Que me puedo tomar para el dolor de rodilla . Hydrokinetic technologies produce renewable electricity by harnessing the kinetic energy of a body of water, the energy that results from its motion.

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Systems according to the present disclosure require no dam or head as it converts the latent kinetic energy of a moving waterway into electricity. It is suited for rural electrification, captive generation, grid tie in and produced with electrical applications in mind & ready to feed electricity upon being installed. It can easily be removed in part or in whole and leave no footprint behind because no new dams were constructed and no changes were made that would impact the aquatic habitat.

8, 2015. The disclosure of the prior application is considered part of and is incorporated by reference in the disclosure of this application. The floating modules require little civil construction, which minimizes the need for heavy equipment, and dramatically accelerates the development and installation time; all while producing little environmental impact at a fraction of the installed cost of conventional hydropower. The preferred installation infrastructure requirements are land based with minimal in water work that can be installed in a matter of weeks as opposed to years (as is the case with conventional hydropower technology). In general, prior hydropower systems are disruptive to ecosystems, the environment, require high capital expenditure and result in extended permitting time to acquire regulatory approvals. FIG. 5 is a diagram of an above view of a rotating array of vertical blades showing the flow of water around the area of rotation and its impact on pressure and speed of flow.

A key factor in this application in terms of the blade shape is the surface area. While this invention has been particularly shown and described with references to preferred embodiments thereof, it will be understood by those skilled in the art that various changes in form and details may be made therein without departing from the spirit and scope of the present application as defined by the appended claims. It is to be understood that both the foregoing general description and the following detailed description are explanatory only and are not restrictive of aspects as claimed.

SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The following presents a simplified summary of the innovation in order to provide a basic understanding of some aspects of the invention. In the following description, for purposes of explanation, numerous specific details are set forth in order to provide a thorough understanding of the present invention. Tos con dolor de espalda . It may be evident, however, that the present invention may be practiced without these specific details. The system can have mechanisms in place to ensure that in the event of low water levels 706, the rotating blades will not hit the bottom of the waterway.

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The low cost of the turnkey system is disruptive, unlike traditional hydro solutions it requires neither head nor a wide waterway. The present system can be increased or reduced in capacity quickly. 0.12 per kWh. Transmission costs are greatly reduced as the power can be generated closer to the end users. High cost transmission lines required to service such isolated markets from large scale power projects frequently is not viable and so the optimal solution would be to create micro-grid scale power that can be easily and quickly deployed close to its end users with minimal infrastructure requirements. Additional floating devices 801 may be added in the event that the water level is highly variable, as well as protection in the event that the water level becomes too shallow for the rotating blades and prevent contact with the bottom of the waterway.

Músculo supinador: Dolores y puntos gatillo They are scalable by being arranged in arrays both across the waterway & downstream, depending on the site conditions. The estimated head width range is 6-100 feet and due to the flow dynamics around vertically oriented blades, they do not block the flow of water, and thus do not impede fish migration. FIG. 4 is a diagram from above of a symmetrical vertical blade configuration with other vertical blades in an operational array as they rotate. The generators are above water and can be easily maintained The individual modules can be attached to form arrays of up to one (1) MW or more depending upon the site. These blades can be made of metals or man-made materials and may be coated with chemicals or materials that reduce rust or long term deterioration from exposure to water or other liquids (e.g., in waste water plants). It is versatile enough for quick deployment, if necessary in as little as a few days for both short and long term applications with minimal physical infrastructure.

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The floating hydro generator module enables the system to adjust to changes in water levels and provides a safe mechanism to protect the rotating blades from colliding with the bottom of the water way in the event of extreme low water levels. Dolor muscular al respirar . Depending upon the water speed at an installation site, data shows that one can expect 60%-90% efficiency or 400% more power than an equivalent rated solar system. The bottom line is that a 5 kW solar system with storage, with a typical 15% efficiency rate can cost $2.00-$3.00 per watt installed, versus $1.50 for our mini hydro solution of the present invention. One objective is to gain efficiency downstream, and further improve output. The ensuing studies, engineering and time for construction approvals, raise the overall costs associated with hydro power development to the extent that the resulting Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) to recuperate these expenses becomes a risky proposition, as a developer must consider the possibility that a project may not be approved.