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Dolores musculares - Daniel Utrilla Fisioterapia a Domicilio Generator also includes magnet subsystem (including at least one magnet) and at least one coil, and is arranged so that The mobile relative displacement produced between magnet subsystem and at least one described coil of vibration of Part I so that electromotive force exists Generated at least one described coil.Preferably, generator includes these multiple coils, and these coils are preferably about first Divide and arrange, for example, be arranged to one or more circles on one or more horizontal planes above the pedestal of generator Row.Therefore, the vibration movement of Part I causes the change in the magnetic field of coil exposed, so that the vibration movement of Part I is turned Change electric energy into.

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Contractura muscular: qué es, principales tipos y.. In some embodiments, at least one described first magnet includes more than first arranged substantially adjacent to each otherly Individual magnet, it is described to be disposed adjacently to one another i.e. In certain embodiments of the present invention, the second generator module is arranged such that by Part I at first The duration of oscillation divided repeatedly triggers, to receive energy and momentum from Part I.That is so that Part I by Vortex movement, thus energy is sent to Part I from fluid, and then the energy part is transferred into the second generator module, this Cause vibration, thus the energy partially due to relative movement between magnet and coil and be converted into electric energy.Triggering preferably may be used To be pulse for occurring in short time period etc.This can be for example by making displacement magnet with the moving direction with the second generator Substantially vertical move close to is shifted magnet and thus made on the direction parallel with the moving direction of the second generator module The component of repulsion increase is realized rapidly.Therefore, the vibration movement of the second generator module due to the second generator module and Interaction between Part I is repeatedly fed and thus maintained.Part I including related elements can have base Larger inertia and quality generally bigger than the second generator module in sheet, thus triggering can make the second generator module With the high hunting of frequency relatively of the frequency of oscillation compared to Part I;Contact between quality and inertia has been described above opinion State.

The frequency of occurrences of vortex depends on wind speed.Therefore, in order that bar energy capture maximize, it may be desirable to vortex with Synchronous mode occurs along bar 1.In view of wind speed according to Herman exponential law with height increase and in view of vortex appearance The relative velocity (and this depends on wind speed) and the characteristic size of bar that frequency is depended between air and bar are (in this case, Depending on the diameter of bar) the two because relative velocity between air and bar increases with height, suitable for make the diameter of bar with Highly increase.Fig.

In some embodiments or aspect, Part I is arranged such that the mobile amplitude of vibration at least in specific speed Increase in the range of degree or with the speed of fluid for particular speed range, for example, increase with the wind speed of increase. The feature chi that rigid top has the height ” Y ” in the attachment point for depending on flexible bottom and pedestal attachment and changed Very little (being diameter in the case of circular cross section). H or any other value for being included between 0 and H calculate v (y), can introduce and taste Examination represents the expression formula of the distribution of the speed and height of air using different fidelitys.Generally, it can draw for neutral atmosphere Enter Herman exponential law, the conception and the Mo Ning-Ao Bu Houghs (Monin- for neutral, stable and rough atmosphere etc. In certain embodiments of the present invention, the magnet 30,31 and 32 on flexibility bar 12 can have attachment To the ferromagnetic material of itself, to guide field wire by rights, for example, increase the polarity/direction in magnetic field in given space The number of times of change with make during the cycle of oscillation of bar coil 50 undergo magnetic field direction change number of times maximize.

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It is used as the substitute of the multi-vane wind power generator with rotary generator, it is also proposed that press using being based on using Electric device or material convert mechanical energy into the generator of electric energy.For example, FR-2922607-A1 discloses a kind of generator, A type of bar is supported on piezoelectric element in the generator so that when bar is driven by wind or be mobile, pass through piezoelectricity The movement of bar is converted into electric energy by element. Due to the burning such as based on fossil fuel or the shortcoming of the non-renewable energy of the energy of nuclear energy, have been made Significant effort develops so-called rechargeable energy, is found that in these rechargeable energy based on being driven using the motion of fluid Dynamic generator rechargeable energy.For example, in the presence of the device of referred to as multi-vane wind power generator, it uses wind to make turning for generator Son is rotated.However, these worldwide achieve immense success and produce consumed electric energy in many countries Most wind-driven generator generally has substantial amounts of moving parts, and many of which moving parts connects each other in a rotating manner Touch, due to consumption, component wear of lubricant etc., therefore in addition to other problemses, also mean relatively high maintenance cost.

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How WO-2012/017106-A1 is converted into electric energy by the movement of bar if not being described in detail.However, it is assumed that Indicating arm is made up of the multiple element with high mechanical-electric coupling in itself, then it should be appreciated that waving for bar makes deformed element, from And it is differential that power is produced between the surface of impacted element.On the other hand, WO-2012/017106-A1 is proposed by changing The voltage that element with high mechanical-electric coupling is born actively modulates the apparent Young’s modulus or apparent elastic modulus of bar. Fig. 4 schematically shows how magnet 30 is arranged on the supporting structure 13 in flexible portion 12 and line How circle 50 is arranged on static structure 2 (referring also to Fig. On the other hand, additional magnet 702 or 703 is attached to the second generator at the top of the second generator module 400 Module 400 and it is arranged to corresponding magnetic with being attached to Part I (flexible portion 12 for being attached to bar 1 in this case) Body 700 or 701 interacts.More specifically, these magnets 700 or 701 are arranged in the framework 705 for being attached to flexible portion 12, should Framework includes multiple arms (being three arms in the embodiment shown in Figure 19 A and 19B).In fig.

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It is static in embodiments of the present invention as shown in Figure 1 and Figure 4 as below according to as illustrated by previously The top of part have be designed in the case of without using any bearing or reduction gear box produce energy and no matter The direction that bar 12 is bent produces the corresponding function of function of the stator of the non-traditional alternating current generator of electric power. 9 be Fig. 7 and The vertical cross-sectional view of two groups of magnets shown in Fig. The expression formula describes generate and throughout whole length synchronous in view of air velocity distribution and self-oscillation The change of the characteristic size of the bar of vortex. 8 show two associated with the bar group magnet of the possible embodiment according to the present invention. It can be observed that for sufficiently small angle of bend θ, in the A ‘ that the duration of oscillation of bar is minimum value The value l of displacement be expressed as(referring to Figure 14)., can be at it in view of ” immobility ” of its bending relative to the point The formula of location application Feng toll bar (Von Karman).The diameter d of bar can be configured at following points i.e.

By making connecting elements bending make the in axial direction displacement of the second generator module, but prevent the second generator module contact the One generator module. This method comprises the following steps:Will at least one first magnet place over the first portion and by least one Second magnet is placed on the second portion so that at least one described first magnet and at least one described second magnet mutual exclusion.

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The many aspects such as displacement and the things selected. In certain embodiments of the present invention, displacement magnet is disposed in around the longitudinal axis of Part I or away from one Set a distance, to be interacted in the duration of oscillation of Part I with being shifted the corresponding magnet that is shifted in magnet, so that from Part I repeatedly transmits momentum to the second generator module.

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In certain embodiments of the present invention, magnet subsystem includes multiple magnets, and the multiple magnet is arranged to So that during movement is vibrated when Part I is being moved to extremely inclined position from neutral position, at least one described line Circle undergoes at least one polarity of the magnetic field or direction and changed, and preferably undergoes multiple magnetic directions and changes, such as three, four, five Individual or more polarity of the magnetic field or direction change. Inflamacion y dolor de rodilla . The arrangement is used for the efficiency in following aspect enhancing magnet:They contribute to the resonance of the Part I when the speed increase of fluid The increase of frequency, vice versa.That is, substantially, magnetic is arranged when for example following Halbach array layout in this way During body, i.e. On the other hand, the invention is not restricted to the embodiment having been described above, and in the content in accordance with claim In the case of, present invention additionally comprises for example can be by those of ordinary skill in the art (for example, it is contemplated that material, size, part, configuration Deng selection) implement variant.

The present invention relates to field of renewable energy, and relate more specifically to the motion based on fluid, according in a fluid The field for being vortexed to generate electricity of generation. Figure 18 is the cross-sectional plan view of a part for the generator of Figure 17 embodiment. 4 The power system 60 gone out is collected and adapted to. The generator of this type based on Karman vortex can be transported in the case of no bearing, gear and lubricant OK, and activation system is not needed.

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Figure 16 A to Figure 16 D show the first magnet and the second magnet of four kinds of different embodiments according to the present invention Arrangement. 19b, wherein, magnet 701 have streaky shape on the horizontal plane extended along arm.Schematically show in fig. Capturing element is produced using the rigid top of the design is presented.