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S is the main suction-pipe, running from thebottom of the tank D T downward and seaward beneath the entire wharf structure, said pipe branching or radiating and decreasing in size inits branches, there being ultimately one special branch pipe for each float U, U, or U and pump connected thereto, as clearly shown in Figs. H H and braces H H 011 one side, and a third at the free end of an elastic or yielding timber H secured to the float and provided near its upper end with an adj ustment-screw S K for regulating the pressure of its roller upon the rail and hence the adjustment of the entire float. 15. In a wave-motor system two or more i11- dependent floats operat-ivel y connected to force-pumps, said pumps being in turn connected to a pressure tank or tanks, in combination with a supplemental air-tank having circulating-pipes operatively connected with air-chambers and a compression-chamber and means for supplying air underpressure, substantially as described.

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Fisioterapia a domicilio en Barcelona con Fisiohogar V A will strike the first series of floats U (see Fig. 1. In a wave-motor system a number of independent floats having independent movement and each operatively connected with a separate pump, in combination with a compression-chamber operatively connected with all of said pumps, said compression-chamber being in turn connected to a water-motor as a Pelton water-wheel and all acting substantially as’and for the purpose described. In so descending the valves in the check-valve C K act in a manner Well understood to cut off the supply of water from the suctionpipes and to allow the water in the deliverypipes to be forced forward into the main pipes and ultimately into the compressionchamber T. The next set of floats now descends, and the third set U is lifted in like manner, the action taking place simultaneously or dissimultaneously, in accordance with the condition or peculiarity of the waves by which they (the floats) are actuated, each float being absolutely independent in its action of every other float, its pumping action correspondingly independent, and the total effect such as to force the water continuously forward through the system of delivery-pipes D into the compression-chamber T, where the air in the upper portion of said chamber is necessarily highly compressed.

U out of action during severe storms, the hand-valve II V is closed by the engineer when the float reaches its highest altitude, thereby causing it (the float) to he held suspended in the air by the action of the pump upon the water confined in the check-valve chamber 0 V. It will be understood of course, thatthe parts of the pump P and the piping and attachments between it and the hand-valve II V should be of such strength and so proportioned with relation to the float U that they will withstand at all times without injury the pressure due to said float when sustained in the air.

As the float descends, therefore, the lower check-valve in the chamber C V will be closed and the upper one opened, thereby forcing water through the pipe D into the compression chamber T. The float will gradually descend until the next wave approaches, when it will in like manner be lifted and the operation repeated. Upon the upper end of these piles is built a power-house A, covering the operative parts of the mechanism excepting the float U,whichis provided with verticalstandards S S, connected pivotally to levers L L by pivot-pins p p, which levers are in turn pivotally secured to the inner piling K by pivot-pins p 1), said float and its pivotal arrangement being substantially like that disclosed in my prior patent above referred to. It was with a view of improving upon the invention disclosed in the before-mentioned patent that the present apparatus in its entirety was devised.

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ICC tioual view one of the floats, which is so constructed as to have an opening through its center of sufficient size to admit of its free -up-and-down movement about the tubular pile K, as’clearly shown in Fig. D T is thewater-tank, located in the basement of the power-house A and having sufficient capacity to fill all of the outlying water-pipes and the compression-chambers when acting atfull load. Where it is desired to make a structure having large capacity and extending over relatively large areas of ocean-surface, I prefer the structure disclosed in Figs. Q Q, Q are strong timbers secured to the body of the float U and securing in turn the lower ends of vertically-arranged rods Z Z, the upper ends of which are secured by nuts 92 n to a cross-head O H, attached to the upper end of a plunger piston-rod P R, extending downward through a packing-ring P H, secured by boltsff to the upper end of the hollow or tubular pile K, P K being water and air tight packing of the usual form.

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The hollow or tubular pile K constitutes the pumping-cylinder of each pump, and its lower end is filled with cement C, as clearly indicated in Fig. 13. In a wavemotor a vertical tubular pump-cylinder secured at its lower end in the ocean-bed and supporting pumping mechanism at its upper end, in combination with a float surrounding said pum pin g-eylinder, said float having an inclined outer face adapted to receive the force of incoming waves and an inclined top surface adapted to shed or dissipate any overflowing water, together with means for guiding said float in its vertical movement, substantially as described. 12. Que hacer para el dolor lumbar . In a wave-motor a series of verticallyarranged pum pin g-cylinders secured together at their upper ends and to the bottom of the ocean and supporting the mechanism of a pumping plant, in combination with a series of floats having each an inclined outer face adapted to receive the force of incoming waves and an inclined top surface adapted to shed or dissipate any overflowing water, together with means for guiding it in its vertical movement, substantially as described.

NEW 360 Degree Prism For Trimble Type prism,joint 5/8\ 11. In a wave-motor a wharf structure consisting of a series of tubular piles secured together at their upper ends, said tubes constituting the cylinders of a series of pumps, the top ends being provided with removable packing-rin gs and packingadapted to receive reciprocating plunger pistons operatively connected with floats which surround the piles, substantially as and for the purpose described. Vhen the valve H V is opened again, this air is excluded from the cylinders as the pistons descend, the air thus excluded passing out of the cylinders by way of pipe D to any of the supply-tanks T dispersing any water that may have accumulated therein, it being understood that the pressure in the air chamber or tank T is usually much greater than that in any of the other chambers.

H V is an additional hand-Valve located between the compression-chamber T and the distribution-chamber T for regulating the flow between said chambers. S P S P S P, &c., are shunt-pipes, one for each pump, running entirely around the double check-val ves (J K, and H V H V H V, &c., are hand-valves located therein, (see Fig. 5. In a wave-motor system a series of independent floats each operatively connected with an individual pump, a pipe operatively connecting a water 1 supply tank through branch pipes with said pump’s a series of dischargeepipes operatively connecting said pumps with a main discharge-pipe connected in turn to a compression-chamber, a handvalve for each pump adapted’to’regulate the flowof Water therethrough into its corresponding discharge-pipe, a shunt-pipe shunting the valves of each pump and a hand-valve located in each shunt-pipe, in combination with a dischargepipe running from the compression-chamberto a water-motor which in turn discharges the water into the aforesaid water-tank, the arrangement being such that all of said floats may be operated or any or all of them lifted out of the reachof the Waves, substantially asdescribed.

6. In a wave-motor system a seriesof inde pendent floats operatively connected each with an individual pump, said pumps being provided with suction and discharge pipes, in combination with a compression-chamber operati vely connected with a main dischargepipe and, an air-compression chamber provided with means for compressing air, said air-compression chamber being interconnected with the diiferent parts of the apparatus soas to constitute a pressure-regulatin g mechanism therefor, all of said parts acting substantially as and for the purpose described.

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2. In a Wave-motor system a number of floats having independent movement and each operatively connected with a pump, a water-tank connected by suction-pipes with all of said pumps, a compression-chamber connected by discharge-pipes with all of said pumps and a water-motor operatively connected in turn with said compression-chamber and adapted to discharge the water therefrom into said Water-tank, all of said part-s acting substantially as and for the purpose described. Should the attendant fail to turn the hand-valve H V, the pumps will of course continue to, pump water into the com pression-chamber T until the pressure reaches such a height that the back pressure will maintain the floats in an elevated position approximating the tops of the highest Waves over which they ride; but this willnot cause serious inconvenience of the system by virtue of the fact that each plunger-pump is influences. 14. In a wave-motor system two or more tubular piles, which constitute cylinders of independent pumps, a wave motor or float for each pump, in combination with pipe c011- nections between said pumps and a compression-chamber, all of said parts acting substantially as and for the purpose described.

16. In a wave-motor a tubular pile the upper end of which constitutes a pump-cylinder, the bottom end thereof being closed to form a cylinder-head and the top end provided with a detachable packing-rim g, in combination with a plunger-piston operatively connected with a float which surrounds the tubular pile and is provided with guidewheels adapted to guide the float in its vertical movement upon rails secured to the pile, all of said parts acting substantially as described. V. Dolor de espalda lado derecho arriba . The operation of this form of the apparatus is as follows: The hand-valve H V is normally closed and the hand-valve II V is then opened. H V H V H V 850., are similar handvalves.located in the various radiating branches of the delivery-pipe D for varying at will the supply of water from any or all of the pumps. This may be effected by openings in the bottoms of the floats, one of such openings being shown in Fig.

S W, K K being ordinary iron piles adapted to. 599,756. Patented-Mar. 1, 1 89’8Q r.7 q 5 l l L J a i. N9. 599,756. Patnted Mar. Dolor de musculos de la pierna . WAVE MOTOR Patented Mar. WAVE MOTOR. v No. WAVE MOTOR. i No. 5 7 Sheets-Sheet 2. P. WRIGHT. 7 7. Sheets-Sheet 1. P. WRIGHT. VARD, ST. GEORGE ‘l. I III II R EYE ca (No Model.) 9 7 sheets-$59991. I believe it is also.