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dolor lumbar Archivos - Fisioteca Given that the air’s velocity increases with height, according to the Hellmann exponential Law, to achieve synchronisation in the appearance of vortices, WO-2012/017106-A1 proposes an increase in pole diameter with the increase height. In a typical case that is disclosed in WO-2012/017106-A1 , the required natural oscillation frequency of a pole of 4 metres in height may be of 8 Hz. Figure 3 is a diagram that illustrates the relationship between the radius (R) of the capture element of the vortices and the height (H) above the ground, according to said possible embodiment of the invention. Figure 7 illustrates schematically several elements that form part of the lower part of the aerogenerator, according to a possible embodiment of the invention. Figure 9 illustrates how the generator piezoelectric elements 1 are placed on different support 2E, 2F, 2G and 2H, forming part of a fixed base 2 and distributed in the vertical direction, so that the generator piezoelectric elements are distributed axially, on several levels.

Figure 10 schematically illustrates how the generator piezoelectric elements 1 are placed so that they extend radially with regard to the lower part 100B of the capture element. The graph made up of lines or strokes alternating with dots represents the case in which the cantilever is triggered by the interaction by two magnets (MA-MA), by repulsion, according to the principle illustrated in figures 5A-5C. It can be observed how the triggering by interaction between magnets by repulsion provides for the highest levels of kinetic energy.

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Figures 5D and 5E schematically illustrate the variation of kinetic energy and amplitude, respectively, with time, for three different ways of triggering the generator piezoelectric element. This lift force 304 periodically varies in sign, with a frequency marked by the appearance of the vortices, and this force makes the capture element 100 oscillate to one side and the other. One advantage of the use of magnets is that the friction between the actuator and the generator piezoelectric element can be avoided, which reduces wear and tear of the parts. However, these aerogenerators, which have been enormously successful on a worldwide scale and which in many countries produce a major share of the electrical energy consumed, tend to have a large number of moving components, something which implies, among other things, relatively high maintenance costs due to the consumption of lubricants, wear and tear of components, etc. The electrical energy generator comprises additionally at least one generator piezoelectric element, for example, several generator piezoelectric elements, such as a large number of said generator piezoelectric elements; in this context, the term “generator piezoelectric element” is used to refer to the piezoelectric elements having as their main function, or one of their main functions, to generate electrical energy based on movements in the capture element or related elements, such movements being induced by the lift force.

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The central openings in the supports are sufficiently large to accommodate for the movement of the capture element when it is swaying. The frequency of oscillation or swaying of the capture element can be very low, for example, of just a few Hz or even less. This arrangement can provide for a reduction of costs as a less costly material and/or design can be used for the first part than for said second part, said second part having to be designed to make sure that the displacement or swaying of the capture element be enough to trigger the generator piezoelectric elements as needed for an adequate energy production, while being resistant enough to withstand the forces generated by the wind and by the swaying of the capture element, for a long time including periods with high wind speeds. Como curar el dolor de espalda . On the other hand, the invention is not limited to the specific embodiments described and also encompasses, for example, variants that can be embodied by the person skilled in the art (for example, with regard to the choice of materials, dimensions, components, configuration, etc.), within the scope of what is inferred from the claims.

Figure 9 is a schematic perspective view of an embodiment of the invention. Figure 8 is a diagram of part of the control sub-system of a generator according to a possible embodiment of the invention. In some embodiments of the invention said, at least one, generator piezoelectric element has a substantially flat configuration, and one side fixed to a base, leaving the other side free. In some embodiments of the invention, the capture element has one end immobilised, for example, fixed to a base, for example, in the ground or in a structure disposed in the sea, and can have the other end free, in such a way that it can oscillate freely. On the other hand, the capture element 100 features dome-shaped lateral extensions 1 10, one such dome-shaped lateral extension being placed above each level of generator piezoelectric elements 1. In figures 5A-5C, the first magnet 1 1 and the second magnet 12 are disposed so that the poles of the same sign are opposite each other, producing repulsion between said magnets.

It is also possible to operate based on interaction between a magnet and a piece of ferromagnetic material. Consequently, and due to the intrinsic characteristics of the piezoelectric elements, during the deformation from the first configuration to the second configuration, the energy that the capture element transfers to the piezoelectric element transforms into very little electrical energy, and is for the most part accumulated in the generator piezoelectric element in the form of elastic potential energy. In at least some embodiments of the invention, the generator piezoelectric elements do not only store during their functioning part of the energy in the form of vibrational kinetic energy and elastic potential energy: also, given their intrinsically high capacitance, they can store part of the energy in the form of electrical capacity. Then, upon release, the piezoelectric element returns to its first configuration, but because it is released it does so oscillating at its natural oscillation frequency, which allows high performance of the conversion from elastic potential energy into electrical energy.

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This distance can be very small when the piezoelectric element is released, as schematically shown in figure 5B. Thus, this contributes to give an additional impulse to the movement of the generator piezoelectric element in the initial phase of its oscillation after being released. However, operation based on repulsion between magnets, as schematically illustrated in figures 5A-5C, is believed to be beneficial for efficiency, maybe due to the repulsion that takes place when the generator ferromagnetic element is released and initiates its oscillaton: the repulsion at this stage can serve to boost the initial part of the movment during which electrical energy is released. Hz or a few Hz, such as a frequency in the range of between 0.01 Hz and 20 Hz, such as in the range between 0.01 Hz and 3 Hz; and at least one generator piezoelectric element.

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Four Fusion 360 Assembly Features That Will Make You.. In some embodiments of the invention, a plurality of said generator piezoelectric elements are arranged on at least one support, said generator piezoelectric elements having free ends, such as upper ends or surfaces, that are curved. In this embodiment of the invention, the capture element has a circular cross-section, in such a way that its function of capturing the energy of the wind does not depend on the direction of the wind, which can vary over time. The anchoring base 101 may include a housing 102 which may be closed with, for example, a cover 103, and in which there is a control subsystem 104, which may be connected to a central control centre (not shown) via cable and/or via radiofrequency or any other means, and which may serve, on the one part, to apply control signals to the aerogenerator and, on the other part, to condition the generated electrical energy and direct it to conduction means 201 external to the aerogenerator, by means of a connection cable 105 or several connection cables.

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Reference is made to a gyroscopic electrical generator as the means for carrying out this conversion. Therefore, it has been considered that it could be advantageous for the generation of electrical energy by means of the piezoelectric elements to occur at a higher frequency than the frequency of the pole’s oscillation.

In this way, it is possible to act on several parameters of the electrical energy generator in order to optimise the generation of electrical energy according to the actual characteristics of the wind. As an alternative to multi-bladed aerogenerators with rotary electrical generators, the use has also been proposed of generators based on the use of piezoelectric materials or elements for converting mechanical energy into electrical energy.

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Advantages with this approach have been explained above. The fluid may have a substantially stationary and laminar flow, a characteristic that is normally presented by wind. Fv is the frequency of vortex appearance, V the velocity of the air, and d the characteristic dimension of the pole, for example, in the case of a pole having a circular cross-section, the pole diameter. A high voltage will increase the leakage currents and with these, the losses through the Joule effect will also increase. Thus, arranging the generator piezoelectric elements accordingly can facilitate the interaction between the actuator elements or magnets and the generator piezoelectric elements. Figure 7 reflects schematically a possible embodiment of a lower part of the generator of figure 1. Que medicamento sirve para el dolor muscular . By applying voltage to the piezoelectric material 1 1 1 , it is possible to modify the natural resonance frequency of the capture element assembly 100, adapting it to the frequency of appearance of vortices, so that in this way the capture of energy from the wind (or of the water, if the capture element is immersed in water) can be maximised.

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In this way, when said lift force acts on said capture element 100, said capture element sways with regard to said base. At the same time, as is known, when a force of oscillation is applied to an element or object, the corresponding energy is absorbed better if the force that is applied oscillates at a frequency that corresponds to the natural oscillation frequency of the object in question.