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Dolor de hombro y pecho - Centro de Información Médica.. The energy stored in the energy accumulation device 105 can also be used to rotate the anchor drum 9 in the reverse direction and for this purpose the energy accumulation device can be coupled to a mechanism 107 for reverse feeding. This gives a better space for drifting away from the bottom foundation 5. The drifting results in the fact that the anchor line 7 that is not allowed to come in contact with the driveshaft frame 141 extends in an oblique direction in relation to the vertical. Instead of a bottom foundation bottom fastening devices 61, 63 are provided which are attached to the bottom 8. These bottom fastening devices are designed as frames or pillars which extend upwards from the bottom, and the driveshaft 11 in the power train is journalled in the frames or the pillars. The anchor drum 9 is rotated, due to the coupling with the anchor line 7, in a first direction when the water surface 6 rises, and is then locked to the driveshaft 11 which is thereby rotated by the anchor drum.

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Also, this torque can be used to rotate the anchor drum 9 in the reverse direction, thereby securing that the anchor line 7 extending to the bottom foundation 5 is kept in a tensed state while the buoy 3 is sinking. In this case, the driveshaft passes through the anchor drum in an undivided state. 125, and pump air into the power train room, this making the water level to be pressed down, so that the power train 2 is brought to a dry state and the desired air pocket is obtained.

  • Haz 30 o 40 repeticiones
  • Estimular el crecimiento óseo y muscular y favorecer su regeneración en caso de lesión
  • Ritmo cardíaco rápido
  • Be arranged in the sea, in the possibility of very dark water

The function of the planetary gear is in this embodiment to combine the driving by the wind and wave movements by having the rotor of the wind power plant rotate the planet gear carrier 161 of the planetary gear, while the buoy 3 including a ballast 5″ is driving the gear ring 165 of the planetary gear, see also FIGS. 9 b. In this case the stator of the generator is rigidly attached to the generator housing 71. Also, the generator chassis 91 is rigidly attached to the generator housing whereas the gear wheel 95 of the compressor 73 on the driveshaft 93 thereof is connected to the gear ring of the planetary gear, either directly as shown or via a toothed belt/chain. Dolor de hombro y brazo . The generator 21 can be mounted in a separate generator housing 181, the stator 21″ of the generator rigidly attached to the buoy, as shown in the figure, or in or to the left counterweight drum 15 v.

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Hombro doloroso - Medwave 5,889,336 and the published Japanese patent application 11-6472 a similar wave power plant is disclosed that includes a chain which is at one end attached to a bottom foundation end and has at its other end a counterweight. The rotating movements of the water particles through the waves in combination with the traction force towards the centre above the foundation 5 can be utilized by mounting fins, see FIGS. Thereby a motive force can be created, in the case shown in relation to the bottom 8 of the water pool, such as a part rigidly attached to the bottom, e.g.

Also, such a gearbox can make it possible to permanently attach the second part of the electric generator, the stator, to the buoy, by connecting the gearbox to the counterweight drum, which can simplify the electrical connection and encapsulation of the generator and reduce the rotating mass in the construction. The disadvantage is that a longer counterweight line 17 is required, which can be limiting in some cases.