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5 to 7, in second embodiment of apparatus of the present invention, represent with corresponding reference number with corresponding parts among first embodiment, and will no longer introduce.The overall performance of this device under wave action is basically the same as those in the first embodiment, wherein, lower submerged member 102 main maintenances are static, upper submerged member 101 since wave by and along with the motion campaign of water, and keep its orientation, like this, its upper surface 101b is always basic parallel with horizontal plane.Also have, in this example, can consider to use virtual mass means (surrounding water and/or fin).

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3 formas de aliviar el dolor muscular en las piernas The upper end of post 404 is again to be connected with upper submerged member 401 by joint 408 with the similar mode of previous embodiment.The joint of water collector 406 is pivotally supported in the bottom of post 404, and each water collector 406 has import front mouth 406a and has the afterbody of fin 406b.The assembly of two traps can rotate freely around the central axis of post 404, and is similar with transverse bar first embodiment, that have turbine.And each trap can be swung with the lateral shaft (vertical with the central axis of post) of 407 expressions in Figure 14.Trap is connected with water loop (not looking out) hydraulic pressure among the core 404b that is formed at post 404.Engine compartment in water loop and the piece 404d is communicated with, and this piece 404d is equipped with power generation system, and for example the Francis turbine is used for current are transformed into electric energy.

In any case, may separating of two parts can not be destructive, and device can be afterwards ressembled by making post pass in the housing loopback connector when design among employing the 3rd embodiment (perhaps when two-part of post are linked back mutually).This operation also can be carried out automatically by the computer controlled system on two-part and little propulsion device, adds the distance (for example by prolonging the cable that element 113 is held in place) that can change the dried up plane of bottom part. In whole wave cycle, the result who is applied to the power on the lower submerged member 2 will be similar to vertically, and will only depend on the energy and the shape of the wave that influences device.Therefore, in order to make bottom part 2 remain on constant mean place, there is such control system just enough, this control system is considered its mean place after a plurality of wave cycle, and interfere for increasing progressively, compare very little with the energy of wave on acting on device.Particularly, when the shape of wave and energy keep constant a little while the time, device will reach balance, and not need further to interfere and make that bottom part 2 is stable.Control system can be the staticizer (seeing below second embodiment who will introduce) of buoyancy elements 9 types, perhaps even just comprises the variable buoyancy devices that is driven by Computer Control Unit.

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Even after a plurality of wave cycle, upper member 1 also will remain on bottom part 2 above, this be since the fluctuation characteristic, under the situation of good approximation, the characteristic of fluctuation does not relate to the overall movement of water.For compensate wind have at the different depth place of parts 1 and 2 friction speed and/or direction current friction and possible do not predict may acting on of anomalous event, the weight of the buoyancy of upper member 1 and post 4 and turbine 6 will be optimized, so that enough strong suitable moment is provided.Also can select, perhaps for the influence of compensate for exceptional events more quickly, little propulsion device can be arranged on parts 1 and 2 and/or along post 4 and arrange that this little propulsion device is controlled by computer controlled system. Therefore, because the hole 12a slip joint of the ball part 12 of post 4 and link 5 will guarantee the axial direction relative movement of lower submerged member 2 along post 4.And bottom part 2 can engage and tilts around post by the rotation of ball part in the housing 11a of body 11.Can be by ball and/or roller (with identical in roller or ball bearing structure) being provided or being used to help between parts other device of relative movement to help slide and rotation, like this, bottom part can freely move and tilts with respect to post.