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To the guy with the 1.5m golf umbrella at the bus stop17 upvotes · FIREUKJoint platform for two ISAs (with my wife)17 upvotes · MyChemicalRomanceWhat’s the meaning of honey the mirror isn’t big enough for the two of us’s lyrics? StarwarscommanderOkay everyone, enough of those bad HQ7 ”Best base layout” videos! Windows10Why is Xbox app so bad? Watching YouTube using the app with earpiece then suddenly the sound cuts out while the video continues playing. With light Grey decals. ShowerthoughtsThere were people with great talent that died unknown.17 upvotes ·

Just need to block and starch them!

Bebê hipotônico: o que é e como desconfiar? - VIX TwitchWhen you were starting out what were some things you did that helped you loosen up on camera? What were the largest and most important Greek cities outside of Greece itself? StarWarsBattlefront”He killed not just the men, but the women and children too? Roger Roger”17 upvotes · IndiaSpeaksWhy do we have more protests for religious matters but just a fraction of it for pollution? Just need to block and starch them! The minis are Poly clay and most are coated in polyurethane for strength.17 upvotes · Need recommendations for products to help remove tarnish from my VP.17 upvotes ·

I am a 20 year old woman that dresses vintage, like a woman from the 1940s/50s every day. Whats it like?17 upvotes · ImaginaryMindscapesD.R.E.A.M.E.R. by Marishka Kleyman17 upvotes · TwoSentenceHorrorI went to a chiropractor for my nerve pain.17 upvotes · Bookmarks for a reddit swap! We’re giving away 15 keys on Reddit in celebration! Don’t take away their mittens🥺17 upvotes · Gotta love the effort Westwood put in creating all the cutscenes for their games17 upvotes · I love the contrast when your subject is being hit by the sun but your background is in shadow. Unbeknownst to you, the squirrel pledges a life debt in your name. BleachBraveSoulsA time management strategy for the two-month old/new ER/AER schedule17 upvotes · TallarnPosted this on r/TheAstraMiliatarum a few months back: Been collecting Tallarn for a year now17 upvotes · MiataJust got her a few months back. Has anyone noticeably got more toned in VR? What was the final dagger for you that made Season 8 irredeemably and unforgivably terrible and GOT unwatchable?

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(PDF) Dolor postoperatorio controlado con bombas de PCA What you all think? What do you think? VietNamTravelers, what are some things you found weird/interesting/unexpected when traveling to Vietnam? ThrowingFitsmake the homies work out with 🅱️this 🅱️lack-would you contribute more to the patreon for it? Embedded Online Conference – only 3 days left to register for free – many embedded programming sessions from world-renowned speakers.17 upvotes · I want to pursue only MBA not PGDM what are some of the decent colleges I can get in with my score? What are some good options? Can anyone recommend a good Indian place?