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Dolor en el postoperatorio del paciente trasplantado renal.. Buses 132X and 132Y may be connected to a rectifier (not shown in the drawings for this embodiment) outputting a direct electrical current into an external load circuit. This adjustable impeller version is not shown in the drawings attached hereto. 8 a, 8 b, by its lower end fixed to a preferably floatable impelling means (not shown in the drawings of this embodiment) is slidely disposed within casing 145. Other embodiments may deploy non-floatable versions of the impelling means (for instance, for utilizing substantially horizontal impacts of running sea waves). The prior art references above and many others teach various technological solutions to absorb shocks caused by excessively powerful sea waves to protect WECs. In other embodiments, the above described heat exchanger subsystem may be arranged upside-down, so that the heat flow from the coils would be increased as a result of a natural convection, which would provide improved cooling.

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A step-bearing (166) is mounted on the top of leg 168, which step-bearing 166 is made rotatable substantially in the horizontal plane, and also adjustable to allow for having a limited freedom of swinging deviations from the horizontal plane. 9, mounted to the underside of platform 170, and attached to the upper ends of cables 151. Adapter 155 is a means for changing the length of cable 151 between platform 170 and frame 154 following the periodic tidal alterations of the water level (w-w). The WEC also comprises a motion translator for reducing the transducer’s stroke length and magnifying the force transmitted to the transducer, an energy buffer system for limiting the travel of the tube in response to excessively large surface waves, means for adjusting buoyancy in response to changing conditions, a pressure relief valve for automatically reducing excessive tube driving pressures.

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It is believed that this IWET embodiment may be usable as a stand-alone construction for near-shore WEC installations, being combined with the above-disclosed vertical near-shore IWEC, as well as partially (without the housing bound to the ground) for off-shore installations, especially in combination with other platform-based embodiments utilizing vertical float reciprocation described herein below.

Consciencia sobre el autismo, friendzone y dolor: el.. A platform with larger dimensions might perform the role of the float, then the housing would logically be somehow linked to the ground either rigidly, or with an arrangement for difference of amplitudes and/or frequencies and/or phases (oscillation parameters) of said armature and inductor movements. The transducers are combinable with means translating the motion into linear, revolving, swinging movements.

Stabilizer-generators for base means are disclosed, comprising chambers fillable with rotating water pumped in during storms, then recuperating the rotational energy into electricity through MHD-generators. Electrodes 184E should then be switched so that the EMF, generated on them due to the motion of the conductive water through the perpendicular magnetic field created by magnets 184M (in an electricity generation mode), will power an electric load (electrolyzers or anything else), i.e. Magnets 184M may be permanent magnets (preferably of a rare earth magnetic material) or electromagnets.

A Controllable Multi-Sectional Linearly Reciprocating IWET (MSL-IWET).

A pair of magnets 184M should produce a magnetic flux of a predetermined amount in the portion of chamber 185, embraced by the pair of magnets. Dolor muscular calor o frio . 0, and the lesser magnetic flux. FIGS. 2 a and 2 b illustrate magnetic flux (F) in core 120 and in core 112, it is equal to a maximum on FIG. A pushing elongated rod (150) connects the top of float 165 with an inductor core (112), having two rows of permanent magnets (110) linearly and fixedly disposed thereon. A Controllable Multi-Sectional Linearly Reciprocating IWET (MSL-IWET). FIG. 8 a (a cross-sectional view 5V-5V) and 8 b illustrate an embodiment of a multi-sectional linearly reciprocating IWET called MSL-IWET. This embodiment of MSL-IWET may also be driven by wind, where it’s installed preferably horizontally, and encapsulated in a suitable casing, having, for example, two bell-shaped ending portions (145M), one of which is shown on FIG.

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A middle section M (similar to the section A of the previous embodiment of two-sectional MSL-IWET) of the device includes an armature core (120M) and an inductor core (112M). For simplicity, the coils and other elements are not shown on the schema. 161), receiving the impact (hitting a slot, similar to slot 167 on FIG. FIG. 12 a shows four IWSGs located in the corner regions of platform 170. Each IWSG comprises a rigid hollow toroid chamber (1 85), also depicted in more detail on an isometric view of FIG.

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The greater the mass of the rotational water body and the velocity of rotation are, the more significant stabilizing effect will be. An outlet (not shown) may be used to remove excessive amount of slowly rotating water, and then water pump 183 should be switched on. FIG. 6 b is a sectional side view of the floating platform-based pendulum IWEC, employing the pendulum IWET, according the embodiment of the present invention shown on FIG. The next hit will actuate the second spring-loaded mechanism to be discharged, and the first will be re-charged during that time, etc. Remedio casero para el dolor de espalda . 12 a, 12 b, 12 c, generally operates as follows: at the beginning of a storm, when sea wave amplitudes increase, the IWETs, mounted on platform 170, start to generate additional electric power, which may be utilized to actuate water pumps 183, which will pump seawater into chambers 185 through injecting hoses 183L causing the water body inside chamber 185 to rotate circumferentially along the chamber.

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Hence, some solutions are dedicated to increasing the output WEC’s frequency by means of hydraulic and other gears and other mechanisms, which afterwards mostly transmit the higher frequency motion to drive a conventional electric generator. The relation between the EMF and induced current, particularly, depends upon characteristics of an electric load in the circuit of the induced current. The gyroscopic effect of a rotating water body in chambers 185 may be used to stabilize the position of platform 170 approximate to a substantially horizontal position during storm waves, since the water body inside chambers 185 will tend to rotate in a substantially horizontal plane in this embodiment. At any upward traveling of rod 150 with piston 150PM, the volume of downward portion 148 is extending upwardly (that reduces the pressure of water in portion 148), causing valve 148U to open, and to inlet additional seawater into portion 148, which tends to reduce the average primary liquid temperature in portion 146, thereby cooling up the primary cooling liquid.

The natural frequency of a simple (“ideal”, i.e. Most of other known WECs rely on conditional electrical generators or transducers employed in the final stage of the wave energy conversion, i.e. The sizes, relative distances between the magnets and coils, and the way of connections between the coils are so arranged in those constructions that the phase of current in a first coil is about equal to the phase of current in a second coil, which makes the generation more efficient, as stated by the authors.

Thus, it is important and beneficial to establish a control system capable to measure the instant sea wave parameters (amplitude, frequency, phase), the system internal parameters (such as displacement of the IWET inductors in relation to the armatures, the velocity of the displacement, the acceleration of each IWET, the height and differential flows between neighboring virtual vessels, etc.) in order to operatively, dynamically, and optimally adapt the system to resemble the “wave situation”.

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An air gap (g1) between tooth 120T and magnet 110 is indicated on FIG. For example, if five magnets 110 are mounted on inductor core 112, it will require ten teeth 120T and ten coils 130 installed on armature core 120, and ten rectifying bridges 177. The bridges 177 may be connected in parallel and connected to the circuit load.