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Cylinder 115 includes a central bore along a longitudinal axis thereof and preferably houses a prime mover piston 119 that is adapted to move along a length of the central bore of cylinder 115. As best seen in FIGS. Water flows into a top portion 160 of the fluid conducting portion of wave engine device 105. Piston 155 is free to move within a slot housing plunger 156 without engaging plunger 156. After traveling some distance as shown in FIG. With reversal of the wave’s flow field, piston 155 is forced to travel in the opposite direction, completing the cycle of wave engine device 105 and awaiting another wave to begin the cycle again. Although specific implementations of a wave engine device are described above, those implementations are meant to be illustrative of the broad teachings of the present invention. Exemplary implementations of OWECs 314 shown in the figures can be adapted to produce a water pressure of 1000 psi or more, which is suitable for reverse osmosis processes.

  • Pulsos anormales en las extremidades inferiores al examen físico
  • Linear-to-rotary transmission links connected to the shaft
  • Corregir la postura corporal
  • Sudoración y sensación de frío
  • Slump test
  • The pair of first and second linear actuators is a first pair of linear
  • Condición física de la persona que lo usará la mayor parte del tiempo

FIG. 3 is a side elevation view of an alternative implementation of a wave engine device adapted for use with a rotary slider-crank engine. Water provided under high pressure by OWECs 314 to power plant 310 may be used to operate, for example, Pelton turbines associated with power plant 310, thereby producing electricity in addition to any electricity being provided by the functioning of OWECs 314. Further, in implementations of the present invention wherein a desalination plant 308 is present, waste water from said desalination plant 308 (such as waste water resulting from the reverse osmosis process, which is also under high pressure) can be used to operate, for example, a Pelton turbine, thereby producing additional electricity. Such space may be utilized, for example, to provide housing for those working with the present device or for others.

Dolor Muscular Cadera

FIG. 12 is a side elevation view of an implementation of a wave engine adapted for use with a linear pump and having a top elevation view of the same included therewith. FIG. 21 is a detail view of the implementation of a wave engine device shown in FIG. Various modifications of the invention that do not depart from the spirit or scope of the present invention, in addition to those shown and described herein, will become apparent to those skilled in the art from the foregoing description. FIG. 34 is a perspective view of one implementation of a rigid structural array 400, the figure showing various conduits associated therewith. 6 also shows the various components of wave engine device 104 described with respect to FIG. Dolor de dedo del pie . 5. Baffles 113 are preferably provided with the present device in order to support concentric portions of an integrated power transducer engine (described more fully below).

Power generated by OWECs 314 can be used to drive the desalination process, which typically requires a great deal of electrical power. When it is necessary to perform maintenance on one or more OWECs associated with rigid structural array 300, the OWEC or OWECS requiring maintenance can simply be pulled up through openings 316. Once an OWEC 314 has been pulled up through an opening 316 it may be secured in position in any suitable manner. FIGS. 15 through 18 provide a series depicting one half of the operating cycle of the implementation of wave engine device 105 shown in FIGS.