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The braking system 70 may have a contact switch (not visible) located at the top of the PBSM 14 which will be opened if the float member 18 moves to the extent of its allowable movement. The hydrodynamic and buoyant properties of the spherical float member 48 will produce a differential motion 25 of the translator of the linear electric generator 49 relative to the stator, as in the previous embodiment. If the mass needs to be increased, then the control system 92 will either open the air 15 valve 58 to expel the air within the hollow vessel 55 or activate the air compressor 94 to pump the air into an alternate storage tank thus allowing water to fill the evacuated volume and increasing the mass of the system. The control system 92 will then calculate the current system mass and determine the volume of water to be taken in, or removed from, the system to 10 achieve this optimal mass.

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Los 6 mejores trucos para el dolor de oídos - The second configuration uses a structure fixed to the ocean floor, this structure is located either below or above the mean water level and will have a buoy attached to it; this buoy will then oscillate with the waves on the surface of the water producing differential motion against the fixed reference frame. A preferred design of the WEC is such that it has only one moving (or 5 working) member, this member is located above the mean water level within what is commonly termed the splash zone. For example, the stator need not be located on a central plane or axis of the apparatus, but could be located elsewhere in the support structure of the wave energy converting apparatus. These variations in the buoyancy of the mooring caddy, which is directly connected to the submerged member 46 will be 1800 out of phase with the vertical motion of the float member 48, and hence will help to further increase the differential motion of the stator and 15 translator of the linear electric generator 49. As previously mentioned, the tension mooring system of the present invention may itself be used as a wave energy converting apparatus.

Portrait of beautiful caucasian smiling brunette woman model in bright pink overcoat and summer stylish blue skirt In this manner the resonant frequency of the wave energy converting apparatus 44 and its associated tension mooring system 50 can be adjusted to “tune” it to 20 the prevailing ocean conditions. However an analysis of the efficiency of the dual heaving body design as an oscillating system, over the typical frequency range of ocean waves, indicates 25 that a dual heaving body design is not practical for any serious wave energy extraction. The invention relates more particularly to a tension mooring system for a wave energy converter.

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30 The other aspect of wave motion pertinent to the present invention is that of surge. Another advantageous aspect of the apparatus 10 is that it can be engineered 10 to be responsive, for electric power generation, to a specific wave frequency range. The automatic control system of the apparatus 10 is such that all wave frequencies outside of the predefined operational range will be passed by the whole of the support structure 12 and not just the float member 18. This 5 approach will allow the system to automatically calibrate itself to the prevailing mean water level, thus allowing it to adjust to tidal fluctuations, storm surges and other low frequency phenomenon, which if not planned for could lead to the destruction of the wave energy converter. In the present invention heave response may also be used to ‘tune’ the operational 25 frequencies, such that frequencies below its tuned frequency will experience minimal attenuation.

This optimization is – 15 achieved by matching the performance parameters of the linear electric generator 20 to the damping requirements of the mechanical system in such a way that critical damping of the oscillating system will be achieved when the system is under full load. The heave motion describes the z-axis (or up and down) motion of the wave and as such it has a very high correlation with the vertical energy within a 30 wave.

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20 An air compressor 94 is provided within the mooring caddy 80, for pumping air down to the counterbalancing means 53 via air hose 57. Some of the power generated by the generators 86 can be used to power the air compressor 94. Air compressor 94 is also under the control of control system 92. An air conduit 96 supplies air from atmosphere to the air compressor 94, 25 and extends upwards through the submerged body 46 to a point above the water line. The dominant and/or most energy dense frequencies will be determined through calculation using well 5 known formulae. Dolor rodilla despues de estar sentado . The implementation of a single heaving body design can be achieved through two basic configurations. 20 In a dual heaving body design the differential motion between two oscillating bodies is used to generate energy; as opposed to the relative motion of one body relative to a fixed reference point, as in a single heaving body design.

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However, a hydraulic pump could also be used to provide the dampening action. 25 Preferably the counterbalancing means comprises a vessel having a mass provided in connection therewith to provide a counterbalancing force applied to the submerged member via the elongate flexible member. Preferably the counterbalancing means comprises an adjustable buoyancy vessel having a mass provided in connection therewith, wherein the buoyancy 30 of the counterbalancing means can be adjusted to vary the counterbalancing -3 force applied to the submerged member via the elongate flexible member. In an alternate embodiment the submerged member 14 is filled with sufficient air to ensure that the -9 submerged member has a total mass equal to the mass of the water it displaces, i.e. When the air chamber is filled with water it will add additional mass to the system thus increasing the system’s performance for lower frequencies.

The first is as a buoy floating on top of the water, with an attachment linking the buoy to its reference frame; the buoy will then move with the waves on the ocean’s surface producing the differential motion 15 relative to the frame of reference. As the chamber 112 is open to the ambient ocean its buoyancy will vary with hydrostatic pressure variations due to wave motion. Porque el dolor en las articulaciones . It will therefore be referred to in this embodiment as a positively buoyant submerged member (PBSM) 14. The buoyancy of the PBSM 14 extends 30 beyond the mean water level such that if the water level were to rise the associated buoyancy force would also increase.