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Remedios caseros para el dolor de cabeza - Dolores de.. The generator of the invention is particularly suitable as a wind-powered generator which can function effectively at low wind speeds. The following reference numerals are used to indicate the parts and environment of the present invention illustrated in the drawings: 1. Mass 2. Spring 3. Housing 4. Mass Oscillation 5. Fluid flow 6. Slot 7. Exhaust 8. Wall 9. Overange protection 10. Funnelled slot 11. Coil 12. Magnet 13. Coil or magnet spacer 14. Fixed support 15. Piezoelectric material Referring to Figure 1, there is shown a cross section of a generator for converting fluid energy to electrical energy in accordance with a first embodiment of the present invention. The housing provides a means of protecting the mass/spring and transduction mechanism by fully enclosing it except for at least one fluid inlet slot and at least one exhaust. Sintomas de dolor de espalda baja . Stresses can be controlled by limiting the amplitude of oscillation by means of adjusting the device’s resonant frequency, providing over range protection by means of the housing or adjusting the damping to the oscillator by means of the electrical load on the energy harvesting mechanism Safety is increased since the oscillating area is enclosed by the housing so there is no risk of impact with the blades as can occur with, for example, wind turbines.

The operation of the generator device is characterised by two regimes depending on the size of the slot relative to the amplitude of vibration of the mass. In any of the various embodiments of the present invention, two or more electrically conductive springs may be provided to conduct electrical energy from the generator to a stationary support. Wind turbines have a number of major technical drawbacks: (1) miniaturisation is limited by the frictional forces present in the bearings; (2) turbines and support towers are subject to great stresses requiring high quality material and complex designs; (3) the rotation of the turbine blades presents a danger; (4) turbines are noisy; and. Preferably, the magnets and coils are each mounted to the respective moving or static support by a respective spacer. Preferably, the mass and spring are mounted within a housing, the housing having at last one fluid inlet and at least one fluid exhaust.

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The inlet slot 6 may be offset relative to the exhaust passages 7 and br the spring and mass may be angled to the housing. The fixed end of the cantilever spring 2 is mounted to an inside face of the rear wall of the housing 3, in this embodiment at a substantially central location on the rear wall in the width direction, which direction corresponds to the direction of oscillatory motion.

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Figure 4 shows a modified embodiment as compared to that of Figure 2 in which the spring and mass are shown angled to the inlet slot 6 by mounting of the fixed end of the spring 2 at a position on the rear wall remote from the central position opposite to the inlet slot 6. The mounting position may be laterally spaced from the exhaust passages 7, in a direction away from the central position, for example substantially in a corner of the housing 3. Again, the transduction mechanism is not shown, but may comprise any of the transduction mechanisms described above. An exhaust for the fluid to exit the housing is simply provided by a second slot at the spring anchor end.