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The second initial velocity is realized by the first operating cycle of the wing 1 in the first admission compartment 16. The third initial velocity is realized by the second operating cycle of the wing 1 in the second admission compartment 16. The fourth initial velocity is realized by the third operating cycle of the wing 1 in the third admission compartment 16. An increase in the energy potential of the wind power conversion is noted in the four admission compartments 16 of the wing working region. The three aerodynamic and curved wings are in such a relationship to one another, that there is no forced reduction in wind velocity due to an operating cycle in the rotor.

The first initial velocity is formed by the residual momentum of the last wing 3 in the last operating cycle. At the instant when the 90° flow strikes the wing 2, a brief flow through the center of the rotor 5 impinges at about 45° in the form of a pressure pulse on the last wing 3. The aerodynamics work with different power up to about 75% of the wing path in the admission compartment 16. A curved leading edge 15 at the wing edge permits a constantly ideal incident flow in a sliding working angle in the incident flow. The vertical admission surface elements deviate by 36° to 38° counter to the direction of rotation of the rotor, from the line drawn through the center of the rotor. The vertical admission surface elements 12 have the special task of covering the rotor wings, 1, 2, 3, which run back in the wind direction and, in addition, to guide the wind to the positive side.

This equipment is therefore not suitable for small a wind speeds.

The wind therefore does not press on the opposite side of the wing region; instead, the deflected wind is directed additionally onto the positively working side. It is therefore an object of the invention to develop a wind power facility with a vertical rotor and associated guiding surfaces, which converts all possible wind forces optimally into energy. This equipment is therefore not suitable for small a wind speeds. An ideal interaction of possible conversions of wind power results, the front wing in each admission compartment of the wind attack surface always receiving a greater initial velocity. This embodiment has the advantage that each admission compartment receives a new and high initial velocity and the pressure, which is brought about by the through-flow, still works in the fifth up to the ninth compartment.

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The vertical admission elements and the rotor are designed so that the rotor runs counterclockwise. This difference comes about because the vertical admission surface elements are not subject to any rotation, as is the rotor. The greatest force is acting when the flow in the inner curve of the first wing is incident at an angle of 0° and decreases up to the 90° position. Sintomas dolor muscular y cansancio . In addition, there is an upward flow at the facility. Since the attack surface of the wind on the facility always serves four admission compartment 16, there is flow support and maximum utilization of the capacities of the wings 1, 2, and 3 and of the flow-through. By means of an attack angle A of the vertical admission surface elements of about 36° to 38°, the wind is prepared already in the ramp for the subsequent rotation R. If there are twelve vertical admission elements 12, the attack angle A is established in such a manner that the first and fourth of the vertical admission area elements 12 form an angle of 90° and comprise three admission compartments 16. In the attack field of the wind surface at the facility, each wing 1, 2, and 3 in the rotor 5 works consecutively over four admission compartments 16. This has the advantage that each admission compartment 16 receives a new and higher initial velocity.

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The wing at the front receives a constantly higher initial velocity over the four admission compartments 16 of the wind attack surface and, aside from a slight flow into the compartment, the Magnus effect constantly works as a diffuser behind the facility. It is furthermore an object that the whole structure consists of balanced admission surface statics and that there are no additional components, which hinder or limit spacewise the function of the wind power facility.

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Seminario MIR \ The wings 1, 2 or 3 must be disposed so ideally to one another, that the sail pull and the aerodynamics ensure that the wind flows through ideally without being impeded. The compressive force works in the rotor wings only up to the end of the deflecting vane and transfers the pressure subsequently into the next, compartment, where it then undesirably becomes a counterpressure. The incident flow on the second wing, with an inclination of 45° is also from 0° to 90°. However, the incident flow on the second wing is constant at 45°, because the wind direction leads through the center of the rotor and varies only in the force of the incident flow.

On the basis of the average value of the depth of the wings, the length of the outer wing curvature is five times the distance measured from the center of the rotor to the respective end of the wing. An octagon al machine space 8 and a cylindrical admission surface construction 11, consisting of several stories, are disposed on a foundation 9. In the center of the facility, there is a rotor 5, which has stories, which are parallel to the admission surface construction 11. Que hacer para quitar el dolor de espalda . The cylindrical admission surface construction 11 rests on the roof 18 of the machine space 8. The cylindrical admission surface construction 11 consists of a cylindrical admission surface outer ring 14, which may have a different number of stories.

The surfaces of the facility parts are smooth, without grooves or stiffening corrugations.

Pursuant to the invention, there is a further aerodynamic adaptation for this. The blades in the rotor discharge the pressure in the subsequent admission compartment, as a result of which there are, once again, undesirable counter-flows. At the same time, the new wing 3 takes up the work once again with the forces of the sail pull in the admission compartments 16 selected for consideration. With that, a constantly ideal position of the wings in the facility is assured. At the same time, smooth running is achieved by equalizing the forces and avoidance of point-like attacks by forces on the wind power facility is ensured by the structural configuration. The surfaces of the facility parts are smooth, without grooves or stiffening corrugations. In the selected arrangement, the rotor and the admission surfaces do not ensure an effective interaction. Depending on the number of stories, the wing groups are set up on the 360° of the periphery.

Due to the heavily rounded wing surfaces, the flow-through rotor becomes an extremely slow-running rotor. The ideal wing depth range T is indicated by hatching in FIG. FIG. 7 shows a section of the vertical admission surface element. FIG. 1 shows the effect of the statics S in the individual sections of the device. Each individual story consists of a ceiling boundary and a floor boundary. These two wing shapes and the region in between form the ideal region, used pursuant to the invention. These straight-surface, horizontal admission surface elements 13 rise from the outside to the inside in said range of angles, so that the desired compression of flow comes about. The floors of the stories are connected reliably, preferably by welding, with the associated admission surface elements and are seated on the roof of the machine space. The matching of the vertical admission surface elements with the rotor takes place in such a manner that, in hurricane-like winds, the vertical admission surface elements are filled maximally and, with the counter-flow, act as air cushions.

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The curved shape with the aerodynamically arched head shape, which must not in any way correspond to the curved leading edge shape of the rotor wings, serves as preferred variation of an optimally functioning vertical admission surface element. Due to the greater projection in the lower region, the known variation of the energy fir also has the function of a pre-compressor. Como curar dolor de hombro izquierdo . However, it is already known from aircraft construction that this shape of wing conceivably has poor lift values. This profile is configured so that the tangent on the pressure side, namely the underside of the wing, is a straight line. At best, this rotor is able to convert only about 15 percent of the wind power from the area of the pressure.

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The guide vanes, disclosed in the VALSAMIDIS solution, moreover have the pressure side tangents of the aerodynamic configuration disposed structurally on the wrong side. In the case of the inventive configuration, the positive effect of the curved leading edge of the wing of the front side becomes effective up to the minimum start of the leading edge curvature, which points opposite to the direction of rotation.