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With the steady depletion of limited natural reserves of fossil fuels such as coal, and more particularly oil and natural gas, it has become increasingly important to find new techniques whereby hitherto large, relatively unused sources of power are tapped or converted. In actual practice, a steady flow of “fresh” ocean water may be maintained through the cell, although it will be obvious to one skilled in the art, that it may be sufficient merely to periodically flush the cell with fresh ocean water. Therefore, in order to avoid a situation where the water being electrolyzed may contain sufficient concentrations of ions which may effectively compete with or interfer with hydrogen and oxygen gas evolution, cell 24 should also include an outlet line 48 and a liquid pump 50 for removing the brine as it is produced in cell 24 and discharging the brine back into the ocean.

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Diplomado en Terapéutica del Dolor The driven energy conversion components of the wave energy converter include electrical generator 16 coupled with the helix through a suitable transmission including, for example, speed-up gears 18. The generator should be a unit which is capable of converting the mechanical energy of the helix into electrical energy in the form of d.c. current. For example, it is not unusual to encounter waves having a period of ten seconds which means that the waves travel at a velocity of about thirty knots or fifty feet per second and have a length of the order of five hundred feet. Accordingly, the scope of this invention should be determined not by the embodiments illustrated, but by the appended claims and their legal equivalents. In this way, a wave energy converter having a helical member with a fixed pitch may be employed with waves having substantially shorter lengths.

A primary object of the present invention is to provide a system for converting kinetic wave energy into a store of potential energy. Obviously, if generator 16 is an alternator, it will also be necessary to include a rectifier to convert the a.c. current into d.c. current. Dolor de rodilla para abajo . Thus generator 16 may be a conventional d.c. current electrical generator, or it may be an a.c. current electrical generator, i.e. Thus it will be seen that by electrolysis of ocean water, the principal products will be hydrogen and oxygen gas which will be evolved at the cathode and at the anode respectively. For example, a number of proposals have been made to harness ocean currents such as those which run in tidal bores. Other areas are known in which such wave patterns may exist, but unfortunately such areas may be many hundreds of miles from the nearest coast or may be in remote and relatively unpopulated areas of the world.

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To effect the foregoing and other objects, the present invention generally involves converting wave energy in a body, such as an ocean, into mechanical energy, utilizing apparatus comprising a buoyant helical member mounted for rotation about its helical axis and adapted to be positioned such that the helical axis is oriented approximately along the mean direction of propagation of the waves.